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The Scariest Titans According To Attack On Titan Fans

"Attack on Titan" has become its own giant in the anime world. The post-apocalyptic series manages to weave in complex themes like what it means to be human amidst intense action moments, all wrapped up in its unique take on a David vs. Goliath story. Creator Hajime Isayama had some shocking inspirations, including "Jurassic Park," when creating the monstrous titans for his story. 

Those titans are a big reason for the manga and anime's success. The horrifying and sometimes funny-looking human-like monsters add an incredibly compelling threat to an already awful world. The "normal" titans generally resemble the humans they once were, but with one or two features — whether it's their eyes, mouth, or something else entirely — dialed to 100. Other more powerful and conscious Titans (with a capital T) feature more unique designs, but some that could still haunt your dreams. With so many different types of titans roaming the world, chances are every viewer would find one that was scarier than the rest.

The show features too many terrifying titans

Over on Reddit, "Attack on Titan" fans started numerous discussions about which titan they thought was the scariest. Because of the large variety of monsters featured in the show, there wasn't a consensus, with some users choosing one that others hadn't even thought to include.

Some users suggested titans with scary looks, like u/sleepy-heichou, who said, "Rod's definitely. Like damn, what a face. Or rather, what a lack of face. Just the thought of a dark hole for a mouth and two smaller holes for eyes creeps me out. Plus, those exposed organs? Gross." Others, like u/Manatee_Shark, mentioned relatively normal-looking (as normal as you can get in this world) titans whose movements scared them. Of the Nine Titans, users frequently mentioned the Beast Titan as the scariest, with Eren's Founder Titan coming up a few times. Another notable titan brought up often is the smiling titan, one of the first that audiences are introduced to as she eats Eren's mother early on in the anime. 

Hajime Isayama's titans are so terrifying that they have gone on to inspire other artists in their horror endeavors. Alex Garland, director of the horror movie "Men," revealed that the show had an impact on his work. "I'm just blown away by that show. It's so complex on so many levels," he said, "but in the Titans themselves, it did something really interesting — it takes human forms and makes slight changes that take things to the edge of ridiculousness, but it does it with real courage and confidence. So it hovers on this strange space between something absurdist and something actually really frightening" (via Polygon).