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Scenes We're Glad They Left Out Of Comic Book Movies

One of the most fun parts about seeing a movie on DVD or Blu-ray is checking out the extras, and that includes deleted scenes. Sometimes they don't add much, sometimes they add a lot, and sometimes they're just so horrendous you're glad this is the only time they ever see the light of day.

The bear head in X-Men: First Class

James McAvoy recently let slip a fun story about a scene from X-Men: First Class that never made the final cut. According to Professor X, young Xavier and Magneto are set upon by a massive thug who is so dumb Xavier can't use his mind control powers on him. Inconveniently, the trio are also in a room featuring no metal whatsoever, rendering Magneto's powers useless as well. A fight ensues between the thug and the two mutants that ends with the bad guy somehow getting a bear head jammed over his own and then twisted so that he breaks his neck. Try to picture James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender fighting a giant man and using a stuffed bear's head to take him out. We can only hope the scene sees the light of day sometime soon.

The blood tornado in Blade

Blade was an excellent early attempt at bringing a Marvel property to the big screen and still holds up as a very decent movie. The story of a half-man, half-vampire hunting other vamps is pretty cool and Wesley Snipes brought just enough badass cred to the character to make it work. But despite all the effort by Marvel and Snipes, neither could have salvaged the movie if the original ending had been included. The ending we get, with Blade fighting Deacon Frost in a crazy, kung-fu style sword fight, is pretty satisfying. What we almost had was Deacon Frost morphing into a giant, blood tornado with a face. The special effects just weren't able to live up to the idea, and the idea itself really wasn't worth exploring. A blood tornado? With a face? No thanks.

The Loki vision in Age of Ultron

Remember that semi-confusing scene in Age of Ultron when Thor gets brain-jiggered by the Scarlet Witch and imagines everyone back in Asgard having some kind of Norse rave? According to director Joss Whedon, it was to originally include everyone's favorite God of Mischief, Loki. Thor was to confront Loki and make a comment about their father, which would lead to Loki busting out his Anthony Hopkins impression. Since Loki was actually pretending to be Odin at this point, it was maybe a nod to Thor guessing at the truth. Either way it was cut and the film was better off for it. In this case, it's not because the scene sounds bad, it's because of the idea of less being more. As awesome as Loki is, we don't need him in every single Marvel movie. It's better to not see him so we can wonder what he's plotting next.

The Nuclear Man fight in Superman IV

It's hard to decide what's the most embarrassing part about this scene. It's a fight but it has the pacing of a visit to the DMV. The music that plays in the background is a strange cross between an ice cream truck and a player piano at an old timey saloon, and the number of times you see a Burger King sign makes it pretty obvious who sponsored the movie. The Man of Steel runs into Lex Luthor's prototype Nuclear Man and they engage in a very slow-paced battle that sees both of them knocked around briefly. Inexplicably there are also a variety of slapstick sound effects included throughout the scene, such as horn honks, crank sounds, and the odd fart noise, mostly all coinciding with movements made by Nuclear Man. Superman IV may not have been a classic but it really did deserve better than this. We're all better off that it wasn't included.

The Batcave in Batman Forever

Batman Forever marked a bit of a downturn for DC Comics and its early attempts at film.Tim Burton's first two Batman flicks had been well received, but by the time Batman Forever came around, Burton had been replaced with Joel Schumacher and Michael Keaton had been swapped for Val Kilmer. The movie was much more campy and silly than the previous versions and, despite some megastar power with Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones, it was not all it should have been.

There were rumors for a long while that Manbat would be in the movie, who's a villain that's the literal opposite of Batman. Not a man dressed like a bat, but a bat the size of a man. Those rumors came in part from the deleted scene in which Alfred brings Bruce Wayne down to the Batcave to help him remember why he became Batman in the first place. Bruce leaves Alfred and wanders into a cave and runs into a bat. A giant bat. The massive special effect bat slowly looms over Val Kilmer and for a moment the two stare at each other, arms spread wide, and it looks for all the world like they're either going to start dancing or making out. And suddenly it's over and Val Kilmer returns to Alfred to let him know he's Batman again.

Spider-Jonah in Spider-Man 2

There's a very short deleted scene from Spider-Man 2 that sheds a little light onto the psychological issues of Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson. Though JK Simmons is amazing in the role, it boggles the mind a little to watch this scene in which Jameson jumps around his office wearing a Spider-man costume, pretending to shoot webs. The suit was supposed to have been something Jameson bought from a garbage man who found it after Peter Parker threw it away. Jameson kept the suit as a prized possession in his office, and apparently decided to play weird dress up games in full view of the Daily Bugle staff as well.