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23% Of Rick And Morty Fans Crowned This Classic Episode As The Series' Best

When "Rick and Morty" first burst onto the scene in 2013, one might have easily mistaken it for a parody of "Back to the Future," but with far more heavy drinking, neutrino bombs, mega fruit, and questionable decisions. Luckily for viewers, "Rick and Morty" was so much more, and the adventures of Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) and Morty Smith (also Roiland) have since become legendary. Obviously, that is bound to happen when one has a portal gun that allows travel not only between spaces but different universes and dimensions as well.

One of the most prolific reoccurring trends in "Rick and Morty" is Rick's vast and unsurpassed intelligence, which makes him one of the most powerful individuals on the Central Finite Curve. This usually leads to hilarious outcomes because there is nothing that Rick can't do — just don't hassle him about a reset button. The show has proven to be a resounding success, and according to IMDb, the series has been nominated for 33 awards and has earned 18 of those. Recently, Looper decided to pose the question to fans of "Rick and Morty," which asked what is the best episode thus far — and there definitely was a clear winner.

Fans voted for Pickle Rick as the best episode

Our survey, which contained seven different choices, asked fans to respond with what they think is the best episode of "Rick and Morty." These were "Rickmurai Jack," "The Ricklantis Mixup," "Mort Dinner Rick Andre," "Total Rickall," "The Vat of Acid," "The Rickshank Redemption," and the infamous "Pickle Rick" episode. After 616 responses, one episode rose to the top with 22.89% of the vote, and coming as no surprise, the winner of our poll is none other than "Pickle Rick," which is the third episode of Season 3. In second place was "The Rickshank Redemption" at 17.53%, and third was "The Vat of Acid" at 14.45%.

During a roundtable discussion with Screen Rant, Justin Roiland commented on the popularity of "Pickle Rick" and noted how surprised they were at its reception by saying, "Like we never thought 'Pickle Rick' was gonna be some huge, jump out thing. I swear to god. We had other episodes that we thought would be more popular. I mean, we loved the episode, don't get me wrong. But we didn't know, we had no clue, so when that thing blew up, we were like, 'Holy ****, okay.' There was another one that we thought was gonna be the big deal and that one nobody gave a **** about, so." Basically, it seems as if "Rick and Morty" fans prefer their super geniuses trapped in the body of a pickle, engaging in some high-stakes action against Jaguar (Danny Trejo) and copious amounts of parkour.