LOS ANGELES, CA - CIRCA 1979: At Home with Robert Stack circa 1979 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Robin Platzer/IMAGES/Getty Images)
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In Season 1, Episode 4 Robert Stack explains the missing person cases of Joe Shepherd, a man wanted in the murders of two teenagers, and Gail DeLano who went missing after seeking companionship through personal ads. The attention led viewers to assist in solving both mysteries, click the ‘Read Full Story’ link below to find out how.
Season 1 Episode 5 sheds light on the infamous D.B. Cooper mystery. It also touched on Dennis Walker, a big-time sports memorabilia collector who disappeared after authorities accused him of fraud. Walker was later found dead and most of his collection was never seen again, although his Babe Ruth uniform did resurface... only to go missing once more.
D.B. Cooper
Season 1 Episode 7 reported on The General Wayne Inn in Pennsylvania which was haunted by Hessian mercenaries and was said to have guests who never checked out. Also covered is the kidnapping for ransom of a millionaire’s wife. While the perpetrator was convicted of conspiracy to kidnap, extortion, and perjury, her body was never found.
Ghosts and Ransoms
In this Season 1 special 90-minute episode, Robert Stack treated viewers to a brief overview of The Rock's history and some of its more notorious inhabitants, but attention quickly turned to one of its more infamous escapes. "Unsolved Mysteries" tried to replicate the two possible escape routes, click the ‘Read Full Story’ link below to discover their findings.
Stack starts the Season 2 premiere by reporting that, thanks to viewers, 34 cases previously profiled on the show had been solved. Later he touched on a case that presented evidence that the government may have concealed the discovery of U.F.O. spacecraft material discovered near Roswell, NM.
Solved Mysteries & U.F.O.s