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12 Best Movies
Like See How They
Run That Fans
Should Check Out
Based on the board game “Clue,” this black comedy features a cast of colorful characters, including Professor Plum and Col. Mustard, as they try to figure out who among them is a killer. Unlike “See How They Run,” “Clue” doesn’t feature any characters particularly fit to solve such a mystery, adding to the film’s hilarity.
Based on Agatha Christie’s beloved Hercule Poirot novel, “Death on the Nile” takes the world-famous detective to Egypt to solve the murder of heiress Linnet Ridgeway. Just like “See How They Run,” the film features a detective who’s determined to get the job done without jumping to conclusions.
Death on the Nile (1978)
Action comedy “Game Night” follows Max and Annie, an uber-competitive couple who are invited to a game night that quickly turns into a mystery, as the host, Max’s brother, is kidnapped by a pair of masked men. Fans who’ve seen “See How They Run” will love the unexpected twists and turns of this movie.
Game Night
Directed by the Coen brothers, “Hail, Caesar!” tells the story of real-life film studio fixer Eddie Mannix as he tries to contend with a kidnapped actor, pregnant synchronized swimming actress, and much more. “Hail Caesar!” is a period piece like “See How They Run,” and also features a similar film-within-a-film concept.
Hail, Caesar!
“Hot Fuzz” is a buddy-cop comedy, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, that sees a police officer relocated to a town with almost zero crime, but that swiftly changes as a series of suspicious deaths occur. Like “See How They Run,” “Hot Fuzz” features a crime-solving duo that play off of each other perfectly.
Hot Fuzz