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The Law And Order: Organized Crime Villain You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Law & Order: Organized Crime" is the newest addition to NBC's long-running "Law & Order" franchise. In its first two seasons, fans discover three criminal enterprises vying for power in New York City. Fan-favorite Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" fame returns to the franchise as part of the Organized Crime Bureau, which tasks him with infiltrating these organizations through undercover operations. While dismantling an Albanian crime family, a cutthroat street gang, and a collection of crooked cops, Stabler encounters several compelling villains with whom he builds close relationships. Though these bonds are based on lies, they give fans deep insight into the psyches of these power-hungry outlaws. 

Delving into the bad guys' minds helps Detective Stabler discover what motivates their questionable actions. As Stabler gets close to each major player in the underground, audiences also realize what makes them tick — and what makes them shockingly relatable. They're so vividly realized, in fact, that we can link each one to the signs of the Zodiac. Analyzing them based on star sign allows us to understand why each of these compelling characters enjoys a life of crime in a new way. It also gives us insight as to which villain we're most like, based on our own sign. Which "Law & Order: Organized Crime" villain are you, according to the stars? We have the answer.

Aries: Jon Kosta

Aries people are hotheaded, impulsive, and love being in charge. They are known for being very direct and ambitious in their pursuits. But, according to astrologist Aliza Kelly of Allure.com, they are also natural-born community organizers, which explains why crime boss Jon Kosta (Michael Raymond-James) has such loyal followers. His fire sign arrogance is evident even in the name of his crime family, the Kosta Organization. From hosting family parties to organizing successful drug trades, Kosta embraces being the head of the KO and uses his power to intimidate anyone who questions him or stands in his way. Even fellow crime boss Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson) of the Marcy Killers knows better than to infringe on Kosta's turf.

Like many Aries people, Kosta is at the mercy of his bold, explosive temper. His short fuse causes him to lash out at anyone who wrongs him, which sometimes results in shocking brutality. Yet, despite his propensity for violence, Kosta's personality also includes a healthy measure of Aries' straightforward charm. Right up until his arrest at the hands of the Organized Crime Bureau, Kosta upholds his image as a determined, confident leader who commands attention and respect everywhere he goes.

Taurus: Frank Donnelly

Taurus people are hard-working, enterprising, and value material comfort. However, they can sometimes be a little too set in their ways, which comes across as stubbornness and arrogance. Frank Donnelly (Denis Leary) has these qualities in spades, and is no stranger to hard work. His police gang, the Brotherhood, has hands in multiple projects, which supplements their law enforcement incomes. As earth signs, Taurus people are faithful and reliable, even when the going gets tough. This steadfast nature makes Donnelly an influential leader of the gang, and inspires a necessary code of silence among its members — that is, until Detective Stabler infiltrates the gang in an undercover operation.

Taurus folks are staunchly loyal to their friends, which means Donnelly isn't suspicious of Stabler until it's too late. Donnelly trusts Stabler so profoundly, in fact, that he even gives his newborn son Stabler's name and hands him the reins of the Brotherhood when he decides to retire. However, Donnelly quickly realizes the error of his ways when a cop from Stabler's past blows his cover. In predictable Taurus fashion, Donnelly moves to restore order and puts off his plans to flee to Belize with his family. Unfortunately, this desire for order comes at the greatest possible price for Donnelly: his own life.

Gemini: Angela Wheatley

Although her warm smile and calm demeanor may fool some people into thinking she's an unwitting accomplice, no one should underestimate Angela Wheatley (Tamara Taylor). She's a Gemini, and Geminis are intellectual, sharp, and innovative, with excellent social skills that enable them to make friends anywhere. Angela, who successfully hides her true intentions in plain sight, puts these traits to incredible use. Though she often appears to be a victim, she eventually proves to be a brilliant criminal who stays one step ahead of everyone — even her kingpin ex-husband, Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott).

Angela's knack for making connections brings her into a beneficial relationship with Detective Stabler. Her Gemini duality allows her to maintain this bond while working on other enterprises in the shadows. Gemini people have an enviable fearlessness that drives their most ambitious actions. That fearlessness is evident in Angela's approach to protecting her own family. Her children are of the utmost importance to her; she takes her ex-husband's turn against their sons as the ultimate betrayal. Geminis easily blend into any social situation, so Angela maintains necessary closeness with Richard — until it's time to make her move against him.

Cancer: Reggie Bogdani

Those born under the sign of Cancer have a soft spot for their loved ones. They are empathetic, nurturing, and loyal people who feel love in a very deep way. Although these are admirable character traits, they ultimately lead to Reggie Bodgani's (Dash Mihok) downfall. Reggie steadfastly vouches for newfound friend Eddie Wagner, and welcomes him into his life of crime. But Wagner is Detective Stabler's undercover alias, which means Reggie unwittingly leads the lawman deep into the organization. Despite other KO members' warnings, Reggie trusts Detective Stabler to a fault. His Cancer loyalty is so strong, even Agnes (Caroline Lagerfelt), his mother, can't convince him that his friend is bad news until it's too late.

Home and family are of utmost importance to Cancer folks. In Reggie's case, his elderly mother is his top priority. Detective Stabler uses this to his advantage after Reggie's arrest, easily convincing him to cooperate with the Organized Crime Bureau to protect Agnes. He turns on the KO and gives detectives more than enough information to arrest the top members of the organization. The OCB places Reggie and his mother in protective custody in exchange for his help, but the peaceful family life Reggie hopes for never comes to pass: Agnes remains loyal to the KO and ends up in prison.

Leo: Preston Webb

Leos are one of the Zodiac's showiest fire signs: They want to be the center of attention and have control of everything around them. Leos also have big hearts, but can be boastful and arrogant. Basically, they don't do anything by halves. These qualities make Preston Webb an excellent leader of the Marcy Killers gang. Webb feels at home as the flashy kingpin at the center of his criminal enterprise, and plays the part well. His fashion sense and imposing stature allow him to command any room he walks into, and he governs his generals with an even blend of fairness and intensity. Webb is the quintessential smooth-talking crime boss of "Law & Order: Organized Crime," and his Leo flair is a big part of why.

However, Webb also has several weaknesses that hinder his success. One of many Leos' major downfalls is their tendency to let their egos govern their decisions. Webb's inflated sense of self informs every choice he makes, but it also blinds him to danger. Some Leos even feel they have celebrity status, which is evident in how Webb carries himself and conducts business. He sees himself as above his generals, rival gangs, and the law. Unfortunately, he fails to see that no one is truly invincible — not even a Leo.

Virgo: Hugo Bankole

Virgos are the Zodiac's planners, and Marcy Killers shot-caller Hugo Bankole (Antino Crowley-Kamenwati) is indeed at the center of many complex criminal plans. People born under this sign are calculating and precise, and Bankole fully lives up to this description. While many of his colleagues are reckless and impulsive, Bankole prefers to bide his time until the right moment. These qualities make him a capable general for Marcy Killers leader Preston Webb, especially when underhanded schemes are necessary. Bankole ends up in prison after a failed attempt on Richard Wheatley's life, but even that doesn't slow the organized Virgo down. He keeps a steady stream of intel flowing to the rest of his gang so that no one misses a beat.

Like many Virgos, Bankole completes assignments without complaining. After his release, he hits the ground running, returning to ordering hits and delegating missions to other gang members. For all their diligence, Virgos are also very nurturing at heart and genuinely care about the needs of those close to them. Bankole agrees to help Nova avenge the death of her partner, Penda, because of the loyalty and camaraderie he feels towards her. However, even Bankole's good qualities and street smarts aren't enough to keep him out of trouble for long: He eventually experiences yet another run-in with the OCB. This time, he's found innocent and released back into the world of crime.

Libra: Leon Kilbride

Although all of the villains in "Law & Order: Organized Crime" have compelling stories, Congressman Leon Kilbride (Ron Cephas Jones) is among the most intriguing. Based on his ability to charm his way through both his personal and political lives, Congressman Kilbride is a likely Libra. Libras have natural charisma and an advanced ability to make others feel at ease. They prize harmony in their lives and will do what is necessary to maintain it. These traits enable Kilbride to live a double life as a congressman and criminal: He seamlessly shifts from his position in the public eye to private dealings with Marcy Killer leader Preston Webb, never missing a beat.

Congressman Kilbride even uses his Libra charm to befriend Ayanna Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt), the commanding officer of the OCB. He offers to help her and her wife with a lawsuit against the NYPD. On the surface, this offer seems like an act of goodwill, but it's actually just Kilbride's way of keeping tabs on how closely the OCB is monitoring the Marcy Killers. Though many Libras suffer from indecisiveness, Kilbride is firmly consistent in dealing with the Marcy Killers and the police. He keeps up appearances well enough to evade detection — but only for a while. His complex network of lies and crime eventually comes tumbling down.

Scorpio: Richard Wheatley

Of all the "Law & Order: Organized Crime" villains, Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) is perhaps the most sinister. He's responsible for Kathy Stabler's vicious murder, which makes him a perfect arch-nemesis for her husband, Detective Stabler. His ruthless ways also make him a classic Scorpio. Wheatley is clever, calculating, and an excellent judge of other people's strengths and weaknesses — all typical traits for this sign. Since they possess such incredible powers of discernment, Scorpios are also master manipulators. Richard Wheatley uses this talent to convince those around him to do his bidding, including his children. He even convinces the federal government to forgive his crimes in exchange for cooperation by shape-shifting his outward persona into that of a repentant wrong-doer.

One of the most positive qualities Scorpios possess is their passion, especially regarding their relationships. Wheatley displays a deep Scorpio love for his ex-wife, Angela Wheatley, despite the complicated nature of their relationship. However, Wheatley lets his love drive his motivations more than it should. He often gives in to feelings of jealousy and possessiveness when it comes to Angela, which she uses against him. Richard Wheatley never truly pays for his crimes from a law enforcement perspective, but he does succumb to justice of a different sort, thanks to Angela.

Sagittarius: Lance Flowers

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are blunt, determined, ambitious, and capable of quickly adapting to any situation. These characteristics frequently get Marcy Killers member Lance "Red Bull" Flowers (Lamar K. Cheston) into trouble. Flowers wants to expand the Marcy Killers' empire and make a good impression, but he is also a man of honor. So, when he steals drugs from the Kosta Organization, he has to rely on his Sagittarius charm to talk his way out of hot water with Jon Kosta and his boss, Preston Webb. Though Webb approaches Flowers and Nova about the incident, Flowers immediately takes all the blame for the theft.

Flowers' honesty about the situation is typical of a Sagittarius, even though he initially thinks the theft is a good idea for the gang. Despite their occasionally fiery tempers and lack of patience, Sagittarius people aren't shy about taking ownership of their missteps. Since people born under this sign are not prone to taking anything personally, it's easy for Flowers to swallow his pride and try to make peace between the two gangs. Jon Kosta isn't exactly thrilled with the situation, but Flowers' frankness inspires him to reluctantly accept the apology and the return of his stolen drugs.

Capricorn: Albi Briscu

"Law & Order: Organized Crime" introduces Albi Briscu (Vinnie Jones) in a boxing gym, which is a fitting home for this tough-as-nails Capricorn. Like most people born under this sign, Albi is no stranger to a day's labor. He is a ruthless and dedicated member of the KO, who rightfully earns a spot in Jon Kosta's inner circle. Capricorns are sometimes guilty of imposing their ideas onto friends and colleagues, which can result in conflicts. In Albi's case, this habit means that he is frequently disappointed by the less-powerful members of the organization.

Capricorns are also prone to hiding their emotions from even their closest loved ones. This habit causes Albi trouble in his marriage to Flutura (Lolita Davidovich). He believes he does an excellent job of keeping her in the dark, but Flutura consistently proves she knows Albi better than he thinks. This tendency to keep feelings under wraps comes in handy for Albi when protecting his biggest secret: his sexual orientation. He knows that the KO would not accept him as a gay man, so he uses his signature Capricorn self-control to hide his true nature.

Aquarius: Sebastian McClane

Aquarius people have a very individualized sense of justice. Expert computer hacker Sebastian McClane (Robin Lord Taylor) uses this to pull off Robin Hood-style feats. This air sign is known for having a deep passion for humanitarian concerns and a uniquely analytical mind. McClane may be a criminal who creates technological chaos, but he genuinely believes that his acts serve a noble purpose for his fellow citizens. McClane relies on his advanced intelligence and Aquarian eccentricity to concoct unpredictable schemes that keep law enforcement on their toes.

After escaping prison, one of his first missions is to make amends with a victim's family, which speaks to the empathy most Aquarius people feel towards members of their communities. Though he initially helps organized crime kingpin Richard Wheatley, McClane eventually listens to reason and cooperates with the law. Even the end of his storyline reflects his air sign roots and helps redeem him as a character. Whereas most of the series' villains aren't willing to go down without a fight, McClane uses his Aquarian ability to see the bigger picture and surrenders to a peaceful arrest.

Pisces: Richard Wheatley Jr.

Pisces is a water sign, which means that people born under it are prone to getting lost in their own imaginations. These folks are very caring and empathetic, but they can sometimes let their emotions blind them to reality. This is very much true of Richard "Richie" Wheatley Jr. (Nick Creegan), who turns against his father to honor his grandfather's legacy. He firmly believes that his father was wrong to murder his grandfather, and no one can convince him otherwise. Pisces people often divide their attention between their fantasy world and practical matters, and this tendency leads Richie to feel more invincible than he should.

Richie also forms a deep connection with undercover officer Gina Cappelletti (Charlotte Sullivan). Like a true Pisces, his love for her remains strong, even after he discovers her true identity. But despite his feelings, he kills Gina to appease his father, which further fuels his desire to get even. Richie agrees to help the OCB after his arrest, and testifies in his father's trial via remote satellite. He even orders a hit on his father to put an end to the man once and for all. Richie acts out of vengeance to satisfy his questionable moral code, but in the end, this emotion-fueled miscalculation costs him dearly. He believes his father won't catch on to any of his plots, but Wheatley Sr. is always one step ahead. It's a very Piscean downfall.