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Rings Of Power's Ismael Cruz Córdova Is Smacking Trolls In Real Life Too

The elves of Middle-earth have spent countless years battling the forces of evil. Long-lived and leaps and bounds more agile than even the most nimble of humankind, elves are known for their dexterity, artisan-level talents, and general aloofness. We suppose that is bound to happen when you are effectively immortal and you are surrounded by the short-lived humans, the jovial hobbits, and the stubborn dwarfs. The original "Lord of the Rings" movies feature the elvish archer Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and the prophetic Galadriel (Cate Blanchett), and Amazon Prime's prequel series focuses on a significantly younger version of Galadriel, played by Welsh actor Morfydd Clark.

Taking place way before the events of the "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" movies, Amazon Prime's "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" is about the forging of the titular rings, and the ascent of Sauron and his lackeys. Ismael Cruz Córdova lends his talents to this new series as Arondir, who is part of the wood elf subset of the species and who harbors a forbidden love for a human named Bronwyn (Nazanin Boniadi). Although "The Rings of Power" has been decently received by critics, a certain subset of online trolls has taken issue with the series over the casting of non-white actors in certain roles, per The Wrap. However, much like his elvish character, Córdova has taken to social media to strike back at those who spread the shadow that grows in the dark.

Córdova posted on Twitter about how important The Rings of Power's casting decisions are

It is important to note that due to an overwhelming deluge of negative user ratings for "The Rings of Power" in what appears to be a review bombing, Forbes has reported that Amazon has suspended same-day reviews of the show in order to determine the validity of said reviews, and has completely gotten rid of user ratings for "The Rings of Power" on its streaming service. Considering the lengths to which one of the world's largest companies has gone in order to stem the advance of those that only seek destruction, it seems as if Ismael Cruz Córdova has also let his opinions be known.

Taking to Twitter, Córdova posted an image of himself in front of a "Rings of Power" billboard with his parents, and said, "It's not about the billboard – it's about becoming unmissable, undeniable, irrevocably present and rooted, as a people, as beings, as individuals. A huge 'we are here.' And we have been here. Looking for zero favors but to live with the same chances to dream and thrive as anyone else. If you've ever felt discarded, marginalized, silenced – you are my people. And this moment is yours too!" Córdova added that this specific billboard is located not far from a hostel in which he had previously stayed when he was struggling to find success. 

It seems that Córdova believes that the casting of people like himself on "The Rings of Power" is a long culmination of lending credence to the marginalized and overlooked, and those that needlessly disparage the show based on casting decisions have little room to talk.