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Nearly 21% Of People We Polled Said This Was Their Favorite Supernatural Character

The "Supernatural" fandom is a dedicated one, clinging to the adventures of the Winchester brothers for 15 seasons on The CW. There was no demon, ghost, vampire, or shifter the brothers couldn't kill, despite being rescued by God several times after their own deaths.

When a show runs for that long, many characters come and go, some who stay for the whole ride and others that only last a few seasons. We wanted to see who the "Supernatural" fans thought was the best character on the show, so we put it to a vote. We offered them eight characters to choose from. Among those eight are arguably the most important characters in the show. Over 600 fans from the United States participated in our survey, and their overwhelming favorite was obvious. How close do the Winchester brothers rank in relation to one another? What about the show's biggest villain? The results might surprise you.

Dean Winchester reigns supreme on Supernatural

Landing in the number one spot on our poll of the best "Supernatural" character is Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) with 20.87% of the vote. The eldest of the drama's protagonist brother duo, Dean, was one heck of a demon hunter who had some hilarious dialogue from time to time. We're not surprised to see him land atop the list, significantly above his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki). Many fans have long considered the latter as the least-favorite Winchester brother. He also doesn't land second in our poll.

The second place spot on our poll goes to Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), with 15.7% of respondents choosing him as their favorite. Serving as the central antagonist of "Supernatural," Lucifer was only present on screen starting in Season 5 but had been mentioned in every season prior. While we can't be sure why fans chose Lucifer as their favorite, we're guessing it has a lot to do with Pellegrino's charisma and delivery.

Third place in the survey is Castiel (Misha Collins), with 12.62% of voters choosing him as their favorite "Supernatural" character. Collins has always been a fan-favorite actor, so it's no surprise to see him in the top half of our survey, beating out Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Sam, who tied for fourth and fifth with 12.46% of voters choosing them each. Falling toward the bottom of our survey are Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.) with 11.17%, Death (Julian Richings) with 9%, and Jody (Kim Rhodes) with 5.66% of voters choosing them, respectively.