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The Subtle Foreshadowing From Will Arnett You Likely Missed In Parks And Recreation

Out of all the mockumentary-style shows that have come and gone, the Emmy-nominated comedy "Parks and Recreation" remains a top-tier favorite with fans and continues to be enjoyed years after the series finale. Throughout its impressive seven-season run, there was no shortage of hilarious moments that entertained viewers, and certain fans may have missed some of the hilarity along the way.

The critically-acclaimed workplace sitcom followed the laugh-inducing activities between Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), and the rest of the employees at the Pawnee Parks Department. It's no secret that each entry is packed to the brim with ample well-crafted humor. But, no matter how many times even the most die-hard "Parks and Recreation" followers rewatch the show, there are bound to be things that are missed and slip through the cracks.

Small details like the fact that Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) wears the same pair of sneakers in every entry and that radio DJ Howard Tuttleman, aka The Douche (Nick Kroll), has a license plate that reads "8008IES" in Season 5, Episode 12 ("Ann's Decision"), can be easily missed the first or second time around. Despite being an incredibly popular series, there is still plenty that some fans don't know about "Parks and Recreation." There is even a moment when Will Arnett guest starred on the show that many may have overlooked as a simple joke that actually ended up foreshadowing a major event in the series.

Will Arnett predicted Ben and Leslie's triplets

In Season 2, Episode 13 ("The Set Up"), Leslie Knope goes on a date with an MRI technician named Chris (Will Arnett). After they have dinner, she is treated to a free MRI. During the awkward ordeal, he tells Leslie she has a "great oven" and that there is "ample room in there," capping it off with, "Honestly, if you wanted to, you could go triplets right off the bat, Leslie, you've got a big industrial sized oven." Despite being a next-level weirdo, Chris may have been on to something with his gross assertion. In Season 6, Episode 20 ("One in 8,000"), Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) and Leslie find out they are having triplets.

U/Hosizzlemynizzel posted the scene clip and wrote, "Will Arnett foreshadows Leslie & Ben having triplets." Several users agreed with u/modsuperstar, saying, "It's actually amazing how many little plot tidbits they foreshadowed in the show," and u/tat-tvam-asiii wrote, "Never put these two events together. Awesome find."

What's also interesting about the situation is that at the time, Arnett and Poehler were married in real life. Sandra Gomez from Entertainment Weekly praised the duo's on-screen pairing, saying their scenes together were "the best worst first date I'd seen on TV in a while." While the scene was a cringe-worthy endeavor, it showcased some impressive performances and a hilarious lack of chemistry between a proven comedic pair and predicted one of the happiest moments for the "Parks and Recreation" couple.