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The Internet's Missing One Big Thing In Roasting Harry Styles' Don't Worry Darling Accent

Since Warner Bros. Discovery's release schedule has shrunk to only two films this year, it would undoubtedly benefit the studio if the two gained as little heat from the public as possible in the lead-up to their arrival. Unfortunately, that just hasn't happened for the upcoming "Don't Worry Darling," the mystery drama by director Olivia Wilde starring Oscar nominee Florence Pugh and musician turned big-screen star Harry Styles. With only his limited role in Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" from 2017 and a cameo in "Eternals" post-credit scene to go off, the jury was still out on just how the former One Direction member would hold his own in a movie with him as co-lead. As it turns out, judgment has already been passed following a slew of scathing tweets responding to the first clip of "Don't Worry Darling." 

Somehow, some viewers deemed it valid to judge an entire performance on a clip that lasted just over twice as long as it did reading this sentence. The 19-second snippet shows Styles' character, Jack Chambers, arguing with his wife Alice (Pugh) over the risk of losing the utopian life they've obtained thanks to the former's mysterious line of work. Unfortunately, the tension failed to land for viewers, who were too busy focussing on Styles' accent, which in turn highlighted a shocking observation.

Viewers think Styles is putting on a terrible accent when it's actually his own.

It's no secret some British accents are lost to anyone that doesn't inhabit the jolly old island they spawn from. For many, people in the United Kingdom sound either like Idris Elba or Olivia Colman, with very little in between. Case in point, the replies to this brand new peek at "Don't Worry Darling." Somehow, Styles, a native of the West Midlands of England, who has had the same accent since he shot to fame in 2011, is believed by many as putting one on for the film. On Twitter, @MovieRankings.net referred to "Always Sunny in Philadelphia," where Dennis tries his hand at an English accent, saying, "Harry Styles trying to do whatever accent this is." Also adding notes about the performance was @itsstupidluv, who said, "The multitude of accents, the lack of commitment to a single emotion — you can't be serious this is so bad."

Thankfully, some defended the scene with @malibu_baby95 saying, "He's literally just talking in his natural voice because his character is from England too lmao." British actress @nicolathorp_ also tweeted, "Fuming at the comments about Harry's accent on this post. Takes me back to drama school when a certain director told me my northern accent was 'wrong'!? This IS what we sound like in the North-West, you've just been exposed to s***e impersonations in the past." Listen for yourself when "Don't Worry Darling" arrives in theatres on September 23.