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Edgar Wright In Talks To Write A Baby Driver Sequel

The maestro behind Baby Driver is preparing another playlist for your pleasure. 

Edgar Wright, the writer and director of the Ansel Elgort-starring chase film, recently shared his plans for the future in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

According to the chat, Baby Driver is almost definitely getting a sequel—no surprise, considering the movie's small budget, great reviews, and $226.9 million box office take. But what makes the news most exciting for fans is that Wright is likely to remain creatively involved with the follow-up, provided the conditions are right.

"The deal is being hammered out as we speak," Wright revealed, discussing his involvement in a proposed Baby Driver sequel. "So, hopefully, I'm going to at least write a second one." 

It's worth pointing out that Wright clearly did not say he would be directing the sequel, though that of course remains a possibility. Considering the director's sequel-averse output so far, it wouldn't be shocking if he stepped away from the top job on this project, keeping his involvement at the screenplay level.

The filmmaker certainly has a lot to choose from when it comes to future work. Not just are his own ideas now proven to be bankable, he's also getting lots of offers for other projects. 

Wright didn't hint at which direction he was leaning for his next film, but he did make it clear that he would like to become more prolific with his output. (As a director, Wright only has four other films to his name aside from BabyShaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and The World's End.)

"I have a couple of things that I've been developing, and also a couple of new ideas that I had, and all the nice things things that I've been offered since [the release of Baby Driver]," Wright said. "I would like to get back on the saddle very shortly, because—slightly beyond my control—but there was four years between The World's End and Baby Driver. I don't want it to be that long again. I would love to have a film out in the next two years."

Wright is not currently attached to any project as director—instead, he's spent his downtime making a Spotify playlist of his 50 best songs of the year. (Unsurprisingly, he's fond of Danger Mouse's "Chase Me" from the Baby Driver soundtrack.)

For everyone who admires Wright's work, hearing that he wants another movie out soon is the best news possible, and understandable on his part considering the years he lost developing his abandoned version of Ant-Man for Marvel Studios. So whether it's a sequel to Baby Driver or another thing entirely, there's really no way for fans of Wright to lose.