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Every Terrible Situation In The Rick And Morty Season 6 Intro

Fans of "Rick and Morty" know just how obsessed the show is with reinventing itself. Though an overarching "Rick and Morty" story (and character arcs within it) exist in the chaotic Adult Swim comedy, the vast majority of episodes exist in their own self-aware vacuum, often poking fun at sci-fi tropes and pop culture. Throw in a dash of narcissism and existentialism, and viewers have a solid "Rick and Morty" episode.

One of the more intriguing components of a new "Rick and Morty" season is to see what chaos our heroes get up to in the intro. Each season features an intro with brand new clips, which shows Rick and Morty, as well as the rest of the family caught up in various adventures and perils. These intros largely channel the same humor as the series, poking fun at classic sci-fi tropes and situations. Every intro notably features a situation or two that actually pops up in the season, while the rest are simply there for goofs. And often, the situations are goofs, played for laughs. Consider the Season 5 opening credits, which sees a calm Morty playing golf sandwiched between Rick trying to save an old friend and the grandson-grandpa duo and Summer escaping the wrath of a Cthulhu-like monster. 

In its sixth season, "Rick and Morty" continues this trend of putting the Sanchez families in various different terrifying and terrible situations. Some clips are terrifying, others are hilarious, and a handful manage to be a morbid mix of both.

Morty turns into melted butter and Rick becomes a balloon

The "Rick and Morty" Season 6 intro starts in typical fashion with the duo running away from green creatures on a desert-like planet. As always, Rick manages to escape with his portal gun, leaving Morty to be eaten by the green creatures. All seasons have opened with this clip and it's no surprise that this trend continues. Following Morty's demise, Rick and Summer are seen wearing wing suits as they escape the wrath of a flying squirrel monster.

After the escape from the aviating rodent, we see Rick and Morty in what looks like Victorian England. Dressed up in stereotypical British sleuthing garbs, Rick and a mustache-sporting Morty are seen with a nefarious looking individual holding a bloody knife. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that on the far left of the frame is a dead body. Could this be a play on Jack the Ripper? Following their murderous encounter, viewers are transported to a world holding a parade with a giant Rick balloon. Under the inflated Rick is a jovial Summer, a bored Beth, and Morty, who is hanging on tight to the balloon.

Jerry finally gets some love as he's shot with lasers while wearing a space suit. To wrap up their new perils, Morty is transformed into butter and put on a hot pan, where he melts to compliment some sunny side up eggs. As always, the intro concludes with Rick, Morty, and Summer escaping a monster in Rick's spaceship.

It remains to be seen which of these terrifying situations ends up in the latest season!