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The Goonies Star Shares Grim Comments On A Potential Sequel

Because "The Goonies" is a fun, classic 1985 film about goofy children who go on a dangerous treasure hunt and survive against all odds, it's no wonder fans have wondered throughout the years whether or not there will ever be a remake of, or sequel to, the film. Movies where children successfully take control of their own lives and their own safety without help from adults work well in the Young Adult genre because they demonstrate the individuation process that the film's primary audience will soon need to undergo in real life as they mature into adulthood. These films often work especially well when the children have to defeat, outsmart, or otherwise get past adult antagonists along their journey; the adult antagonists seem to represent established obstacles in the adult world. This dynamic exists in "The Goonies," where the children encounter groups of dangerous criminals who are hunting for the same treasure. 

Of course, children are not actually the only audience who watch Young Adult films; many parents appreciate being able to enjoy some of the films they watch with their kids. Even though it is a movie for children, there are certain things only adults notice in "The Goonies," making it a great choice for a family to watch together. Additionally, films like "The Goonies" can even be enjoyed by adults without children, since the struggles of children can also represent underdog struggles in general, many of which apply to adults in various scenarios. This is yet another reason for the original film's success and why nostalgic fans continue to wish for a remake or sequel. 

Corey Feldman does not want a remake of The Goonies

During a Fanboy Expo Knoxville 2022 panel, when Corey Feldman (who plays Mouth on "The Goonies") was asked by the audience if there are plans for a remake, he said "Let's hope not. You know, those remakes, they ruin everything. You mean a sequel? You gotta be very careful with that wording right, because it's very fine print. You don't want a remake, because that's what they did with 'Ghostbusters' with the girls. No, no, no. You want like a 'Top Gun' sequel, right? They did it right with 'Top Gun.'" 

Presumably, what Feldman means is, that while he would not be interested in a film that simply re-creates the original plot of "The Goonies" with different actors, he could be open to a film that expands upon the original film's premise by extending the plot with another installment. However, even if Feldman is open to a sequel, rather than a remake, he offered another reason why such a film is unlikely to be made. 

"Unfortunately, the head Goonie, Richard Donner, passed away last year, sadly which makes it a lot harder to make that happen." Donner directed "The Goonies." Additionally, there are a few "Goonies" actors you may not know passed away. 

What is actually being developed is a little different from either a sequel or a remake. In an interview with "Variety," Producer Gail Berman discussed the Disney+ series about a group of young students in a small town who are creating a low-budget remake of "The Goonies." It remains to be seen whether or not Corey Feldman will approve of this meta type of adaptation.