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Dakota Fanning Is A Hardcore Star Trek Fan In Please Stand By Trailer

Dakota Fanning is boldly going on a road trip to LA.

Magnolia Pictures has released the first trailer for its Trekkie comedy Please Stand By, in which Dakota Fanning plays Wendy, a young autistic woman with an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek

As the trailer relates, Wendy leads a structured life, residing with a caretaker that helps her get to her job at Cinnabon and navigate a world that rarely works as logically as Gene Roddenberry's creation. She spends her spare time watching and rewatching Star Trek, finding comfort in its ordered world of optimism, adventure, and boundless imagination.

But when Wendy sees an opportunity to enter a Star Trek-themed screenwriting contest, she types up a massive 500-page script, and hits the road for an adventure with her puppy and a dream.

In addition to Fanning, Please Stand By also stars Toni Collette, Jessica Rothe, and Alice Eve, who has her own connection to the Star Trek franchise with a role as Carol Marcus in 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness. Inveterate nerd Patton Oswalt also will appear in the movie as a Trekkie cop who can—helpfully—speak Klingon.

Please Stand By is directed by Ben Lewin, who previously wrote and directed The Sessions, with a script by Michael Golamco of NBC's Grimm. It will simultaneously be released in theaters and on streaming on January 26, 2018—check out the trailer for the movie above, and the spaced-out poster down below.