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This Distinctive Part Of Lucifer Evolved From A Happy Accident

"Lucifer" may, at its core, be what is essentially a police procedural show, but it found a myriad of ways to bring its own brand of uniqueness to the table. Perhaps the most obvious manner in which it did this was by centering the show around the literal devil, played for all six seasons by Tom Ellis. A Lucifer who deliberately and enthusiastically solves violent crimes is a premise that arguably works all by itself, but "Lucifer" consistently went above and beyond this, often featuring season-long stories that fed into the rich mythology of the world the show created.

These are methods that worked for "Lucifer" during its time on network television, and they remained in place when the show moved to Netflix for its final three seasons. However, there's another distinct part of the series that helped not only define it, but maintain its popularity amongst its fanbase. And it's actually an aspect of the show that only came to be as a result of the randomness of a happy accident.

Lucifer's musical moments only happened because of karaoke

During an interview with Fair Game in 2019, "Lucifer" star Tom Ellis talked about his time on the show, specifically bringing up all of the singing that he did on the series. Surprisingly, he wasn't originally going to sing on the show until the showrunners heard him sing during a random work trip to a karaoke bar. This all happened in Vancouver, where the show was shot in its early days and, funnily enough, after Ellis had consumed some alcohol and decided that singing karaoke was a good idea.

Lucky for fans that he did, too, as Lucifer's use of song became an integral part of the show throughout its run. In fact, "Lucifer" embraced the concept completely in the Season 5 episode "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam," which was the show's attempt at a musical entry — with some supernatural reasoning behind it, of course. Obviously, it's hard for viewers to imagine the show without musical numbers in hindsight, but there could easily be a world where Ellis never got up on stage and sang karaoke. Oh, and for those wondering: Ellis' karaoke song of choice is "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett.