The Peaky Blinders Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If there's one thing British period gangster drama "Peaky Blinders" has in spades — aside from violence, thick Brummie accents, cigarettes, whisky, swagger, peculiar caps, sharp haircuts, and even sharper suits — it's characters. The show is packed with larger-than-life personalities who run the gamut of the human condition. You've got philosophers, psychopaths, bleeding hearts, broken hearts, schemers, dreamers, true believers, cynical deceivers, the beautiful, the damned, the mad, bad and dangerous to know. "Peaky Blinders" is a TV show whose masterful characterization, epic plot, and nuanced themes leave the viewer with many questions about motive, relationships, ambition, fate, morality, and the circumstances governing us all. Yet there's one question that perhaps doesn't get asked as much as it should: Is Tommy Shelby a water sign or a fire sign?

In a dog-eat-dog world where death is never far and friends and foes alike are queuing up to stick a knife in your back, you might not think the science of the stars and the 12 signs of the zodiac have any bearing on events or the personality of the characters involved, but you'd be wrong. The celestial pie is huge and we are all but mere slices of it. That includes the Peaky Blinders. So let's retire to the snug of some 19th-century pub, pour ourselves a shot of something strong, and find out which "Peaky Blinders" character belongs to which house of the zodiac. Remember, if the cap fits, wear it!

Aries - Arthur Shelby

Every organization needs a figurative wrecking ball: someone you can call upon when the odds are stacked against you to knock down doors, right wrongs, seal deals, deliver the goods, and get the job done, no matter what it takes. Such a person is usually an Aries. In "Peaky Blinders," Arthur Shelby is the personification of the fiery ram. The most hot-headed, ill-tempered, rash, reckless, and spontaneous member of the Shelby clan is also the glue that binds and the center that holds the organization together. That's because, like many Aries, Arthur is bold, ambitious, adores a challenge, and will go that one step beyond in the name of all they hold dear. Arthur is a company man par excellence. His headstrong nature and fierce passion are exactly what you need when the chips are down and all seems lost.

Arthur Shelby was the soldier everyone wanted in the trenches with them in the killing fields of France for a reason. The blind optimism, reservoirs of courage, and can-do attitude of an Aries are a rock we can all cling to in trying times. Still, their boundless energy comes at a cost. They can be irresponsible and prone to throwing caution to the wind. Such impulsive and reckless behavior is the Achilles' heel of Arthur and many other Aries. Their love of danger and hunger for adventure can also manifest themselves in self-destructive behavior and self-pity when they lack proper stimulation. Yet given the right circumstances, Aries will burn brighter than any sun.

Taurus - Finn Shelby

As the younger brother of Arthur, Thomas, John, and Alda, Finn Shelby has a lot to live up to and even more to prove when it comes to being a Peaky Blinder. Like all Taureans, Finn isn't flashy or about to set the night on fire with his natural flamboyance, but like all those born under the sign of the bull, he has a grounded determination and resilience that can weather the fiercest storm. As a Taurus, he's a born pragmatist capable of playing the long game to get what he wants. This is just as well because the rest of the gang attempt to shield Finn, as the youngest Peaky Blinder, from the worst of the family business. Nevertheless, he reveals he's more than capable of indulging in the violence that gives the Peaky Blinders their fearsome rep. When he gets shot in the arm by a pimp in Chinatown, he finally has the battle scars to prove he's one of the top boys.

Finn's bull-like and formidable Taurean spirit could have seen him achieve great things in the Peaky Blinders organizations, but as is so often the case with those born under this sign, his hedonistic and self-indulgent nature lead to his downfall. Taureans actively seek pleasure in all its varied forms and Finn is no different. It's Finn who introduces Arthur to a drug they call Tokyo (cocaine). When Finn falls into a boozy relationship with Irish bookmaker Billy Grade, it's the beginning of the end. Loose lips sink ships, and Finn's drunken carelessness is the catalyst for the Peaky Blinder's failed hit on Oswald Mosley. Yet like all Taureans, Finn never quits. After being expelled from the Peaky Blinders, Finn spits at Duke Shelby, "I will come for you."

Gemini - Billy Kimber

Billy Kimber is the first major villain that Tommy Shelby locks horns with. In true Gemini fashion, Kimber's a quick-witted social butterfly who's difficult to pin down. Like all Geminis, Kimber has a mercurial spirit that's difficult to keep pace with. Geminis have a progressive view of the world and want to reshape it in their image, regardless of whether the world is on board with their vision. Their love of talking often leads to them putting their foot in their mouth. Although fun-loving, they can be moody, sarcastic, and elusive. Many people consequently believe Geminis are two-faced, but it's just an indication of their versatile and complicated personalities.

Geminis can be flighty and impulsive, materialistic and anxious. Given these qualities, it's easy to see how Tommy Shelby was able to play Kimber like an exquisitely tuned fiddle. Extroverted, clever, and flexible, Kimber keeps things lively. As this Kimber quote from the show succinctly proves, "Right, he's the oldest, you're the thickest. I'm told the boss is called Tommy and I'm guessing that's you, cos' you're looking me up and down like I'm a f*****g tart." Yet Gemini's inability to focus on the big picture or appreciate the devil in the details makes him prime fodder for the manipulations of Tommy Shelby's steel-trap mind. Yet, like all Geminis, when Kimber is in form, he's as explosive as a stick of dynamite.

Cancer - Michael Gray

Like all true Cancers, family is everything to Michael Gray — it's just he thought he could do a better job of heading his own than Tommy Shelby. Those born under the sign of the crab can effortlessly straddle the emotional and material worlds and dominate both. Highly attuned to their surroundings, Cancers can read any room. They rely heavily on their almost god-like powers of intuition. Like any crab worth its salt, a Cancer's sensitive inner core is shielded by an almost impenetrable shell. Their heavily guarded persona can sometimes make them appear cold and detached, but don't be fooled; beneath that hard exterior, there's usually a gentle and compassionate soul.

A Cancer's downfall can be its overtly sensitive nature and a personality prone to idleness and dwelling on the past. When Michael Gray loses the Shelby family millions during the Wall Street crash, it's due to his own sloppy nature. Instead of absorbing the contempt and criticism of Tommy and the rest of the Shelby clan and owning his mistake, Michael withdraws into his shell and hatches a plot to take over the organization. Big mistake. Governed by the maternal energies of the moon, Cancers are often fiercely devoted to their mothers. When an emotionally devastated Michael blames the death of his mom, Polly Gray, on Tommy, it sets him on a path that leads to his damnation.

Leo - John Shelby

As the king of the beasts, Leos are always on the prowl. They have a roaring presence, towering confidence, and an imposing will that doesn't like to take no for an answer. Their self-confidence is inspiring, but it can all too easily spill over into arrogance. The adage "pride comes before a fall" was probably written with Leos in mind. 

As the younger brother of Arthur and Tommy Shelby, John Shelby has big shoes to fill, but one shake of his metaphorical man and you know he's more than up for the challenge. Like most Leos, John Shelby is a good-humored soul, but behind the carefree and cheerful demeanor lies the famous Shelby temper. Leos are natural leaders and John sometimes has to bite his tongue when one of Tommy's decisions doesn't sit well on his shoulders. Despite his leonine protectiveness and love for the Peaky Blinders family, he keeps his claws checked and fangs hidden for when he truly needs them. 

John doesn't have Arthur's quick-fire fury or recklessness, and neither does he share Tommy's cold-blooded ruthlessness, but he does have Leo's natural carelessness and assumption that they are somehow untouchable by fate and circumstance. When John lets pride get the better of him and fatally stabs Angel Changretta in the eye, it starts off a war with the Italian mobsters that leads to the death of Tommy's wife, Grace. John's rash actions also lead him to receive the Black Hand from the Changretta family, who eventually mow him down in a hail of bullets.

Virgo - Aberama Gold

Virgos are patient perfectionists who spend a lot of time on the outside looking in. They may appear to be casually observing events with mild disinterest, but the wheels of penetrating analysis, evaluation, and deduction are diligently turning inside. You won't get so much as a cat's whisker past the laser-like focus of a Virgo when they're on the ball. Unassuming types who pass through life as unnoticed as dust particles in sunbeams, the true strength of a Virgo often takes people by surprise. They're seemingly patient, laidback types who are happy to let other star signs hog the attention in any given situation.

Virgos are masterful at controlling events from the shadows and their vast reservoirs of diligence, practicality, and logic make them extremely adaptable to changing circumstances. It's what makes Aberama Gold such an effective hitman. As Gold proves time and time again in Peaky Blinders, Virgos are great friends to have in your corner. They are fiercely loyal and happy to put their feelings aside for whomever they've sworn allegiance to. On the downside, Virgo can be anxious types prone to breakdowns. All that suppressed nervous energy can rear up, turn against them, and transform them into unpredictable wildcats capable of wreaking immense havoc.

Libra - Grace Burgess

Libra are dreamers, with one hopeful eye open to what life could be like and the other closed to the stark reality surrounding them. Idealists par excellence, Libras always see the best in other people, which can sometimes blind them to that particular person's faults. Take Grace Burgess and Tommy Shelby, for example. Grace's initial purpose as an undercover agent for the Birmingham Police was to get close to Tommy and learn about the inner workings of his organization, but in typical Libra fashion, she falls in love with him. Fleeing New York, Grace returns as a married woman, but her Libra-like poetic sensibilities convince her that Tommy is still the man for her. They marry and have a child together, but the darkness at Shelby's core eventually engulfs them both.

A Libra's true personality is as elusive as smoke on the water and that's because they can be three completely different people in the space of one day. Their biggest strength — the deep well of empathy that most born to this sign possess — is also their greatest weakness. Libras are like walking sponges, capable of absorbing both positive and negative influences. Tommy needs the presence of Grace's Libra soul in his life because she calms him, understands him, and forgives him. She gives him a glimpse of the bigger picture that all Libras are capable of seeing and revealing to others. Even after she dies, Tommy is often haunted by visions of Grace offering her Libra-like consolation to her old husband in the hour of his darkest need.

Scorpio - Thomas Shelby

Who is Scorpio's ideal dinner mate? Themselves! That's not because they're anti-social, per se; they're just perfectly content to spend an abnormal amount of time in their own company. They're big thinkers and experts at getting the measure of a person in a matter of minutes. A chess master who's always three moves ahead of his opponents, Tommy Shelby personifies the Scorpio personality. Those born under this sign have a venomous sting in their tail and they always play their cards close to their chest. Scorpios know what they want and they'll spend a lifetime working to achieve it. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are but water off a duck's back to a Scorpio. They hold the opinions of others in scant regard. As Tommy Shelby proves, they are renowned for their amazing powers of regeneration and recovery.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios are masters of destruction and transformation. They can be the architects of great change, but whether that change is negative or positive is another matter. Tommy Shelby's overwhelming need for control is a defining Scorpion trait, but that insatiable appetite can lead them to the darkest and loneliest of places. Scorpios are attracted to power in all its forms and are often in danger of losing their humanity in their thirst for everything bigger, better, and bolder than has gone before. When they are not busy pursuing visions of eternity and indulging in grand and epic designs, Scorpios can prove to be the most loyal and steadfast friends imaginable. You just have to catch them on a good day!

Sagittarius - Polly Gray

Defined by their great sense of humor, philosophical mindset, and quirky mannerisms, Sagittarians are the life and soul of any party, and Polly Gray is no exception. Like most Sagittarians, the matriarch of the Shelby clan shoots from the hip and takes no lip. The no-nonsense, can-do attitude of the born Sagittarius is writ large in Lady Gray. No mountain is too high nor river deep for a Sagittarius when they dig their heels in and decide upon a course of action. Sagittarians not only stick to their guns but, as the archer of the zodiac, are also capable of firing them with deadly accuracy. 

Polly is the unofficial heart, soul, and head of the Shelby organization. She picked up the reins when her nephews were serving in World War I and never really relinquished them until her untimely death at the hands of the IRA. You don't cross a Sagittarius and Polly Gray is the living embodiment of that sage bit of advice. She's friendly, charming, and oozes positivity, but as with all those born under this sign, her quicksilver temper can manifest itself like a sudden thunderstorm on a cloudless day. In common with all those who share a Sagittarius soul, Polly takes risks, struggles with commitment, is fiercely judgmental and slightly sanctimonious, and gets bored very easily. Yet any of Sagittarius' negative aspects are often steamrolled by their inherent joie de vivre and lust for life and everything in it.

Capricorn - Lizzie Stark

Capricorns don't choose a life of responsibility and duty, but nine times out of 10, it chooses them. The goats of the zodiac can often appear as if they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and all the woes of history on their back, but they're just built that way. Pragmatic, disciplined, and organized, Capricorns are often described as repressing emotions, but that's typically because they put their interests aside in the name of helping others. Lizzie Stark is a classic Capricorn. She has the goat's limitless resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity, and the "head down and march on" mentality when the bombs fall and the bullets fly. As Tommy Shelby's other half, Capricorn's stubborn tenacity and saintly patience serve Lizzie well.

Capricorns love things that last and are capable of going the distance. They're not interested in trends, fads, or overnight sensations. They have a keen nose for the real deal and will often pin their colors to the mast of anything they deem to be unique, dynamic, complex, and ambitious. Lizzie's abiding love for Tommy encapsulates the curious mixture of humility and confidence that often defines those born under this sign. Lizzie's refusal to let her former occupation as a prostitute demean her in the eyes of society exemplifies her Capricorn level-headedness and practicality. She knew it was something that needed to be done to put food on the table and keep a roof over her head, and morality doesn't come into it.

Aquarius - Sir Oswald Mosley

Those born under the sign of the Aquarius are often described as perpetual outcasts with a strong leaning toward conspiracy theories. Could Sir Oswald Mosley have been born under any sign? The divisive politician in Peaky Blinders may be reptilian, loathsome, and ooze corruption from every pore, but even monsters need star signs, and Mosley's is most definitely Aquarian. His strong belief in personal freedom, love of philosophy, and poetry are all positive Aquarian traits. Aquarians are extremely social and love anything that can help to develop or enhance their intellect. They are usually driven by an overwhelming desire to leave their mark on the world in a unique way.

Mosley is an Aquarius, but one who has lost his moral compass. As the head of a group of fascists who want to remold the world in their image, Mosley has big plans and is more than capable of making them a reality. Mosley's Aquarian personality makes him the most formidable opponent Tommy Shelby has ever faced. Aquarius is considered the most mythical and larger-than-life sign of the zodiac and probably the reason why Tommy Shelby describes Mosley as the devil incarnate. Aquarians rely on teamwork to realize their grand designs and are often guilty of overlooking small yet crucial details; they tend to think big-picture. These star signs often trample over other people's feelings and concerns in pursuit of their goals. Despite being a Member of Parliament and entrenched in the British class system, like all those born under the sign of the water bearer, Mosley is a rebel at heart, but one devoid of empathy and compassion for others.

Pisces - Alfie Solomons

Like all true Pisceans — a sign comprising two fish swimming in opposite directions — Alfie Solomons embodies duality. He's both of this world and completely detached from it. He's half angel, half ape, and all fish. A Pisces to the core, Solomons is a deeply superstitious creature who sees the hand of both angels and demons in the mundane and commonplace. It's his Piscean quirkiness and unpredictability that make him so curiously charismatic. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces spend their days swimming through the infinite waters of their imagination. They are an artistic and creative breed in love with illusion and anything remotely mystical. They are born romantics who, though wiser than their years, often possess a child-like innocence.

Pisceans have a habit of encouraging anyone in their orbit to go on a spiritual journey. In keeping with this, Solomons often convinces Tommy Shelby to probe deeper and go further to find the solution to any dilemma. Throughout "Peaky Blinders," Alfie Solomons is the only man Tommy Shelby seems to view as an equal. Solomons plays by his own rules, cares not one iota what the rest of the world thinks, gives no quarter, and asks for none in return. Yet the downside of casting your grand role in the universe on a daily basis is that it can make you a bit flaky and delusional, something a lot of Pisceans are guilty of. Solomons, like many born under the sign of the fish, seeks to solve his problems by simply swimming away, but the devil always collects and no amount of talking in riddles and waxing lyrical will keep him from the door.