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12 Best Movies
Like Confess,
Fletch You
Should Watch
By Timothy Stevens
Chevy Chase’s character of the same name is a wisecracking journalist in this film, based on Gregory Mcdonald’s debut novel. Like "Confess, Fletch," the movie’s cases connect unexpectedly, and in both films, the character “ blatantly enjoys frustrating the police as much as possible.
If Fletch is the smoothest guy on the block, Harry Crumb is his clumsier, less smug cousin. Still, they share plenty of "skills" in common, including a total absence of embarrassment, a love of switching identities, a gift for gab, and a tremendous reserve that somehow keeps them coming out on top.
Who's Harry Crumb?
Adapted from the video game of the same name, this film alters the typical dynamics of a "Fletch" film, with the Fletch-esque Pikachu as the cute, furry sidekick instead of the main protagonist. Think of “Detective Pikachu” as “Confess, Fletch” for kids, with plenty of enjoyable material for adults.
Detective Pikachu
If viewers are searching for the father of modern comedy mysteries, they could do much worse than settling on the films of Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers). In “A Shot in the Dark,” Clouseau is plenty ridiculous, self-assured, and blissfully unaware — yet still somehow manages to solve the case.
A Shot In the Dark
Former military police officer Jack Reacher loves to show up, stir things up, punish the wicked, protect the innocent, and then move on down the road. In this way, he's like Fletch — only a humorless Fletch who barely has an identity, never mind a whole set of them.
Jack Reacher