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Black Mirror Looks For Love In Hang The DJ Trailer

You might not expect it, but Black Mirror is usually a pretty good date show. You get to sit together on the couch, get spooked about your cell phones, swap stories about social media addiction—it works. Now, the series is tackling the future of romance in this first look at its upcoming fourth season episode "Hang the DJ".

Written, like most of the anthology series' episodes, by series creator Charlie Brooker, "Hang the DJ" is being directed by Tim Van Patten, who previously directed episodes of The Sopranos, Deadwood, Game of Thrones, and The Wire. It stars Georgina Campbell of Broadchurch, Joe Cole of Peaky Blinders, and George Blagden of Vikings.

Little is known for sure about the plotline of the episode, with Netflix's teasing logline for the installment being "Find your perfect match." Judging from the trailer, the episode will focus on a dating/matchmaking app that knows you, and the kind of relationship you need, better than you know yourself.

One happy couple swears by the algorithm-based dating system—"it really does work!"—but this being Black Mirror, there's all sorts of room for the sort of ceaseless torment and existential terror we expect from the series in the story here. (Or maybe this will be another rare happy ending?)

It's been a long rollout for the new Black Mirror episodes, with the titles and writer/director credits for each installment having been released way back three months ago. Despite this, the series has yet to announce a release date for the upcoming fourth season, instead opting over the last few days to release a unique short trailer to highlight each of the new episodes. 

So far, we've got one for "Black Museum", "Crocodile", "Arkangel", and now "Hang the DJ", with two more still to go. You can probably expect a release date for the series sometime around the final reveal trailer. Whenever that happens, we'll let you know. One way or another, Black Mirror will return to Netflix soon.