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12 Greatest
Movie Cameos By
Famous Rappers
Missy Elliot stole the show with her role in the 2003 film “Honey,” which was based on the life of Canadian choreographer Laurieann Gibson. Elliot appeared as herself and improvised her entire scene, hilariously raving about why Honey’s dance moves are better than the competition.
Missy Elliot
RZA played a deli worker named Chuck in “Funny People,” a movie about a stand-up comedian and a famous comedy star. RZA’s character highlighted the struggles people face because of classist discrimination, emphasizing his real-life desire to be “a voice for the people.”
Fat Joe cameoed in the third installment of the widely popular “Scary Movie” franchise, where he got to engage in a rap battle against Simon Rex. Fat Joe might not have won the battle, but he certainly captured the audience’s attention with his clever wordplay.
Fat Joe
Snoop Dogg often cameos in films where he’s typecast as a stoner or drug dealer, but his appearance in “Pitch Perfect 2” showed a new side to the rapper. Viewers got the chance to hear Snoop beautifully sing “Winter Wonderland” and share the spotlight with Anna Kendrick.
Snoop Dogg
Drake and Kanye both had a part in the 2013 “Anchorman” sequel, with Drake being credited as Soul Brother, while Kanye appears as Wesley Jackson. Drake simply catcalled Veronica Corningstone, but Kanye got to play around as one of the rival news anchors in the final battle.
Drake And Kanye West