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New Altered Carbon Teaser Opens Up The World Of The Future

The future looks... expensive.

We've already gotten our first glimpses at Altered Carbon, Netflix's new futuristic sci-fi show, whether it was from the clandestine viral marketing or the gorgeous reveal trailer.

But those first looks, impressive as they were, kept things murky when it came to the wider world of Altered Carbon mostly focusing on interiors and alleyways. As this new teaser makes clear, the world of this show is thoroughly a big-budget futuristic fantasy.

Even from the 30-second teaser, the cutaways to many elaborate locations make it clear that every dollar of this series' budget ended up on screen. Netflix has come a long way from the days of mailing you movies in the mail, folks.

This teaser also provides a first look at series main character Takeshi Kovacs in his original body, played by Will Yun Lee, before he was "re-sleeved" into the body of Joel Kinnaman. In the series, Kovacs is a former criminal and soldier who gets brought back to life in the body—or "sleeve"—of a disgraced police officer to investigate the mysterious death of one of the planet's richest men. Thanks to the "immortality, if you can afford it" world of Altered Carbon, the dead man naturally hired Kovacs to investigate his own murder.

The 10-episode first season of Altered Carbon hits Netflix on February 2, 2018.