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The SNL Legend You Likely Didn't Know Wrote Episodes Of South Park

"South Park" has been releasing episodes for more than two decades, and one thing that can be attributed to its longevity is the show's distinct style of writing. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have managed to keep fans coming back for more each season, and the comedic duo shows little signs of slowing down.

Their arduous efforts and quick turnarounds over the years earned them a lucrative $900 million deal in 2021 to keep making episodes and specials, proving that Paramount still sees a demand for the series. There's no denying that the pair excels at delivering what fans want to see. But they aren't the only ones responsible for penning every entry in the series. Several scribes with impressive credits outside the Emmy-winning series have lent their skills to "South Park" as well.

Of the writers who've contributed to "South Park" over the years, a few who stand out include Dan Sterling ("King of the Hill," "The Office") and EGOT recipient Robert Lopez ("Frozen," "The Book of Mormon"), who wrote music for episodes like "Broadway Bro Down." But many may not realize that the long list of gifted individuals who've written for "South Park" includes one very popular "Saturday Night Live" alum.

Bill Hader has written for South Park

Comedy all-star Bill Hader has done well since leaving "SNL" in 2014. He's even earned a couple of Emmys for playing the eponymous protagonist in HBO's "Barry," which he also co-created and serves as a writer on. His other impressive credits in the comedy space include the film "Trainwreck" and the spoof series "Documentary Now!" But the talented comedic star has also lent his writing skills to "South Park.

Hader helped write several episodes of the animated series between 2008 and 2009, including episodes like "Super Fun Time," "Pandemic 2: The Startling," and "Fishsticks." He also helped pen the Emmy-winning entry "Margaritaville," and he's remained involved with the show from time to time since. In an interview on the podcast ID10T with Chris Hardwick, Hader talked about his time writing for the Comedy Central series with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. "I don't do a lot of heavy lifting, it's really those guys," he said. "The pressure's really on them." He also praised the pair's uncanny ability to learn from their mistakes while managing incredibly fast turnarounds, as well as their continued dedication to the quality of the show. "They bang their head against the wall every week to make it to work, and that's why it's good," he said. Hader added that working on the show was a very rewarding experience. "It's a lot of fun, and every day there I leave going 'Oh, I learned that.'"