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The Law & Order: Criminal Intent Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Police procedurals have been popular television staples for decades, but none are more recognizable than those of NBC's "Law & Order" franchise. Most of these series, which number among the best crime shows of all time, feature detectives and prosecutors working together. However, 2001's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" takes the formula in a new direction. This 10-season spin-off focuses almost entirely on the Major Case Squad's detectives, giving audiences deeper insight into these law enforcement officers' psyches. Narrowing the show's scope in this way results in more highly-developed characters with complex and realistic personalities. 

Even with later seasons' revolving door of detectives, it's easy for fans to understand the driving force behind most "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" characters' actions. These believable motivations and traits lend themselves well to many types of personality analysis used in the real world. In particular, one can easily match each character's personality to one of the twelve Zodiac signs. Whether they're an empathetic Cancer or a practical Virgo, each of these "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" characters brings something to the table. Which one are you, according to the Zodiac?

Aries: Detective Mike Logan

According to Co-Star Astrology, Aries people are confident go-getters who view life as an endless competition. This outlook makes them natural-born leaders who chase success. Yet, despite these admirable qualities, Aries folks can also be very short-tempered, and often give in to their aggressive impulse when their patience runs thin. This is especially true if a situation doesn't play out the way they think it should. Detective Mike Logan perfectly embodies these characteristics, which largely make him an effective law enforcement officer. Chris Noth portrayed the brash detective on the original "Law & Order," and maintained Logan's fiery personality on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." 

Detective Logan is straightforward when interviewing suspects, preferring to get to the point instead of building a friendly rapport. This blunt method of communication is off-putting to some, but Logan balances it with typical Aries charisma. Furthermore, Detective Logan has a firm idea of how his team should handle cases and isn't afraid to take charge. However, Logan also displays some of this fire sign's negative tendencies. He's impulsive and hot-headed, often struggling to control his temper with suspects and fellow detectives. In fact, his departure from the original "Law & Order" is precipitated by an event in which he completely loses his cool. Luckily, Detective Logan's partners are often calmer detectives who temper his tough-but-passionate approach to police work. 

Taurus: Captain Danny Ross

Captain Danny Ross (Eric Bogosian) leads the Major Case Squad team for four seasons until his death in the Season 9 premiere. Of the four captains who come and go throughout "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," Captain Ross is arguably the most even-keeled. He likes to maintain the status quo and is dedicated to his team of detectives. Loyalty and righteousness are very important to him, and he goes out of his way to help his team when they need him. Although Detective Goren frequently steps out of line, Captain Ross still finds creative ways to get him out of trouble. He's reliable and patient, providing stability to the team even during the toughest cases. When faced with difficult decisions, he carefully considers his options and acts sensibly.

According to astrologist Debbie Stapleton of Astrology.com, Captain Ross' behaviors are typical of a Taurus. People born under this fixed Earth sign are steady, patient, and devoted to their relationships. However, Taurean people sometimes opt for complacency to maintain the stability they crave. Despite his best intentions, Captain Ross definitely falls victim to this weakness multiple times throughout his tenure. His desire to keep everything copacetic makes him a little too risk-averse to properly handle some situations. Nevertheless, Ross remains true to his Taurus nature and stays the course he thinks is best, regardless of circumstance.

Gemini: Captain Joseph Hannah

According to astrologist Aliza Kelly of Allure.com, Geminis are the sort of people who easily engage everyone they meet in conversation. They have no problem keeping their career, hobbies, and friendships running smoothly, and thrive in situations where they have a full plate of responsibilities. They are high-energy multi-taskers with a gift for building alliances, thanks to their excellent communication skills. Geminis dislike stagnancy, however, and tend to jump from project to project. This habit can serve them well in fast-paced careers, such as working for the Major Case Squad. Captain Joseph Hannah (Jay O. Sanders) is a great example of this: His Gemini nature makes him an effective leader. 

Captain Hannah takes over the Major Case Squad after a previous captain's abrupt departure. His Gemini social skills make it a seamless transition. He quickly builds a solid rapport with the detectives, balancing friendliness with a fearless dedication to cracking cases. Captain Hannah doesn't pull any punches when expressing himself, no matter who's on the receiving end of his comments. Although Captain Hannah and Detective Goren have a long-standing friendship, for example, that camaraderie always comes second to their professional relationship. Captain Hannah's guiding principle is mutual respect, and he tells Detective Goren as much early in Season 10. Respect is crucial to Geminis, so it's no wonder that Hannah prizes this quality in his team, and strives to embody it himself.

Cancer: Detective Robert Goren

Simply put, Detective Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) is one of the greatest detectives in TV history. His complex and fascinating backstory is at the heart of why. Mental illness is an ongoing theme in Detective Goren's storyline, and his childhood experiences with it make him uniquely able to identify with the criminals he encounters. But he's also a misfit, as his unusual and sometimes controversial approach to police work often gets him into trouble. Goren is a highly intuitive person who feels things deeply, though he usually keeps those emotions to himself. He uses his intuition to relate to even the worst criminals on a human level, which makes him an expert at solving challenging cases.

Though Detective Goren's deeply layered personality is difficult to define, he stands out as a solid Cancer. According to astrologer Aliza Kelly of Allure.com, Cancer's aloof nature conceals an incredibly empathetic heart. They're natural-born caregivers who deeply love their families and friends. As the series progresses, Detective Goren serves as a caregiver for his terminally ill mother, and, at times, his wayward brother. His caring nature even impacts his police work: Though Detective Goren is arguably the team's maverick, his true motivation is seeking justice for victims.

Leo: Captain James Deakins

Co-Star Astrology describe Leos as ambitious individuals who wear their hearts on their sleeves. They enjoy being center stage, and don't shy away from leadership positions. These traits are a perfect match for Captain James Deakins (Jamey Sheridan), the original leader of the Major Case Squad. Captain Deakins is one of the most well-liked captains in the series, because, like most Leos, he is genuine and warm. He takes a bright and cheerful approach to working with his team, but can easily knuckle down and motivate others. Deakins' big personality helps him command any room he walks into, and indeed, he enjoys being in charge. This fire sign is passionate, assertive, and hardworking, and they want you to know it.

Though he certainly possesses many admirable Leo traits, Captain Deakins also embodies some of the sign's negative aspects. Leos often see everything in black and white, and are very sensitive to dishonorable or disrespectful behavior from others. This mindset sometimes leads Captain Deakins to be more combative with his detectives than is strictly necessary. Furthermore, Leos are fiercely independent and stubborn — traits that cause conflict for Captain Deakins over the course of the series. He vouches for Detective Mike Logan, which burns several bridges within the police force. In typical Leo fashion, Captain Deakins sticks to his guns anyway, supporting Detective Logan until his retirement in Season 5. 

Virgo: Detective Megan Wheeler

Detective Megan Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson) arrives on the scene in Season 6 and proves herself to be someone who can always get the job done. Based on descriptions from Horoscope.com, this makes her a textbook Virgo. She appears quiet and reserved most of the time, but is capable of commanding attention when necessary. Like most Earth signs, her strength is in her calm nature and ability to see the big picture while working on cases. Her police work is consistent and precise because she's a stickler for following the rules. Even partnered with a hot-headed Aries and an eccentric Aquarius, Detective Wheeler keeps cases running smoothly by remaining patient and focused.

Many Virgos struggle with a tendency to love very deeply and always look for idyllic qualities in their mates. Unfortunately, this trait greatly impacts Detective Wheeler's love life over the course of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." She's engaged to Colin Ledger, General Counsel for a European bank, in Season 7. Ledger turns out to be a con artist that the FBI is after. Detective Wheeler initially refuses to see the truth, despite all the evidence against him. She holds onto her idealized image of who he is until the very end, when agents take him into FBI custody.

Libra: Detective Alexandra Eames

Detective Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe) is the peacemaker of the "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" team, often tasked with reigning in her partner, Detective Goren, and grounding her captain. She's generally subdued, but isn't afraid to turn on her natural charm to get information out of a suspect. According to Allure.com, this makes Detective Eames a classic Libra. Her knack for maintaining harmony is a natural skill for most Libras, which makes them excellent partners in both personal and professional relationships. Few people could provide such expert balance to Detective Goren's renegade police tactics, but Captain Deakins and Captain Ross trust Detective Eames to do so.

Libras possess a unique talent for making other people happy, due to their accommodating and nurturing personalities. However, these qualities sometimes put them in challenging situations. For example, Detective Eames frequently goes out of her way to cover for Detective Goren and smooth things over with their captain, even when Goren disobeys direct orders. She genuinely believes in her partner's cause, and, like many Libras, often disregards her intuition for the sake of helping him. This tendency adds a lot of unnecessary conflict to her professional life, but Detective Eames takes it all in stride.

Scorpio: Nicole Wallace

Serial killer and master manipulator Nicole Wallace (Olivia d'Abo) is at the center of some of the best episodes of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." In fact, she's arguably one of the most well-developed criminals in the series. The complex connection she builds with Detective Goren is one of the show's highlights, and an excellent example of how "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" differentiates itself from the rest of the franchise. Wallace is a fitting arch-nemesis for Detective Goren because her powers of manipulation and persuasion keep her one step ahead of him at all times. Her personality has many complex layers, and she quickly identifies weaknesses in her enemies. Despite Goren's ability to read people's emotions and predict their next move, Nicole slips through his fingers several times.

According to Co-Star Astrology, Scorpios are complex loners who charm everyone they meet. They don't shy away from the darker side of reality and can easily discern other people's desires and motivations. These traits describe Nicole Wallace perfectly, especially in her interactions with Detective Goren. She gains deep insight into his painful past with minimal effort, which is a big part of why Goren becomes so determined to catch her. A deeply intelligent person, like so many Scorpios, Wallace uses her discernment for evil, taunting Goren with the details of his tumultuous childhood. Scorpios often leave a lasting impression on others, which is painfully true of Nicole Wallace. Even after her surprising death, Goren remains haunted by her memory.

Sagittarius: Detective Nola Falacci

According to astrologer Debbie Stapleton of Astrology.com, Sagittarius people are confident optimists with a take-charge attitude. This sign can be passionate and honorable, but their strong opinions and short tempers sometimes lead to conflict. Detective Nola Falacci (Alicia Witt) isn't part of the team for very long, but like most Sagittarians, she leaves a major mark. Detective Falacci isn't afraid to voice her opinions, even if it results in reprimands from her superiors. From the moment she joins the team in Season 7, it's clear that no one will be able to push her around. This rubs many people the wrong way — an experience Sagittarius folks are very familiar with.

Detective Falacci isn't entirely polarizing, however. Sagittarians are steadfast in pursuing their goal, which, in Falacci's case, is excellent police work, no matter how difficult a case may be. As a result, she easily keeps pace with more seasoned detectives, including fellow fire sign Detective Logan. Before Detective Falacci joins the team, Detective Logan is consistently the most hot-headed detective in the Major Case Squad. But her impatience and short fuse often eclipses Detective Logan's outbursts. Though the two sometimes clash due to stubbornness, Detective Falacci eventually wins him over with her passion for the truth and straightforward Sagittarius charm.

Capricorn: ADA Ron Carver

Assistant District Attorney Ron Carver (Courtney B. Vance) is the picture of dedication. He's never afraid of hard work, and doesn't hesitate to stand up for what's right. Level-headed in the face of adversity, he relies on his steadfast perseverance to succeed. According to Astrology.com, ADA Carver is the consummate Capricorn. Like many folks born under this sign, ADA Carver often finds himself acting as the voice of reason and moderation for those around him. His pragmatism is an outstanding balance to the passionate opinions of the Major Case Squad detectives, even if they sometimes resist his way of thinking.

Although he's practical and cautious, ADA Carver is never deterred from the dogged pursuit of his ambitions. However, this ambitious nature sometimes comes at a cost: Capricorns have a tendency to work too hard. This is undoubtedly true of ADA Carver, especially when he feels stuck between what the district attorney wants and what the Major Case Squad wants. Maintaining his honor is essential to him, so he typically goes with his gut, even if it gets him into trouble. But ADA Carver rarely resorts to people-pleasing if it means compromising his ideals. This steadfast committment to honesty keeps him, and so many other Capricorns, moving forward.

Aquarius: Zack Nichols

Detective Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) may only stick around for 24 episodes, but he's among the most memorable detectives in the Major Case Squad. Eccentric and analytical, he's also undeniably friendly toward his fellow law enforcement officers. Detective Nichols' unique personality makes him a classic Aquarius. According to Horoscope.com, Aquarian people have a strict definition of right and wrong and genuinely believe in working for the greater good of everyone. This description is a perfect fit for Detective Nichols, who has a firm concept of justice and marches to the beat of his own drum.

Detective Nichols' motivations can sometimes be a little challenging to decipher, which is typical of this sign. Aquarius folks have particular and highly individual moral codes that aren't always obvious to others. Detective Nichols sometimes makes questionable choices in his pursuit of the truth, dragging his partner, Detective Wheeler, along for the ride. He isn't afraid to go around the generally-accepted chain of command when he deems it necessary, which causes conflicts with his superiors. Despite this insubordination, Detective Nichols also shows off his warm and caring side, especially when he consoles Captain Ross' sister after the captain's untimely death. This balance between compassion and individualism makes Detective Nichols a typical Aquarius and an excellent detective.

Pisces: Doctor Paula Gyson

Detective Goren is a problematic person to decipher, but psychologist Dr. Paula Gyson (Julia Ormond) shows that she's up to the task during their mandated sessions in Season 10. Dr. Gyson's personality is an excellent match for Horoscope.com's description of Pisces, the last sign in the Zodiac. Dr. Gyson comes to deeply understand Detective Goren's struggles, even though they only spend a short time together. Her evolved sense of empathy helps her determine that Goren's job is of utmost importance to him, which few others can discern. If not for her ability to read Detective Goren so well, he may never have been able to return to duty.

Dr. Gyson's empathetic and non-threatening nature exemplifies Pisces' caring traits. Detective Goren accurately pegs her as a person who can quickly get patients to trust her. He's initially resistant to therapy, but Dr. Gyson's matter-of-fact approach to their sessions disarms him. In time, Dr. Gyson even convinces him to let his guard down and discuss some of his deepest feelings. Whenever Detective Goren loses his temper or gets frustrated during a session, Dr. Gyson uses her intuition and high emotional intelligence to help him make sense of his feelings. Pisceans often succeed because of these skills, which allow them to access many other points of view. Dr. Gyson also displays the Piscean ability to detach herself from her work. This balance allows the sign to feel things deeply without being overwhelmed.