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Ramy Season 3 - What We Know So Far

It's no overstatement to call Hulu's "Ramy" one of the most indelible gems to have emerged from the streaming era of television. Created by Egyptian-American stand-up comic, actor, and writer Ramy Youssef, the soulful A24-produced half-hour series has been delivering reliably deft combinations of comedy and pathos for two seasons, with each of its 20 episodes so far standing as its own exuberant feat of storytelling.

In the first season, we get to know protagonist Ramy Hassan (Youssef) and his tight-knit American Muslim family. We tag along as they go about their daily lives in New Jersey, grappling with the challenges of staying true to their Egyptian roots and religious customs while simultaneously immersing themselves in American life. After being brought to a personal low by a crises of faith and general lack of direction, Ramy gets a new start in Season 2 when he attends a Sufi mosque and dedicates himself to Sufi Islam with the guidance of Sheikh Ali Malik (Mahershala Ali). Both seasons were met with major critical acclaim and garnered awards attention, with Season 2 earning Primetime Emmy nods for Ali and Youssef.

As was the case with virtually all COVID-era productions, the wait for Season 3 was rather long. But the third season of "Ramy" finally premiered on September 30, 2022. Here's what we know about the new season so far.

What is the plot of Ramy Season 3?

Spoilers for "Ramy" Season 2 ahead.

The second season of "Ramy" ended on a rather calamitous note. After finally becoming engaged to Sheikh Malik's daughter Zainab (MaameYaa Boafo), Ramy placed his entire world in jeopardy by making the decision to hook up with his cousin and former flame Amani (Rosaline Elbay) on the eve of his and Zainab's Katb Kitab. After coming clean to Zainab, he was quickly shunned by her, the Sheik, and Amani, quickly finding himself all alone in the world.

The third season looks like it's going to follow up on that dark storyline, with a renewed focus on the family unit from which Ramy had been finding himself somewhat alienated towards the end of Season 2. According to Deadline, "In Season 3, [Ramy's] family is forced to confront having lived a life dedicated to worldly concerns — and in some cases, lies." Meanwhile, Ramy's boisterous uncle Naseem (Laith Nakli), who got a spotlight episode all to himself right before the Season 2 finale, will apparently be factoring majorly into his nephew's immediate forward path, as "Ramy all but abandons his spiritual journey, instead dedicating himself to him and his uncle's diamond business."

Given that the dynamic between Ramy and Naseem has consistently been one of the most charged in the series, and that Season 2 revealed Naseem to be struggling with secular challenges of his own, we can't wait to see where Season 3 will take both characters.

Who is starring in Ramy Season 3?

The core "Ramy" cast has not varied much since Season 1. Both seasons were primarily focused on the Hassans, with Ramy Youssef himself headlining and Hiam Abbass, Amr Waked, and May Calamawy playing Ramy's mother Maysa, his father Farouk, and his sister Dena, respectively. Additionally, Mohammed Amer and Dave Merheje, who play Ramy's friends Mo and Ahmed, have remained as regulars across both seasons, while Laith Nakli, who plays Uncle Naseem, was upgraded from recurring character to series regular for Season 2.

Vulture confirmed that Nakli, Abbass, Waked, Calamawy, Merheje, and Amer all return alongside the star of the show for Season 3, in addition to Steve Way, who plays Ramy's childhood best friend Steve. And, just as Season 2 made waves due to the participation of Mahershala Ali, the big news for the new season, casting-wise, is the introduction of a certifiable superstar — and acting first-timer — in a brand new role.

American supermodel Bella Hadid, who is of Dutch-Palestinian descent, makes her scripted-series debut in a recurring role in Season 3 of "Ramy." According to GQ, she and Youssef first bonded in January 2022, when he emailed her to ask if she'd be interested in a guest spot on his show. The two hit it off immediately and have been friends since. "I was like, this is perfect," Hadid told the mag. "We hadn't even met before, but I had a feeling it was gonna be kismet."

Hadid will be playing a "weirdo girlfriend" type, GQ said. "It's probably one of the weirdest scripts we've ever written," Youssef added. "And that says a lot."