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Jordan Peele Confirms And Shoots Down Get Out Fan Theories

Contains spoilers for Get Out

Get Out is the sort of movie that lends itself to more analysis than your typical Hollywood blockbuster.

In a new video for Vanity Fair, director Jordan Peele takes a look at some fan theories from Reddit and acknowledges whether any of them hold water. 

For example, was the entire thing just inside the head of TSA agent Rod (Lil Rel Howery)? No, but Peele does love that theory. What about the way Rose (Allison Williams) eats Froot Loops separately without milk? Was that a conscious decision to keep the white milk and multi-colored food apart? No, she's just a "twisted" girl with a strange way of eating. As Peele points out, the ultimate goal of the Armitage family is to mix races.

Although Peele hints that some of the fans may have done too many "blunt hits" while coming up with these ideas, he does admit that some of the theories are correct. For one, Chris is freed by picking cotton out of the chair, which is a nod to the cotton industry that played a huge role in slavery in the south. And the deer that Chris sees dying at the beginning of the film means much more than you might've realized. However, the movie is not a sequel to Being John Malkovich, as some fans posit.

Check out the video above, then go back and watch Get Out again. You'll realize nothing in there is accidental and all of it is genius.