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Every Episode Of The Cuphead Show! Ranked

Netflix has been at the forefront of adapting some of the most widely recognized video games into animated series. Netflix's anime adaptation of "Castlevania" was one of their best original animated series to date and they've adapted plenty of other games like "Dota," "Dragon's Dogma," and "League of Legends." However, there was one animated series from Netflix this year based on a popular game that was truly one of their best — "The Cuphead Show!" The series, based on Studio MDHR's 2018 breakout hit "Cuphead," follows the misadventures of Cuphead (Tru Valentino) and his brother Mugman (Frank Todaro) as they meet a strange cast of characters and try to keep their souls safe from the dastardly Devil (Luke Millington-Drake).

"The Cuphead Show!" boasts stunning animation that utilizes classic animation techniques to create a great homage to the golden age of cartoons, just like the game. Its zany animated hilarity instantly evokes the more adult vibes of "Ren & Stimpy," while its mix of 2D animation and 3D backgrounds is simply stunning. The return of many notable bosses was a treat for fans and the great voice acting gave new life to the characters — especially Cuphead and Mugman. Best of all, fans now have two seasons of "The Cuphead Show!" to dive into and plenty of fun adventures to enjoy. Here are all of Cuphead and Mugman's misadventures ranked.

25. Say Cheese!

It's not too rare to see Cuphead and Mugman getting on Elder Kettle's (Joe Hanna) nerves, but they end up in an all-out battle with him after a family portrait gone wrong. Elder Kettle's plans to get a perfect family portrait with the boys fall apart after Cuphead and Mugman's fighting reveals an embarrassing moment from Elder Kettle's childhood. Elder Kettle's dark past involving a billboard ad of him as a baby is pretty funny, and there are some tense moments in the episode with funny payoffs. That moment of Elder Kettle turning into a horror monster definitely gets a memorable laugh, and it's hilarious how Cuphead and Mugman end up back where they started Season 2 — in jail.

However, "Say Cheese!" is definitely one of the weaker episodes of the season as its jokes can run a tad dry and the story is pretty bare bones. Even though it's basically just as long as other episodes, "Say Cheese!" does have some noticeable drag, as the battle between Cuphead, Mugman, and Elder Kettle can only stay funny for so long. There's also not too much that happens throughout the episode and, unlike the first time Cuphead and Mugman get thrown in the slammer, this trip to jail doesn't extend past this episode. Also, there are funnier ways Elder Kettle is used in the series and while "Say Cheese!" does give him some good focus, it doesn't do much with it. 

24. Lost in the Woods

Another weak episode of Season 2 is "Lost in the Woods," as it presents some funny running gags but little else. The episode sees Cuphead, as the title indicates, lost in the woods after his mischievous antics leave him stranded after he's tasked with getting wood. Cuphead's running joke of tying important things to rockets and then sending them up to explode can be truly hilarious, even when you know it's coming. Beyond that, it's fun to have an episode that touches on Cuphead's reckless behavior going too far.

When it comes to the story, though, "Lost in the Woods" is simply too thin. There isn't much done with stranding Cuphead in the woods that is particularly fun, making the episode severely forgettable. Also, it's kind of annoying that Cuphead just instantly ignores the lesson he's supposed to learn, which also ends up making the episode largely feel like a waste of time. "Lost in the Woods" isn't a bad episode, but it's far from the best.

23. Sweater Luck Next Time

"Sweater Luck Next Time" is the second part of a two-part episode in Season 1 in which the Devil tries to remove a sweater Cuphead is wearing so that he can take his soul, and it's not much more than a solid conclusion to a short narrative. The Devil's desire to take Cuphead's soul is an ongoing storyline introduced in the first episode of Season 1 and touched on throughout the series. In the previous episode, Cuphead gets an invisible sweater from the wise Quadratus (Gary Anthony Williams) that stops the Devil from taking his soul. Now, the Devil is determined to get Cuphead out of that sweater and looks for help from a fast-spinning carnival ride.

Unlike the previous episode, the Devil doesn't go through a lot of fun ruses to try and get the sweater off, making for a mostly uneventful episode. Frankly, if it wasn't a part of a two-part storyline, it could easily be considered filler. However, there are some hilarious standout moments that make "Sweater Luck Next Time" fun. For instance, the Devil using his powers to become a painting maestro when he's forced to paint a fence features some fun colors. Also, Cuphead and the Devil's bonding over Cuphead's silly jokes is a hoot, and the Devil's reaction when he realizes that Cuphead isn't wearing the sweater anymore is priceless. There isn't a whole lot going on in this episode, but it's still solid.

22. Carn-Evil

Cuphead and Mugman's very first adventure, "Carn-Evil," finds them dancing with the Devil after Cuphead's skeeball skills land him in hot water. "Carn-Evil" is the episode that introduces viewers to everything "The Cuphead Show!" has to offer, yet it just isn't as wild and insanely fun as most of the episodes that follow. Still, it's a great premiere that sets up an ongoing rivalry between Cuphead and the Devil while showcasing some awesome visuals.

Cuphead and Mugman instantly win your heart with their brotherly snark and mischievousness. The Devil makes a great first impression as a narcissistic and charming villain who makes you laugh with his mustache-twirling lines. There are plenty of great visuals, including Cuphead and Mugman running into a funhouse of horrors and all the tricks the Devil tries to pull on them during their escape. Plus, it sets up the great ongoing rivalry between Cuphead and the Devil over his soul, leading to plenty of fun future adventures. While compared to the adventures that follow, "Carn-Evil" is a pretty basic premiere, but it clearly demonstrates the strengths this series thrives on.

21. Sweater Off Dead

The first episode of the Season 1 two-parter, "Sweater Off Dead," shows some strengths in its fun gags and ties to the game, but not much else. After meeting up with the wise Quadratus, Mugman knits an invisible magic sweater for Cuphead to wear so the Devil can't snatch his soul, which leads to the Devil coming up with funny antics and ruses to get that sweater off. Overall, this storyline of the Devil trying to get Cuphead's soul feels a little too simplistic and drawn out, especially compared to other episodes. However, the highlights of "Sweater Off Dead" are incredibly enjoyable.

Fans will love seeing Quadratus, a mystical entity in a pool of water, brought to life and deliver funny rhymes. This episode definitely deserves credit for having a great fake-out opening that mirrors the premiere's but puts a horrifying spin on everything. The Devil's ruses to get Cuphead out of the sweater are super fun and creative, as he poses as a devious carnie and even tries to impersonate Quadratus. There's also a sweet brotherly moment between Cuphead and Mugman when Mugman hugs Cuphead to keep the sweater on. While this storyline isn't as interesting as some of the others, it still provides moments that fans will appreciate.

20. Charmed & Dangerous

Cuphead and Mugman's reunion with Ms. Chalice (Grey Griffin) in "Charmed and Dangerous" — the first time they meet since she left them to get caught by the cops at the end of Season 1 — is pretty standard but has some fun moments. Ms. Chalice's presence is always fun, as she is a character bursting with immense charm and always knows how to get Cuphead and Mugman into some fun trouble. Their joyride in Elder Kettle's car has some fun moments, including a quick cameo from Hilda Berg, while the angry mob that's after Chalice is filled with nods to classic characters.

Beyond that, Griffin's voicework as Ms. Chalice continues to be a highlight of the character's appearances. This adventure can still feel a little thin story-wise, and it is a shame that parts of it feel cut out, like the trio winning a dance competition. Overall, "Charmed and Dangerous" can feel a bit forced when compared to other adventures with Ms. Chalice, as it mostly serves to continue to ongoing storyline from the end of Season 1. However, that doesn't mean that its fun moments are easily forgotten, as they provide some good laughs and plenty of fun moments.

19. Dangerous Mugman

Throughout the series, Mugman acts as the calm and safe-minded one compared to Cuphead's typically daredevilish mindset. All that changes though in the episode "Dangerous Mugman" when the cup brothers are tasked with going on a mission for Porkrind (Cosmo Segurson) that forces Mugman to become a little more dangerous. While there could've been more fun gags to add to Mugman's adventure, there are still plenty of hilarious and visually awesome moments that make this episode a lot of fun.

Porkrind playing a more prominent role is always great as his daydream of smashing Cuphead and Mugman after their "Dumb and Dumber" antics get on his nerves is dark humor at its finest. Although Mugman's newfound bravery makes him invulnerable to the journey's dangers, the same can't be said for Cuphead as he deals with a lot of slapstick comedy that involves him getting nailed by a boulder and having trouble with their tiny raft. Mugman's personal lesson about inner bravery is also nice as a timeless moral and is one of the better parts of having a more Mugman focused episode. 

Finally, fans are treated to a cameo from iconic "Cuphead" boss Grim Matchstick as the three-headed dragon that hilariously torches Porkrind's stand. "Dangerous Mugman" is a solid episode that features plenty of fun moments viewers will likely enjoy.

18. Jailbroken

The end of Season 1 sees Cuphead and Mugman thrown into the slammer after a job gone wrong, and the Season 2 premiere, "Jailbroken," picks up right where Season 1 left off. "The Cuphead Show!" depicts a cartoon jail in a way that is really a lot of fun, featuring plenty of dangerous-looking characters as well as Cuphead and Mugman's hilariously thwarted escape plan, which leaves them on the run from some vicious guard dogs. It's a setting that certainly feels more unique compared to others in the series and provides some great gags.

The two bickering about wanting to escape or not escape from the prison is a little underwhelming and kind of pointless, but it does lead to a final moment of Cuphead and Mugman bonding with a cyclops prisoner and having a grand escape that's very satisfying. Also, it's pretty funny to see Elder Kettle think that he killed Cuphead and Mugman after their buckethead dummies fall apart. "Jailbroken" isn't going to rank as high as some of the more memorable and funny episodes of this series, but it still manages to kick off Season 2 on the right foot.

17. Handle with Care

Another Mugman-focused episode, "Handle with Care" sees Cuphead and Mugman try to fix Mugman's handle. Cuphead and Mugman's horseplay always manages to lead to something going wrong, and in this case, Mugman's handle gets broken off. The opening that sees Cuphead and Mugman try to have a blindfolded pillow fight is absolutely hilarious, especially considering how they completely miss each other. Plus, all the gasps and shocked reactions to Mugman being handle-less are incredibly funny, and the episode features some strong gags and a heartwarming childhood story from Elder Kettle.

There are some funny sequences of Cuphead failing to repair Mugman's handle and trying to replace it with some handles that don't work. Mugman also encounters a weird character named Bowl Boy (Keith Ferguson), who he hilariously berates, and there's a failed attempt at hiding the missing handle with Mugman acting as a bride that's a real gutbuster. What really sticks out, though, is Elder Kettle's story about losing his handle as a child. It's a delightful sequence that warms your heart and is a rare moment of Elder Kettle really acting as a father figure for Cuphead and Mugman. While "Handle with Care" doesn't have the most exciting story, it's still a fun and funny adventure with heart.

16. In Charm's Way

The final episode of Season 1 sees Cuphead and Mugman run into a charming character that fans have come to know and love from the game — Ms. Chalice. While the two are in the big city looking to repair Elder Kettle's glasses, they run into Ms. Chalice, a sweet-talking charmer who knows how to get what she wants. Soon after meeting Ms. Chalice, Cuphead and Mugman fall under her wing as she teaches them how to charm people. In the "Cuphead: Delicious Last Course" DLC for the video game Ms. Chalice finally became a playable character, so it's great that the series also puts great focus on her for a fun episode full of her signature charm.

Grey Griffin's voicework as Ms. Chalice is phenomenal as she brings a great spirit to the character's fast-talking attitude and hustling nature. Ms. Chalice's song about charm is a pure delight and full of engaging energy. It's also pretty fun to watch her just constantly find ways to get people wrapped around her finger and she creates the kind of trouble you can't help but smile at while watching. The episode cuts away on a season-ending cliffhanger that leaves things on a bit of an underwhelming note, but "In Charm's Way" serves as an excellent introduction for Ms. Chalice.

15. Another Brother

Season 1 introduced a third round-shaped character named Bowl Boy as a simple gag, but the Season 2 episode "Another Brother" sees him in a more prominent role and it's pretty hilarious. After Cuphead and Mugman split after a spat, they both find themselves looking for a replacement brother, and Cuphead is intrigued by Bowl Boy's sense of danger. "Another Brother" features plenty memorably hilarious moments, including Mugman's failed auditions for a new brother and Cuphead and Bowl Boy's reckless adventures. Also, we get to see Ribby and Croaks makes a quick cameo as Cuphead after he feels bad about losing his bond with Mugman.

Mugman's storyline in the episode certainly isn't as fun as Cuphead's and the ending comes a little too quick, but "Another Brother" hits the right kind of explosive hilarity that fans enjoy about the series. Bowl Boy's return is an unexpected blast as he matches Cuphead's energy perfectly and adds a dash of maniacal humor to everything that transpires. Also, the explosive ending that sees Cuphead and Mugman reconcile in the hospital after being shattered is incredibly funny. "Another Brother" shows how "The Cuphead Show!" can expand a one-off joke into a fun misadventure.

14. A High Seas Adventure!

What's more fun than seeing Cuphead and Mugman go on a high seas adventure? Well, having memorable bosses from the game like Captain Brineybeard (Jason Vande Brake) and Cala Maria (Natasia Demetriou) come along too, of course. After boarding the ship of Captain Brineybeard, Cuphead and Mugman join him on his high seas adventure to reunite with his long-lost love Cala Maria. "A High Seas Adventure!" is easily one of the best instances of bosses from the game getting their own episode as both Brineybeard and Cala Maria drive the action in their own hilarious ways.

Brineybeard's desire for Cala Maria's love leads to a great song and puts Cuphead and Mugman in some very perilous situations. Cala Maria is equally as fun, as she gets a song of her own, a funny gag based on her gigantic size, and leads to an action-packed turn when her villainous ways are unleashed. There are also some really incredible visuals featuring 3D backgrounds of islands and even a practical sequence of the ship moving that's wonderful to watch. The only big issue with "A High Seas Adventure!" is the runtime, as it's one of the few times the series experiments with longer runtimes which unfortunately backfires and results in a sluggish watch. Regardless, "A High Seas Adventure!" manages to be a boatload of fun.

13. Roll the Dice

Aside from the Devil, Cuphead and Mugman's greatest foe is the nefarious King Dice (Wayne Brady) and the series sees Cuphead tangle with him on his gameshow in "Roll the Dice." After Elder Kettle's beloved tire rolls away, Cuphead and Mugman find themselves on King Dice's beloved gameshow "Roll the Dice" as the next contestants. What they don't know is that King Dice is in cahoots with the Devil and they are using the gameshow as a front to steal souls. King Dice has one of the most memorable boss battles from the game and it's great that his episode is equally as memorable.

Brady is perfectly cast as King Dice as he provides the right kind of gameshow host personality for the character — likely because of his own time hosting "Let's Make a Deal" — and he does an excellent job making the evil parts of the character a total treat. Mugman's stage fright is incredibly funny, and it's a blast to watch King Dice's perfect façade be broken by Cuphead's wackiness. It's hilarious how incapable King Dice is of remaining in control, leading to him having to pay for his failures in an unfortunate meeting with the Devil. Beyond that, the Devil's throne room looks absolutely stunning, and there are a ton of little nods to the games through background characters and art throughout the sequence.

12. Root Packed

"The Cuphead Show!" sees some familiar bosses act as the focal point for some episodes and "Root Packed" sees the titular Root Pack wreak havoc on Elder Kettle's newly grown veggies. Fans will likely remember fighting the Root Pack, a vegetable trio made up of a giant potato, carrot, and a crying onion, early on in the game. Here, Cuphead and Mugman end up having to fend them off when they invade Elder Kettle's land. It's great to see these three be brought to life with some incredible voice acting that brings out their two-bit hustler behavior and helps them cause some fun trouble.

Even before the Root Pack arrives, you'll already be laughing at how things go wrong for Elder Kettle, especially after he starts singing his silly little farming song. When the Root Pack does arrive, pure chaos ensues as they bring along tons of other vegetables to suck the land dry of its good dirt, leading to Cuphead and Mugman trying to turn them away. Their failed attempt at being scarecrows will leave you in stitches, and it's great how they use the Onion's crying to bring down the tone of the party. The Root Pack is a fan-favorite boss trio and their episode is definitely a high point in the series that provides some great comedic moments. 

11. Sweet Temptation

"The Cuphead Show!" takes some inspiration from the classic story of "Hansel and Gretel" for the episode "Sweet Temptation" and it couldn't be more fitting for classic "Cuphead" boss Baroness Von Bon Bon's (Zoe Moss) debut. After eating all of Mugman's Halloween candy, Cuphead goes in search of more sweets and ends up finding Baroness Von Bon Bon, the cursed ruler of the delicious-looking Sugarland, which is filled with an endless assortment of sweets. As expected, "Sweet Temptation" is a visual feast for the eyes, featuring incredible candy backgrounds that are simply immaculate. Sugarland is easily one of the most creative and enjoyable settings for an episode thus far, but it offers more than just sweet visuals.

Baroness Von Bon Bon is a delightful villain with a seemingly sweet personality that can quickly turn into something more sinister. Cuphead's inability to follow rules makes the eventual confrontation between him, Mugman, and Baroness Von Bon Bon so much sweeter as it allows for the Baroness to use a monstrous candy castle, just like she does in the game. Later, having Cuphead and Mugman get turned into candy makes for a hilarious escape sequence. "Sweet Temptation" might not last as long as it could've, but it does leave a lasting impression. 

10. Dirt Nap

In a rare moment for the series, "Dirt Nap" provides an episode led by Elder Kettle as he misinterprets things he overhears from Cuphead and Mugman. At first, Elder Kettle is pleased to hear the boys — mainly Mugman — say nice things about him. However, when he hears their conversation slowly start to turn into them plotting his murder, he starts to panic. Of course, little does he know that their conversation is actually about their dying pet worm, leading to mass confusion and tons of hilarity.

Elder Kettle taking the spotlight is a lot of fun, as it is fun to see his generally sweet demeanor get played around with and eventually turn confrontational when he goes on the defensive. The episode is a perfectly funny series of misunderstandings that only gets more hilarious when Elder Kettle tries to defend himself and fails miserably. The scene of him falling into all his traps is a classic moment, and the fact that it is all backed by serene classical music is just perfect. 

Further, the burial sequence of the worm has plenty of funny moments including Cuphead's botched eulogy and the worm springing back to life with an adorable voice. While things are typically focused on Cuphead and Mugman, it's great that Elder Kettle can have his moments too, and "Dirt Nap" shows that he can be an equally funny force.

9. Ribby & Croaks

After Cuphead and Mugman debate about who ate the last of the ice cream, they run into boxing brothers Ribby (Chris Wylde) and Croaks (Rick Zieff), who are also memorable bosses from the game. Ribby and Croaks end up swindling Cuphead and Mugman out of their money, but they end up getting more than they bargained for when the two end up making it aboard their boat to wreak havoc.

Ribby and Croaks constantly leave you laughing with how they're characterized as Italian wise guys who love their mother — to the point where they sing a song about it — and get into hilarious fights with each other over the smallest disputes. Wylde and Zieff's voicework is pure comedy throughout, and the dynamic these two have is hilarious. All the chaos that ensues from Cuphead and Mugman barging onto the boat is cartoon calamity at its finest, with the boat's luxury ballroom getting torn to shreds while Ribby and Croaks' enormous boxing gloves cause some serious damage. 

In the end, both sets of brothers have some good bonding moments, and it is satisfying to see Cuphead and Mugman's ice cream craving be satisfied. Ribby and Croaks are easily one of the biggest highlights of Season 1, and hopefully they can return for another brawl soon.

8. The I Scream Man

With Cuphead and Elder Kettle running errands, Mugman gets the house to himself but quickly ends up sparking a rivalry with the very weird Ice Cream Man (Dave Wasson). The episode already gets off on a funny foot with Mugman's vision of a story he's reading that sees him as a bold adventurer about to smooch Cala Maria, but it gets even funnier when Mugman meets the Ice Cream Man. Mugman is slowly driven insane by the constant ice cream truck music, causing him to unleash his fury, and the way it backfires on him makes everything even funnier.

As he goes to apologize, the episode delivers a hilariously horror-driven sequence of Mugman being chased down only to have the Ice Cream Man not only simply tell him that he got a new hat but also spoil the book Mugman is reading. There's almost nothing funnier than watching Mugman be just brought to the edge of his sanity and the Ice Cream Man is one of the best original additions to the series. "The I Scream Man" is equal parts horror and comedy, which ultimately makes for a delightfully balanced viewing experience. 

7. Dead Broke

The best instance of Ms. Chalice bringing Cuphead and Mugman on a grand misadventure comes in "Dead Broke," which features a fun premise full of great horror cartoon comedy. To finance their ice cream cravings, the trio hatches a plan for Ms. Chalice to act as a ghost and for Cuphead and Mugman to catch her for an affordable price. The premise feels like a classic cartoon storyline with a "The Cuphead Show!" spin that only gets better when the group ends up in a haunted house and is forced to fight real ghosts. 

The "Scooby-Doo" inspired chase sequence that ensues in the episode's final act is hilarious, and the ending showing the fate of the group's beloved piggy bank is a perfect comedic stinger. Watching Cuphead and Mugman act as ghost hunters is a treat in itself, while viewers with keen eyes will likely recognize their first customer as the iconic "Cuphead" boss Sally Stageplay, making for a subtle and fun cameo. "Dead Broke" is an instant classic for the series combining great ideas, stunning visuals, and our trio of loveable troublemakers for some memorable mishaps. 

6. Piano Lesson

Another episode that features a pretty classic cartoon storyline is "Piano Lesson," in which Mugman is completely frustrated at Cuphead for showing some vastly superior piano skills and stealing away his prolific piano instructor Ludwig (Mick Wingert). Ludwig is easily the best original character created for the series, as he's constantly hilarious with how he shifts support so quickly and acts so passive-aggressively snobby towards Mugman. If there's ever another "Cuphead" game, Ludwig should definitely appear as a boss because he's such a fun character. 

Aside from Ludwig, "Piano Lesson" is incredibly funny, thanks to Mugman's jealousy and the simplistic nature of the plot. Everyone's reaction to Cuphead's piano playing skills is great, and the way Mugman tries to foil his performance is made even better by how it becomes instant karma for Ludwig after stealing Cuphead's song. "Piano Lesson" is easily one of the best original episodes of the series that doesn't rely on old bosses being brought in, and it offers its own memorable characters and moments for fans to enjoy. 

5. Release the Demons!

The Devil isn't seen much throughout Season 2, but his first appearance in "Release the Demons!" is one for the ages as he tries to send his minions after Cuphead to claim his soul. Furious that Cuphead has escaped his grasp, the Devil brings together his finest demons to go after Cuphead, but, of course, nothing goes as planned. The way that the Devil constantly destroys his best demons through his fiery outbursts never stops being funny and the group he's left with is a collection of weird and wacky demons — along with King Dice. While Cuphead and Mugman are on a pretty basic walk through a fair maze, the Devil and King Dice provide some amazing hilarity. 

The Devil's growing frustrations will keep you laughing throughout and King Dice's return is phenomenal, especially how he sabotages all the other demons so that he can remain as the Devil's right-hand man. Every time the Devil sends out a new set of demons, the cut to demons running out of a fiery gate with hellish music playing is just perfectly executed and what happens with the Four Horseman is unexpectedly hilarious. Try as the Devil may, he just can't get Cuphead's soul, but "Release the Demons!" makes that more than okay because of the hilarity it provides with the grand return of King Dice. 

4. Ghosts Ain't Real

"The Cuphead Show!" has a knack for blending in horror elements, and "Ghosts Ain't Real" provides the perfect example of the sort of visual spectacle that can take these episodes to the next level. This adventure sees Cuphead and Mugman's attempt to find a shortcut through a graveyard take a scary turn when they become haunted by a trio of ghosts. "Ghosts Ain't Real" is easily the most visually stunning episode of the series so far, as it constantly wows you with some delightful horror imagery. Cuphead and Mugman walking along a 3D graveyard background is totally eye-dazzling while watching the ghosts take Cuphead and Mugman through a paranormal house of horrors is endlessly awe-inspiring.

"Ghosts Ain't Real" showcases the great creativity this series has for its animation, but that's not all it offers. The episode delivers plenty of fun moments with these ghosts, such as an enjoyable song and some fun scare gags pulled on Cuphead and Mugman. The ending is especially funny because of how the ghosts think they've gone too far, and it's funny to see Elder Kettle's reaction to Cuphead and Mugman's zombified look. If you're looking for an episode to show someone what "The Cuphead Show!" is all about, then "Ghosts Ain't Real" is a great choice.

3. The Devil's Pitchfork

The Season 2 finale, "The Devil's Pitchfork," not only provides plenty of fun destruction from Cuphead, Mugman, and the Devil but also ends things on a surprising cliffhanger. After getting a pep talk from his demon minion, the Devil gets his groove back through some evil antics but leaves his pitchfork behind for Cuphead and Mugman to find. It's a ton of fun to watch the Devil and Cuphead and Mugman go on a destructive tear through Inkwell Isle and everything they do with that pitchfork provides some good laughs.

More importantly, though, "The Devil's Pitchfork" leaves things on a compelling note as Cuphead now knows that the Devil's contract on his soul is void, but the Devil takes something more important to him — Mugman. In a shocking turn of events, the Devil now has Mugman in his grasp, which forces Cuphead to confront him in his domain. This is the perfect kind of cliffhanger to lead into a new season and turns things in the episode from a jolly ride to a horrifying nightmare, which is always an interesting change of pace. 

2. Baby Bottle

While it's fun to watch Cuphead and Mugman face off against bosses ripped right from the game, their greatest foe in the series comes in the episode "Baby Bottle." When Cuphead and Mugman are left home alone, they get a knock at the door, where they find an adorable-looking Baby Bottle (Cristina Milizia) sitting on their porch. Although things go well at first, this baby has destructive behavior that makes it tough to handle. To be honest, Baby Bottle might be one of the most adorable animated characters of all time, which makes its wild and antagonistic behavior comes out.

It's an absolute blast to see Cuphead, Mugman, and even Elder Kettle try to get a hold of Baby Bottle but fail to do so. What follows is a slew of "Looney Tunes" and "Tom & Jerry" styled destruction that's endlessly hilarious to watch and full of big laughs. "Baby Bottle" feels like a classic cartoon power struggle on display with an adorable antagonist that makes it a great homage to classic cartoons while also delivering fresh laughs that see these characters brought to their limits. 

1. Rat's All Folks

Everything that can be said about "Baby Bottle" being a great homage to "Looney Tunes" and "Tom & Jerry" can be doubled for "Rat's All Folks," which delivers more awesome cartoon conflict and brings back another memorable boss from the game. As Cuphead and Mugman attempt to surprise Elder Kettle with a cake, they discover a rat in the kitchen and which is none other than Werner Werman (Chris Kattan). While Werner doesn't bring his mechanical cat along, his craftiness and comedic cockiness are more than enough to create some hilarious moments. 

Werner Werman basically gives Jerry Mouse a run for his money in the ways he hilariously messes with Cuphead, Mugman, and Elder Kettle while totally trashing their house in hilarious ways. There are plenty of dynamite jokes to go around and Werner is shown to be a super fun character. Also, it's great how Elder Kettle has this sudden rivalry with him and ultimately gets the last laugh. "Rat's All Folks" is a true homage to classic cartoons and utilizes an equally classic "Cuphead" boss to create an endlessly fun episode full of nostalgic cartoon fights.