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The Exact Moment Daniel Radcliffe Decided To Film Guns Akimbo Is Hilarious

Daniel Radcliffe is an immediately recognizable figure for his long tenure as Harry Potter in the "Wizarding World" franchise. This means that Potter-heads have seen Radcliffe don those iconic spectacles and prolific lightning bolt scar in several movies, which picks up with Radcliffe's character of Potter becoming a first-year student at Hogwarts, a school for the magically inclined. However, it is quickly established that he is destined for much more, and Potter is eventually put up against "He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named," Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), to determine not only the fate of the magical world but the mundane as well.

Since appearing as Harry Potter, Radcliffe has branched out into the absurd. Appearing in films like "Swiss Army Man" and the upcoming Weird Al movie, Radcliffe is definitely leaning into ridiculous movies that are significantly more different in tone than the franchise that helped put the actor on the proverbial map. One movie in Radcliffe's recent repertoire is the 2020 film "Guns Akimbo," which sees Radcliffe's character forced to compete in deadly live streamed combat or else his ex-girlfriend will be killed. However, what aspect of "Guns Akimbo" managed to convince the famous Gryffindor member to lend his talents to such a bombastic and stylized movie?

Daniel Radcliffe wanted to be a part of Guns Akimbo after reading a scene involving going to the bathroom

As mentioned earlier, "Guns Akimbo" is a blend of both comedy and action, considering that Daniel Radcliffe's character of Miles is somewhat nerdy and forced into a deadly underground competition that sees people kill each other for live-stream views. It might be weird to think about how a character like Miles ends up in such a predicament, but suppose that's what happens when you troll the leader of said underground competition, played by Ned Dennehey, and they come to your house to drug and bolt two guns to your hands. Yeah, it is as ridiculous as it sounds and a stark departure from the "Harry Potter" series of movies, so what drew Radcliffe to such a film?

While answering popular questions on YouTube, Radcliffe brought up what drew him to star in "Guns Akimbo" by saying, "I knew I loved that script about 10 pages in, where there is a scene of him trying to go to the toilet very, very carefully with guns for hands. That was the moment that I was like, yes, good; I want to do this film." This definitely highlights one of Radcliffe's motivations for appearing in "Guns Akimbo," and it is probably because the movie is so delightfully over-the-top. Why else would you decide to star in a film because your character is having trouble going to the bathroom on account of the guns fixed to one's hands? At least he wouldn't need to chase after a Golden Snitch or be forced to eat magical ear-waxed flavored candy.