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Carl's Stunt Double On The Walking Dead Probably Wasn't Who You'd Expect

In 2010, AMC launched an adaptation of Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" comic, a series that sees the remnants of humankind struggle against the hordes of the undead. AMC's version of "The Walking Dead" has arguably mirrored the incredible thrills and brutal scenes depicted in Kirkman's comic. As each season of the series has run, fans have learned there is no such thing as comfortable for the characters on the show, as a gruesome fate can befall anyone, no matter their age. That fact is definitely true for the young Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), the son of former protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

At the start of the series, Carl is only 12 years old but endures so much along with his father and other survivors that by his controversial final appearance in the 8th season, it's hard not to view him as a grizzled veteran. Throughout the series, Carl is often forced to take up arms against the undead, and his journey for survival hasn't exactly left him unscathed. At one point, he even loses an eye. With the amount of intense action the character has had to perform on "The Walking Dead," fans might wonder who the show would cast as Carl's stunt actor. Surprisingly, Carl's stunt double on "The Walking Dead" probably isn't someone you'd expect.

Carl's double was actually a stunt woman

The Season 4 episode "After" is a moment in the series that marks the strained relationship between Carl and his father and also presents Carl's impressive survival skills. The younger Grimes manages to kill a few walkers on his own while his father is out unconscious. However, we likely saw Carl's adult stunt double doing all the action in the episode instead of the teenage Chandler Riggs. Believe it or not, the character's double was a stunt woman named Emily Brobst (via IMDb). The above behind-scenes photo of the two together reveals that she was the right pick for stunt actor when it comes to looks. It's almost hard to tell the two apart. Carl isn't the only teenager Brobst has doubled for in projects. She was also the stunt double for the character Greg Heffley in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul."

However, besides looking like Carl, Brobst also brings an impressive list of credits and skills in the world of stunt work. Via Women In Stunts, besides sporting prowess in martial arts, she's served as a double in other notable projects, such as "Iron Man 3," "The Amazing Spider-Man," and "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." She even played as the stunt double for the young version of Sarah Conner in "Terminator: Genisys." Lately, Brobst has been doing stunt work for "Doom Patrol."

In addition, Carl has had another adult stunt double besides Brobst. Per Fan Cons, actor Savana Jade Wehunt has also worked as a stand-in for Carl on "The Walking Dead." Casting an adult for Carl's stunt work makes sense, as we're sure some scenes would be much too dangerous for any child actor, never mind the potential restrictions from labor laws.