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Are Star Wars Lovers Sick Of The Franchise? Looper Survey Reveals How Fans Really Feel

Two cinematic universes are absolutely dominating the film and television industry, but one has been in the works for over four decades. The "Star Wars" universe currently boasts 11 live-action films and three Disney+ series, with more on the way. It's been 45 years since the original "Star Wars" film landed in theaters, and it's been a very rollercoaster-y ride for fans of the ever-expanding franchise.

There have been massive hits and major misses both on the big and small screen. But how much content can "Star Wars" fans take, especially if they aren't all bangers? With Marvel fatigue setting in with many fans of the MCU, it feels like it would be ten times worse for a franchise that began in the late 70s.

We wanted to find out how movie and television fans feel about the "Star Wars" franchise these days, so we surveyed over 600 people to find out. Are they over it, or are they happy to continue to receive new content?

Almost 49% of respondents are not sick of Star Wars

According to our survey of over 600 United States residents, 48.8% of respondents said they are not sick of the "Star Wars" franchise. That's certainly what the powers-that-be at Lucasfilm and Disney want to hear, especially after some disappointing projects in the last several years. "The Rise of Skywalker" received the worst CinemaScore out of the entire "Star Wars" franchise, according to "The Wrap," and fans haven't been shy in showing their disappointment in the film. Additionally, the recent "The Book of Boba Fett" is generally considered theĀ worst "Star Wars" live-action TV shows. Our survey proves fans aren't willing to give up on their beloved franchise so easily, despite the occasional bad apple.

43.15% of respondents did admit they were sick of the franchise, but the survey was not limited to "Star Wars" fans. The whopping 43% figure does not mean Padawans exclusively are over the universe, which has been building for four decades. This high number can be attributed to many different reasons, specifically the aforementioned mediocre projects and possibly the fact that the entertainment industry feels like it's saturated with "Star Wars" and MCU content.

Additionally, almost 7% of our poll takers admitted they've never seen anything in the "Star Wars" franchise and have no opinion on it.