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Why Lieutenant Gordon Malloy From The Orville Looks So Familiar

First marketed as a hilarious spin on the sci-fi genre, "The Orville" has currently been the subject of a re-brand. Now entitled "The Orville: New Horizons," the series has taken a more serious turn, and for the better.

"A writer said to me at one point in my career, 'You don't find your show. Your show finds you.' And that's kind of what happened with 'The Orville,'" series star and creator Seth MacFarlane explained to Decider. He went on to say, "The jokes would come when they came, and ... that's still a part of the show, but it's not something that we were going to force in." Now streaming on Hulu, "The Orville" has truly come into its own with the characters that have been there since Episode 1. Fun-loving Lieutenant Gordon Malloy's talents don't just extend to being the best helmsman in the fleet and having an amazing singing voice. The actor behind the humorous character has had a long career in the entertainment industry with some impressive credits.

He played the often underappreciated best friend on Party of Five

The art of the teen soap may have been perfected with classics such as "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl," but where would any of them be without the melodrama of the Salinger family? "Party of Five" follows the trials of the Salingers, five siblings ranging from ages 24 to 18 months who must help raise each other after the sudden death of their parents. The series was so instrumental in pop culture that it would go on to have an updated — though short-lived — reboot in 2020 (via Variety). Storylines were intense and tear-jerking as the Salingers tackled cancer, alcoholism, and domestic violence. Matthew Fox and Neve Campbell were just some of the many prominent "Party of Five" cast members whose careers were launched by the series.

No sibling was untouched by drama, especially that of second-oldest Bailey (Scott Wolf), who was only 16 at the time of his parents' death. Confronting his first girlfriend's drug overdose and a bout of alcoholism, Bailey needs the help of his family as well as his best friend, Will McCorkle (Scott Grimes). A true friend until the end, Bailey often disregards Will, who tragically just wants to study and save Bailey from himself. Grimes would recur the character of Will on and off throughout the series right up until its highly rated series finale in 2000 (per IMDb). This would just be the start of Grimes' career in film and television.

He portrayed a real-life veteran in Band of Brothers

After the success of "Saving Private Ryan," Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg teamed up again to tell another World War II story. "Band of Brothers" follows the 101st Airborne Division from the perspective of Dick Winters (Damian Lewis). A definitive miniseries with a legacy that endures to this day, Hanks spoke to the importance of the limited series.

"The key word of the title is 'Brothers,'" Hanks told Deadline. "I think the resonance of the series comes from the sense of 'Us,' that we are all in this together and the primary, instinctive duty is to look after our brothers. A unit — like Easy Company — stands alone, together." With episodes bookended with interviews of the real people that lived it, the series feels authentic and lived in, particularly because "Band of Brothers" is based on a true story. Portraying good-natured Donald Malarkey, Scott Grimes is just one of many actors who got to know his real-life counterpart (via Smithsonian Magazine). He was profoundly impacted by his experience, as he told the "Band of Brothers" podcast.

"All I can hope for when you start a project like that is that, at the end, the man that did all those things gave me a thumbs-up," Grimes said about Technical Sergeant Malarkey. He went on to say, "I do know that I can sit here in front of you, and I know that he made me a better man."

The ER got another doctor in Archie Morris

With fifteen seasons on a major network, many actors have found themselves in the crosshairs of the medical drama "ER." The focus on high-intensity medical situations paired with personal drama made the series a must-watch for many years. And it didn't just help boost the career of series regular George Clooney before he had his fill of "ER." Scott Grimes can also boast over 100 episodes as Dr. Archibald "Archie" Morris (via IMDb). Introduced as a second-year resident in Season 10, Archie was mainly the source of comedic relief with resulting storylines, including inadvertently becoming a father of four because of his sperm donation in medical school. And though he never loses his humorous leanings, he goes on to achieve storylines in his own right.

Archie blossoms from an immature doctor to Chief Resident and becomes widely respected in the hospital. Grimes starred in the series until its finale in 2009 when he found his own slice of happiness. After coming to terms with the death of peer Dr. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer), he comes into his own and finds love with undercover narcotics agent Claudia Diaz (Justina Machado) while she is admitted to the ER. Though left somewhat up in the air, it is suggested that the two eventually find matrimony following the events of the series.

He was in Robin Hood's band of merry men

Scott Grimes did not slow down following the end of "ER." After the show's series finale, he graduated to the silver screen in the Russell Crowe-fronted film "Robin Hood." The tale of the famous outlaw has seen many reboots in its time, but this film was one of the most ambitious. Directed by Ridley Scott, the movie had a wide spread of famous actors, including Cate Blanchett, Oscar Isaac, and Mark Strong. Scott Grimes rounded out the cast as Will Scarlet, a legendary archer in Robin Hood's Band of Merry Men. A gritty take on the familiar tale, Scott put a twist on the story by giving Maid Marian (Blanchett) a sword and having Robin Hood fight against the French with King John (Oscar Isaac). But as much as the updated version seemed to have going for it, it didn't quite stick the landing.

"Robin Hood" was not the most historically accurate, and though it had an impressive cast, its showing at the box office could not quite justify its immense budget (via Box Office Mojo). However, Grimes' interpretation of the well-trodden character is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the film. He implements just enough humor as Will Scarlet while being quick and adept with his trademark bow and arrow. His contribution to the film proved that he could be versatile on the big screen.

He rightfully made it into Dexter's kill room

In television and film, Scott Grimes tends to portray the more innocent and humorous character. But when he appeared for one episode in Showtime's heightened series "Dexter," he played against type as one of the show's more reprehensible characters. Though that is certainly a high bar to clear, his fleeting appearance in Season 5 was one for the books. An acolyte of self-help counselor Jordan Chase (Johnny Lee Miller), Grimes plays one of the many men who assault Dexter's girlfriend, Lumen (Julia Stiles). Alex Tilden (Grimes) appears later in the season as Lumen gets a taste for punishing the men that attacked, tortured, and tried to kill her.

Alex Tilden is one of the only men who tries to absolve himself of the crime and even attempts to bribe Dexter and Lumen into not killing him. However, his guilt is indisputable, and he, too, goes under Lumen's vengeful knife. The character is a lead-up to finally getting the mastermind behind the attack, Jordan Chase, who is the most disturbing of the bunch. Alex Tilden remains on the long list of Dexter's victims who get what they deserve.

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