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This Top Gun Star Is Unrecognizable On Tales Of The Walking Dead

Contains spoilers for "Tales of the Walking Dead" Season 1, Episode 4

"Tales of the Walking Dead," the anthology series that expands upon the universe so carefully established by its progenitor, "The Walking Dead," takes brief peeks into the lives of six different sets of survivors trying to maintain control of their daily lives in a world caught in the grips of a zombie apocalypse. The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, but they're all filled with the kind of gory punch you expect from this world of fractured groups coming together to try to create a more cohesive whole and fight back against the invasion of walkers that pose a never-ending threat to their safety.

Some famous faces are taking a spin through the show's postapocalyptic world, including Terry Crews as Joe, Olivia Munn as Evie, and Parker Posey as Blair. This "Top Gun" actor has a prime slot on the program as well, and unlike Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, he's completely unrecognizable 36 years later.

Dr. Everett is played by Top Gun's Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards is well-known for playing the ill-fated Goose in "Top Gun." However, he's definitely a little more grizzled as Dr. Charles Everett on "Tales of the Walking Dead," sporting a thick, gray beard and a pallor that suggests his character has been through some pretty rough times. And yet the actor wears the change well, projecting the world-weary posture required for the role.

Dr. Everett is a naturalist who makes it his business to study walkers, gathering footage while tracking them through the so-called "dead sector," where he seems to be the only living human — that is, until he meets fellow survivor Amy Zhang (Poppy Liu), who is determined that her people should settle in this "dead sector." They get off to a rocky start, with Dr. Everett nearly leaving Amy to die, but eventually develop a tenuous bond.