Christina Cano

Chicago, IL
University Of Chicago
Movies, TV, Pop Culture
  • Christina is a Freelance Editor for Static Media.
  • They have previously written and edited pieces exploring themes of gender, identity, pop culture, and empathy with Girl Soup.
  • At Girl Soup, they created and edited the column But You Don’t Look Latina, edited the original adventure series For Just These Days, and helped to organize Indigenous Peoples’ Week in 2020 and AAPI Week in 2021.


Christina Cano is a freelance writer and editor, aspiring sociologist, and self-taught traditional and digital artist currently based in Chicago. They are an executive editor at Girl Soup Media, where they have contributed essays, reviews, fiction, poetry, and artwork that explore themes of gender, identity, ethnicity, pop culture, and empathy. Past work of theirs has also appeared in the University of Chicago’s MURAL Magazine, where they also served as an editor in 2018, and was a staff editor for the 2019 edition of the Chicago Journal of Sociology. They also have a background in academic research concerning redistricting, urbanization, race and space, and policing, with papers in Social Problems and the University of Chicago Law Review.


Christina graduated from the University of Chicago in 2019 with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Sociology and will begin their Ph.D. in Sociology in Fall 2022.