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Deadpool Offers Free Tattoos In Hilarious Teaser

If you've ever wanted Deadpool on your body forever, now is your chance. All you'll need is a passport and a marvelous sense of humor. 

Ryan Reynolds shared a video announcing a free promotion that'll let fans at this weekend's Brazil Comic Con receive a free Deadpool tattoo. As Deadpool puts it, it's a great way to have him against your "bare naked skin" at all times.

In the video, Deadpool says he spent a good 20 minutes learning everything he could about Brazil and its language so he could speak in Portuguese. Although, he does sound a suspicious amount like a Brazilian woman fluent in the language. 

There will be four tattoos available: a Deadpool heart, a Brazilian flag with Deadpool's face, a pair of praying hands in handcuffs, and a banner with "Your Mom" draped across the front. You can get that one in English or Portuguese.

But if you want one, you'll need to hurry and visit the official site to grab a spot for one of the limited spaces available. 

Meanwhile, the promotion for next year's Deadpool 2 keeps getting better and weirder. Watch the Bob Ross-inspired teaser.