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Things We Want To See In Season 3 Of Stargirl

Season 2 of "Stargirl" was just as fun, emotional, and action-packed as the first. Not only did the Justice Society of America (JSA) and some unexpected allies band together to stop Eclipso (Nick Tarabay) — he's toast now, literally — it also dug much deeper into character arcs and emotional storylines. This was certainly the case for Rick (Cameron Gellman), Yolanda (Yvette Monreal), and Cindy (Meg DeLacy), who all had emotional transformations throughout the season. Meanwhile, "Stargirl" Season 2 also welcomed compelling comic book characters like Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Ysa Penarejo) and the Shade (Jonathan Cake) to the small screen. With all this action, it's not surprising that The CW show was picked up for a third season.

Season 3 follows on from several cliffhangers teased in the second season finale, like members of the ISA moving in next door to the Whitmore-Dugans, and Cindy possibly joining the JSA. These storylines lead perfectly to the season's title, "Frenemies." Going forward, viewers can expect unlikely team-ups as enemies become allies. Other things we'd like to see in Season 3 include the development of the show's romantic storylines, new villains, and new JSA members. There should be plenty of opportunities for Season 3 to lean into the show's comic book roots, too.

Keep reading to explore everything we want to see in Season 3, whether that's storylines showrunner Geoff Johns has already started laying the foundations for or new characters and storylines that come straight out of the comics.

Stargirl training with Starman

"Stargirl" viewers have been primed for the return of Sylvester Pemberton, aka Starman, since the end of the Season 1 finale revealed that, contrary to Pat's belief, he's actually been alive all this time. Sylvester (Joel McHale) spent most of Season 2 trying to track down Pat (Luke Wilson) before he revealed himself to the Whitmore-Dugan clan in the second season finale. He returned ready for action and helped Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) defeat Eclipso alongside the JSA. In doing so, he confirmed that the Cosmic Staff still works for him, even though it's Courtney's now.

Courtney, who fully embraced her Stargirl powers in Season 2, was concerned that Starman's return meant he planned to reclaim the Staff for himself. However, it seems he has no intention of trying to pick up where he left off over a decade ago. Instead, the former superhero offered to train Courtney, passing on his knowledge and experience to the new JSA. Besides the original Starman, Ted Knight, no one knows more about the Cosmic Staff than Sylvester, so we want to see Courtney take him up on his offer in Season 3 since she's only scratched the surface of what she and the Staff can do.

Thankfully, the "Stargirl" trailer confirms this training will definitely happen, and it looks like Courtney might get a power boost, too. While training with Sylvester, Courtney's eyes glow and she flies faster than she ever has before.

Starman's backstory finally explained

The biggest question that "Stargirl" viewers have been asking since the first season finale is: "How is Starman still alive?" So far, viewers have received almost no clues, making it one of "Stargirl" Season 2's biggest unanswered questions.

According to Pat, Starman was killed during the Battle of Los Angeles where the JSA fought against the Injustice Society of America — or the ISA for short. Pat believed the battle, which took place on Christmas Eve 2010, also claimed the lives of Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat, the Flash, and Green Lantern. However, as Season 2 proved with the return of Charles McNider (Alex Collins), aka. Dr. Mid-Nite, the outcome of the battle was perhaps not as clear as it seemed.

Pat believed Starman was killed after he was stabbed by Icicle, but we now know that's not the case. There are many plausible theories about what could have happened to him. Did he fake his death? Was he in hiding all that time? If so, why and from who? With actor Joel McHale confirming on "The Ellen Show" that he's been promoted to series regular for Season 3, and his character training with Courtney, here's hoping he has ample screen time for him to fill in the details of everything that's happened since his alleged death.

Cindy's redemption arc

When the high school mean girl and supervillain-in-training Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) first appeared in Season 1 of "Stargirl," viewers couldn't have predicted that by the end of the following season she'd be fighting alongside the JSA. Cindy, aka Shiv, spent most of the first season trying to kill Stargirl, and even at the beginning of Season 2 she was still firmly on team supervillain.

Cindy's quest for power leads her to an untenable alliance with Eclipso. At the same time, she attempts to recruit like-minded young troublemakers for her new team, Injustice Unlimited. However, as "Stargirl" revealed more about Cindy's background — such as the trauma she endured from her father, the guilt she felt over killing her mother, and Eclipso killing her stepmother — she became a more appealing, well-rounded character. By the time she and Courtney escape the Shadowlands in Episode 11, viewers are rooting for her to switch sides.

This episode marks the start of Cindy's redemption as she ends up fighting alongside the good guys to stop Eclipso and later asks Yolanda if she can join the JSA. However, it takes a lot for her to subdue some of her murderous urges, so it will not be an easy ride if she's truly on the path to good. Despite having blood on her hands, this remains a redemption arc we want to see. If Cindy can change her ways, maybe she can finally become a member of the JSA.

Cameron developing his Icicle powers

It's safe to say that Cameron (Hunter Sansone) had a lot going on in Season 2. He retreats into his art after his father's death, but at the same time his latent Icicle powers also start to reveal themselves. A confused and lonely Cameron doesn't really understand what is happening since he'd so far been unaware of his father's supervillain alter ego and his family's superpowered heritage. At the end of the second season finale, his grandparents decide to reveal everything to him, which means viewers should see him come to understand himself and his family more in Season 3.

We want to see Cameron learn more about his powers and actively develop them. The trailer has confirmed that he will reveal his powers — which he seems to have a pretty good handle on — to Courtney at some point in Season 3. Hopefully, she can be there for him and help him use his powers for good, unlike his grandparents who no doubt want to lead him down a darker path.

We would definitely like to see Cameron lean into his good side (like he does when he rejects Cindy's offer to join Injustice Unlimited) and eventually join the JSA. This isn't a storyline in the comics, but given Cameron's romantic connection with Courtney and the sweet nature of his character, it's very possible "Stargirl" will take Cameron's character in a whole new direction.

Courtney and Cameron's relationship starting to blossom

After Cameron reveals his powers to Courtney, we'd like to see her do the same. That way, everything can be out in the open between them and their relationship can start to move beyond friendship. Their relationship has been a slow burn, but Courtney and Cameron have liked each other since they met in Episode 1 and their romantic chemistry is definitely there. Ahead of Season 2, "Stargirl" showrunner Geoff Johns confirmed that this storyline would play out over multiple seasons (via ComicBook), but so far their romance has been on the back burner given everything that's been going on in Blue Valley. So, we definitely want to see their relationship develop in Season 3.

Actor Hunter Sansone, who plays Cameron, is keen to see this storyline develop too, telling Decider he thinks it will be satisfying when it plays out. "What I love about their ship, if you want to call it, is the fact that it's so innocent and it's so sweet. Cameron really does like Courtney. And I believe Courtney really does like Cameron ... it's a really adorable little love story there, and I'm excited for it to be fleshed out fully," he added.

Based on a moment of intimacy seen in the Season 3 trailer, it looks like Courtney and Cameron's relationship will move forward, possibly after he tells her about his powers — especially considering that they're both covered in snow at the time.

The expansion of the JSA

When Season 2 kicked off, the Justice Society of America's official members were Courtney, Pat, Yolanda, Rick, and Beth (Anjelika Washington) as their respective superhero alter egos, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Wildcat, Hourman, and Doctor Mid-Nite. The team is supported by Barbara (Amy Smart) and Mike (Trae Romano), and previously Justin (Mark Ashworth), aka the Shining Knight, who fought alongside them in Season 1. They found new allies in Season 2, and after a rocky introduction that involved them fighting each other with their respective light-based powers, Courtney welcomed Jennie into the JSA as the team's new Green Lantern.

Still, it seems like the JSA is ready to expand its ranks further. We want to see them welcome more members to the team since there are plenty more JSA spots to be filled. This could include, but is not limited to, new versions of Golden Age members like the Hawks, the Flash, Dr. Fate, and Sandman. "Stargirl" could also introduce new potential team members who don't come from the comic books.

We also want to see the whole JSA working together and teaming up more in Season 3, especially now that Yolanda's back for good. She and Rick try to deal with a lot of their problems alone a lot in Season 2, but the finale proves once again that they are better off working as a team. This team could also include Cindy and Cameron who, as mentioned, we'd like to see join the JSA ranks.

Mike and Jakeem's superhero team up

In Season 2 of "Stargirl," Mike struggled with his place in the JSA. He'd been instrumental in stopping the ISA in Season 1, even killing Icicle in the season finale, but he never became a fully-fledged member. In Episode 3 of Season 2, Mike thinks he found his place as a superhero when he discovers the power of the Thunderbolt, but this is short-lived. After making a few mistakes, he accidentally wishes that the famed pink pen was in better hands, which is how it winds up with his friend Jakeem (Alkoya Brunson).

Afterward, the pair work together with the JSA to stop Eclipso, with Mike temporarily taking over as S.T.R.I.P.E. while Jakeem embraces the powers of the Thunderbolt, so they both seem well on their way to becoming official JSA members. However, at the end of the finale, Mike admits he feels the JSA was more of his sister's thing. He suggests to Jakeem that they start their own superhero team, and this is something we'd love to come to fruition in Season 3.

We want to see a storyline dedicated to Mike and Jakeem developing their powers together, with the former taking over S.T.R.I.P.E. again while the latter progresses his partnership with the Thunderbolt (Seth Green). If this happens, the two will probably start going on their own superhero adventures before possibly teaming up with the JSA later in the season.

Learning more about the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the JSA's past

Before "Stargirl" premiered, creator Geoff Johns explained to CBR how he was inspired by DC'S Golden Age superheroes and planned to draw from those characters and storylines in the series. We've seen this from day one as avenging Starman and the Golden Age JSA heroes is Courtney's first mission. Of course, Johns also brought in a host of other comic book characters, like the villains of the ISA and the Shining Knight.

This storyline seems to have purposefully been left open-ended, so there's definitely room to expand on it by bringing Justin back and introducing new characters. It would be great to see new versions of characters like Green Arrow and Speedy, who viewers might be familiar with from the DC's Arrowverse, for example. Since Starman is back and was once a member in his early superhero days when he still went by the Star-Spangled Kid, it wouldn't be too unexpected to see them turn up in Season 3.

There's also room for "Stargirl" to dig further into the JSA's history and learn more about some of the other members who haven't been given as much screen time. We'd also like to see Courtney learn more about Ted Knight, the creator of the Cosmic Staff, and his connection to the JSA — both of which are things Sylvester could help with.

The development of Beth and Rick's relationship storyline

The romantic relationship between Beth Chapel and Rick Tyler comes straight out of the pages of DC's comics. Geoff Johns started laying the groundwork for this storyline in Season 2, with viewers quickly picking up on the chemistry between the pair. The circumstances of Season 2 (Yolanda temporarily leaving the JSA and Courtney's stint in summer school) also meant that Beth and Rick often found themselves alone, working together in Pat's garage as they tried to find a way to stop Eclipso.

While at first glance they might seem like an unlikely pairing, these characters have more in common than it seems. They're both from dysfunctional families, often feel alone, and share the same core values. In Season 2, there is definitely some flirting going on between them.

However, if "Stargirl" hasn't had time for Courtney and Cameron's relationship yet, it's not surprising that Beth and Rick haven't had time to develop their relationship either. It's probably going to be another slow burn, but this is part of the appeal for actor Cameron Gellman, who plays Rick. "I think it's kind of cool that the show is focused on other things as well," he told ComicBook. Further, in the same interview, Johns confirmed that the show would eventually find time to focus on their relationship, which he called "very deep." Here's hoping we get to see more of their connection in Season 3.

Supervillain rehabilitation for the ISA

DC's "Stargirl" always brings its fun style of comedy to the small screen alongside its obligatory superhero action, and Season 3, titled "Frenemies," is sure to bring both. Enemies will become allies, but not before some supervillain rehabilitation, it would seem. "We can help the bad guys break good," Courtney says in the trailer after the Crocks move in next door to the Whitmore-Dugans.

However, with the Banker also set to return to Blue Valley it's possible Courtney and the JSA might end up overseeing a full-blown supervillain rehabilitation program this season. Adding to the ever-growing list of reformed villains living in Blue Valley is Richard Swift, aka the Shade, and Solomon Grundy, who Rick mourned in the Season 2 finale before the Shade teased he was more than likely to return.

It seems like a bizarre concept for superheroes and supervillains to coexist in the same town, and this dynamic will take some getting used to. While viewers may be able to see characters like Cindy, and even Artemis Crock (Stella Smith), as former villains capable of redemption as it was a consequence of their respective upbringings, it's going to be harder to see ISA supervillains from Season 1 trying to reform. As the trailer indicates, they're all trying to put their best foot forward, but Starman doesn't seem to be on board with Courtney's rehabilitation plan as he can't forgive them for killing members of the JSA back in the day.

New villains

After an epic showdown against Eclipso in the second season finale and the changing allegiances of former bad guys, "Stargirl" is in desperate need of some new villains. The trailer for Season 3 teases that the JSA has been training so hard that they'll be ready for anything. "No matter what evil comes our way next, we'll be unstoppable," Courtney boasts, and it just wouldn't be the superhero show viewers have come to love without some intense action.

One villain viewers can expect to see in Season 3 is Mister Bones (Keith David), who briefly appeared at the Helix Institute at the end of Season 2. The arrival of Mister Bones could potentially allow for the introduction of five other villains — Penny Dreadful, Kritter, Baby Boom, Tao Jones, and Arak Wind-Walker. In the DC comics, these antagonists were all raised together and developed powers after being experimented on by Dr. Benjamin Love. With no sense of morality, they each became supervillains and collectively went by the name Helix.

It's not yet clear what Mister Bones' motives will be in Season 3, but we know he has a connection to Jennie's missing brother, so it's possible he's continuing Dr. Love's experiments on teenagers and is looking for subjects in Blue Valley.

Jennie finding her long-lost brother

Mixed up with the Helix storyline is Jennie-Lynn Hayden's long-lost twin brother Todd Rice. When their father died, the siblings were separated. Since then, Jennie has done her best to find Todd, tracking him to the Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation in Season 2. However, it is soon revealed that Todd ran away from the Helix Institute and is believed to be somewhere in Milwaukee.

Given everything else that was going on in Season 2, "Stargirl" didn't have the bandwidth to dedicate any more time to this storyline until after they had defeated Eclipso, at which time Jennie left for Milwaukee. We'd like to see this storyline develop and have the siblings reunite in Season 3. If this plotline followed the comics, Todd will probably have powers, too — although we don't know how he got them yet and whether he was experimented on at Helix.

If he wants to do good, he could then join Jennie as a new member of the JSA, or they could form their own superhero alliance, taking on their comic book personas Jade and Obsidian. In the comics, they join Infinity Inc. after being rejected for the JSA, but this seems unlikely to happen. So far, it seems like "Stargirl" could be writing a new future for these characters and we don't know exactly where it will go, but we hope that Mister Bones' arrival in Blue Valley might turn up some leads in Jennie's search for Todd.