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The Gravity Falls Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you've ever taken a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, you may have seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls. Well, okay, not actually, but you've hopefully been able to experience the wonder, hilarity, and inventiveness of the Disney Channel cartoon of the same name. Created by Alex Hirsch in 2012, the animated series follows 12-year-old twins Mabel and Dipper Pines during a summer spent with their great uncle Stan — a man of questionable morals who runs a tourist trap in the titular town. Pulling heavily from supernatural classics like "Twin Peaks" and "The X-Files," "Gravity Falls" earned critical acclaim for its genre parody, creative animation, and the touching coming-of-age tale at its center.

While the show sticks to a familiar episodic format throughout most of its run — often featuring a "monster of the week" and spoofing different movies in each episode — it's far more than your average cartoon. The characters are written with respect and nuance while being played to perfection by the voice cast, while every story includes moments of subtle poignancy alongside zany action and comedy. Ultimately, "Gravity Falls" is a show about growing up and how exciting and strange it can feel to do so.

Thanks to the strength of the cast and the writing team, "Gravity Falls" is also home to a ton of unique and compelling characters, from heinous villains to loyal friends. Here's the "Gravity Falls" character you're most similar to according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Wendy Corduroy

An employee of the Mystery Shack and daughter of Gravity Falls' most plaid family, Wendy Corduroy is the kind of person most people would want to be friends with. She has a (nearly) impenetrable persona of cool and laid-back energy, but she stops short of being fully aloof like some of her other teenage friends. Wendy's fun, always down for a laugh, and builds up the people around her. Of course, she also has a more reckless side and is prone to pranks and dangerous teen hijinks.

For all these reasons, Wendy makes perfect sense as the resident Aries (March 21 to April 19) of "Gravity Falls." Headstrong and a bit rash at times, Wendy carries the fire sign's trademark competitive spirit while exuding warmth. When her capabilities are questioned or she feels wronged, the ram's intensity definitely burns bright around her. However, most of the time, Wendy's a lot more relaxed, spending most of her time getting into mischief with her friends and making people laugh.

Wendy's fiery Aries energy is perhaps clearest in the "Gravity Falls" finale "Weirdmageddon," in which she takes on all manner of dangerous foes and supernatural circumstances without breaking a sweat. Turns out, when you live in a town inhabited by zombies, ghouls, and other horrific creatures, it's good to have an Aries on your side.

Taurus: Soos Ramirez

Aside from Wendy, Jesus Alzamirano Ramírez — better known as "Soos" — is the only proper employee of the Mystery Shack, serving as its handyman. A curious young man with an open heart and a love for the simple things in life, Soos proves to be a loyal and stalwart companion to Mabel and Dipper throughout their summer adventures. The big lug can get easily distracted, and he sometimes needs a little push to get out of his comfort zone, but when the weird hits the fan, he's always ready to help.

Out of all the signs of the zodiac, Soos fits best as a Taurus (April 20 to May 20). Those who bear the Earth sign are known for their homebody nature, for taking pleasure in working with their hands, and for being creatures of habit. As a simple-living handyman who always sticks to his ways, Soos fits that bill quite nicely. He might not seem as stubborn as some Taureans can be, but when challenged with giving up some piece of his routine, Soos will fight to keep things the way he likes them. 

These traits are shown perfectly at the end of the show when he refuses to let Stan close the Mystery Shack, ultimately becoming the new proprietor himself. With a toolbox of practical skills that range from carpentry and electrical wiring to building massive robots, Soos is one Taurus you definitely want as a friend in "Gravity Falls."

Gemini: Dipper Pines

One of the two lead protagonists of "Gravity Falls" — along with his twin sister Mabel — Dipper Pines is a curious kid who wants nothing more than to be an adult. His obsession with weird mysteries, supernatural phenomena, and adventure all stem from his desire to prove himself as a smart and capable person, as well as from genuine curiosity. While he's certainly loyal to his friends and family, Dipper can get blinded by his desire for validation, sending him on spirals of self-doubt that often have dangerous consequences. Through it all, though, he stays true to his moral compass and grows exponentially thanks to his unceasing quest for knowledge.

A nervous social butterfly with an unquenchable desire to learn? Sure sounds like a Gemini (May 21 to June 20). Driven by real enthusiasm and fascination with the world around them, Geminis are equally at home with a group of friends or settling in with a good book. Dipper exemplifies this throughout "Gravity Falls," interchangeably getting into hijinks with his crew and diving deep into one of the journals' many mysteries. Like many Geminis, Dipper tends to sell himself short and is frequently overtaken by inhibition and anxiety. When he's supported by his friends and family, however, and when he feels adequately equipped, he can be a truly inspiring leader and an unwaveringly loyal friend.

Cancer: Robbie Valentino

Robbie Valentino might not be a main character of "Gravity Falls," but he still plays a more important role. A steady presence from the very beginning of the show, when he's introduced as a minor antagonist to Dipper, Robbie slowly gets a bit more developed and nuanced. Is he overly dramatic? Yes. Is his obsession with Wendy borderline creepy? Absolutely. But does he get over those things to become a happier, more fully-formed person? Mostly, yes. Mostly.

On a strictly superficial level, Robbie could be a poster boy for the water sign Cancer (June 21 to July 22). He's an angsty teenager with heavy mood swings who records sad indie music in his free time. If you had to sum up Cancers in a sentence, that could do the trick just fine. Still, on a deeper level, Robbie's Cancer fit still makes sense. Especially closer to the end of "Gravity Falls," we get a more complete picture of Robbie. For instance, we learn that his parents are kind and jovial but certifiably strange — owners of a funeral home who approach their work with an unsettling kind of joy. 

At his core, Robbie is simply someone who feels misunderstood and rejects most attempts from people to help him. However, with persistent encouragement, he starts to accept himself and even helps fight against Bill Cipher in the series finale. Like most Cancers, Robbie is slow to trust, but there's a lot more complexity beneath his moody outer layer.

Leo: Gideon Gleeful

Gideon Gleeful is a curious character, to say the least. Both a primary villain of "Gravity Falls" and one of its most absurdly comic characters, Gideon nearly takes over the town (and even the world) on multiple occasions, despite being a young boy. Why does he spend so much energy and effort, even going to prison for a time, in pursuit of supreme power? Put simply, because he's a Leo (July 23 to August 22).

The second fire sign of the zodiac is commonly associated with kings, queens, and anyone else who fancies themselves monarch of their own world. Leos are creatures of luxury, believing that they deserve the most attention, the most deference, and the finest things life has to offer. That description maps pretty well onto Gideon, whose mannerisms spoof southern megachurch pastors in his debut appearance. He genuinely believes he should be entitled to anything he desires — be it money, fame, or Mabel's affections. To those ends, he even strikes deals with Bill Cipher multiple times, bringing about catastrophic consequences.

Despite his frequent villainous schemes, there's no denying that Lil' Gideon has an enrapturing effect on most people he meets. He quickly gets the citizens of Gravity Falls under his thumb with his charming demeanor, and he even convinces the most hardened of criminals to serve him willingly in jail. As is the case for many Leos, Gideon's ability to command authority is largely a result of his charismatic nature.

Virgo: Grunkle Ford

A latecomer to the "Gravity Falls" story, Stanford Pines is also one of the show's most important characters. The secret twin brother of Grunkle Stan, Ford is a brilliant scientist who spent years studying the mysteries of Gravity Falls — which he realized acted as a sort of magnet for supernatural phenomena streaming in from other worlds. As both the author of the infamous journals and the creator of the portal machine hidden beneath the Mystery Shack, Ford's accomplishments are many, although his academic pursuits often bring about just as much harm as good.

Anyone born under the Earth sign Virgo (August 23 to September 22) will surely relate to Ford's work ethic and immutable drive. Those who bear the sign tend to be workaholics who get swallowed up in their need for productivity and results to the point of impairing their relationships. However, a Virgo who manages to balance both their work and personal life can be a powerful soul indeed, utilizing both their natural skills and humanity to accomplish great things.

Earlier in the show, Ford is the first kind of Virgo — a man so enamored of his own scientific discoveries that he pushes people away and ultimately causes great danger in their pursuit. He's frequently condescending and critical of his brother — another common Virgo trait — which causes some big problems. However, by the end of the show, Ford learns how to accept help and becomes a better man for it.

Libra: Candy Chiu

In a show like "Gravity Falls," you're bound to encounter some side characters who mostly serve to support the main cast — characters like the young and curious Candy Chiu. However, while Candy is first introduced as one of Mabel's new summer friends, she gradually becomes a more independent character, having whole arcs all her own and contributing in major ways to several of the Pines family's biggest adventures.

Imaginative, friendly, capable, and shy, Candy is a natural fit as the resident Libra (September 23 to October 22) of "Gravity Falls." Represented by the scales, Libras are known for being balanced and reserved individuals with a passion for justice and peace. Candy fulfills all of those requirements, as her natural state is one of quiet serenity. She stands in sharp contrast to her best friend Grenda's boisterous personality, acting as a more measured counterpoint to Mabel's zaniness. Further, as shown through her interactions with Dipper in the Season 2 episode "Roadside Attraction," she has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Like many Libras, Candy typically avoids confrontation and violence when possible. However, make no mistake -– she's also capable of leaping into action when she sees injustice or when one of her friends is in trouble.

Scorpio: Pacifica Northwest

Like a couple other characters on this list, Pacifica Northwest (an absolutely impeccable name) starts her "Gravity Falls" journey as an antagonist. Specifically, she stands in opposition to Mabel, whose friendly personality and outgoing nature are stunted by Pacifica's bullying and incessant claims of superiority. She seems aloof, uncaring, and downright mean, but in time those traits are revealed to be the products of an emotionally abusive upbringing. Pacifica's obnoxiously rich parents treat her more like a piece of their property than as an autonomous person, and with a little help from the Pines family, Pacifica slowly learns to reject their ways.

Harsh and seemingly self-centered on the outside but loyal and passionate once you get to know her, Pacifica makes a lot of sense as the Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) of "Gravity Falls." She constantly emphasizes her self-sufficiency and distaste for friendship early in the show, but that façade gives way to a person who clearly just wants to be supported and loved. That opening up doesn't fully erase Pacifica's edge, nor her penchant for high style (another Scorpio trademark), but that's not entirely a bad thing. After all, it's her fierceness and tenacity that end up making her so useful in Season 2 episodes like "Northwest Mansion Mystery" and the "Weirdmageddon" saga, in which she helps save the whole world.

Sagittarius: Bill Cipher

While many antagonists come and go throughout "Gravity Falls," Bill Cipher stands out as the true villain of the show. A nightmare demon from a faraway realm (one that he is responsible for decimating), Bill spends most of the series trying to break through the dimensional barriers into the human world — a plan that finally comes to fruition at the end of "Gravity Falls" Season 2. Though he is an unabashed destroyer of worlds, that doesn't mean that Bill doesn't also have at least a couple of relatable aspects.

Looking at the zodiac (the astrology one, not the one used to try to defeat Bill during Weirdmageddon), the one-eyed triangle makes the most sense as a Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21). Known for their great sense of humor and love of travel, Sagittarians are more interested in experiencing new things and living life to the fullest than they are in cultivating individual relationships or fighting for particular causes. That certainly describes Bill, if by "experiencing new things" you mean invading parallel dimensions and turning their natural laws inside out, and if "living life to the fullest" means making a medieval throne out of frozen human bodies.

Okay, yes, most things about Bill aren't exactly relatable for normal Sagittarians. Then again, who born under the fire sign is truly "normal?" Bill loves to travel, meet new people, and live every day like it's a party. Isn't that what Sagittarius is really all about?

Capricorn: Grunkle Stan

Stanley Pines is a lot of things — literally, if you take into account his many fake identities. He's a con man; a grifter; a two-bit swindler with three tricks up his sleeve and a talent for leaving fast. So how does a man like that fit under the Earth sign Capricorn (December 22 to January 19), which is associated with groundedness and responsibility?

Well, there's a lot more to Grunkle Stan than meets the eye. Sure, he's a scam artist who takes genuine pleasure in pulling off schemes, but he's also a natural protector. When his brother vanishes through a portal, Stan dedicates decades of his life to bringing him home. He turns Ford's house into the Mystery Shack and assumes his identity, all as a ruse to allow him time to rebuild the portal machine. Stan also acts as a mentor to both Dipper and Mabel, albeit in his own quirky way. His mistakes impart as many life lessons as his bits of advice, and while he isn't a traditional leader, he does keep his business running through thick and thin.

It's also worth remembering that Capricorns aren't only known for being responsible. They're also known for general misanthropy and for having pessimistic attitudes towards most things. If that's not Stan to a T, nothing is. Though, of course, his more negative tendencies can't stop him from building meaningful relationships with his family or from fighting for something bigger than himself.

Aquarius: Grenda Grendinator

One of Mabel Pines' best friends during her time in Gravity Falls, Grenda Grendinator is a loyal person with a huge personality — one that equally comes in handy and causes general mayhem. Grenda is one of a kind, blazing trails into the woods and all manner of creepy locales without an ounce of fear, usually in response to the plight of a friend or a blazing emotion. She's not the kind of person to censor herself for any reason, and when she decides to care about something, her passion is unstoppable. For all these reasons, Grenda will probably feel quite familiar to those born under the air sign Aquarius (January 20 to February 18).

Typically seen as humanitarians who care more about big-picture issues than individual relationships, Aquarians are emotionally intense people who wear their feelings and beliefs on their sleeves. There is perhaps no better example of these traits manifesting themselves in Grenda's story than the Season 2 episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery," in which Grenda's unabashed loudness and intensity win her the affections of a young European royal. 

While she may spend more time thinking about boys than organizing around specific causes, Grenda repeatedly proves her dedication to the good fight, even putting her life at risk to help defeat Bill Cipher during the Weirdmageddon.

Pisces: Mabel Pines

Who else but Mabel Pines could be the Pisces (February 19 to March 20) of "Gravity Falls"? Though she occasionally dreams optimistically of what her life as a teenager will be like, Mable is generally content to be exactly what she is — a goofy, fun-loving, kind-hearted kid. Where her brother Dipper tries to be serious and brooding to make himself seem more mature, Mabel's content to live her life exactly as she wants. She likes unicorns, romance, grappling hooks, kooky sweaters, boy bands, and daydreaming. However, underneath all that childhood innocence beats the heart of a true thinker — a person who doesn't take her family or her experiences for granted but who chooses to embrace the things that make her happy.

The relationship between Dipper and Mabel in "Gravity Falls" is the centerpiece of the story, with one twin wanting desperately to grow up before his time and the other wishing she could stay 12 just a little longer. Mabel perfectly embodies the dual nature of Pisces, a sign known for both childlike wonder and mature wisdom. More than anything, though, Pisceans are known for their ability to transcend the world as it is and see it as it might be, embracing a fanciful outlook that some might see as silly but which is really so much more. If you ever find yourself doubting the capabilities of a Pisces, just take a look at Mabel Pines.