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How Jameela Jamil Got Ripped For She-Hulk

Contains spoilers for "She-Hulk" Season 1, Episode 1

If social media marketing is to be believed, the first official step any actor must complete after being cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting totally, irreversibly shredded. Playing a superhero? Get shredded. Playing the dorky sidekick? Get shredded. Playing the granny who appears for three seconds in the background of a bank robbery? Get. Absolutely. Shredded. Sure, a few fortunate (or not so fortunate) souls can bypass this particular barrier for entry by playing a CGI character, but it's a near thing — Kevin Feige can still sense the lack of abs, and it incurs his mighty wrath.

Jokes aside, the reason so many of these performers can transform their bodies for the MCU is that they're paid well to do so. Getting ripped to play Thor is basically a full-time job, so while we marvel at the lengths some of these stars can go to for their respective roles, let's not pretend in any way that it reflects the effort an average individual can devote to their own exercise journey.

One of the most recent celebrities to step into the ring in this way is Jameela Jamil, who portrays Titania in "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law." Based on the videos and stories that she's been sharing, she's had the time of her life becoming a villain for Marvel's most recent Disney+ adventure.

Jameela Jamil posted everything

Jameela Jamil has shared an ever-growing highlight reel of her physical transformation on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. The short version of her schedule is best explained by one of her tweets from 2021, which reads, "Training. Training. Training. Pizza. Rom[-]com. Training. Sleep." As mentioned above, an actor's physical transformation is a full-time gig. But that's a boring way to conclude an article, so let's look at some of the actual training that she underwent.

One of Jamil's posts on Instagram depicts a sped-up sparring session in which she alternates between squats and punching the pads being held by her trainer. Meanwhile, a reel showcases fight choreography in which she displays a kick that wouldn't be altogether out of place if she were surrounded by Rockettes. A video on Twitter sees the actor on wires practicing the flying kick that Titania does in the first episode of "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law." We can't overstate how difficult it is to perform on wires well. They're clunky and wobbly and way too tight and get in the way of everything. Ask any stage actor — they demand serious core strength.

What was it all for?

Here's where we get into speculation territory because Titania definitely didn't receive enough screen time in the first episode (45 seconds at best) to merit Jameela Jamil taking on such a massive physical transformation. We can't use IMDb to figure out which episodes to anticipate her in, either, because much of the cast is credited in more episodes than they actually appear in. So when should we expect her to do whatever it is she's been training for? Considering how Titania is a "She-Hulk" villain with a long history as the hero's rival in the comics, it's perfectly reasonable to assume that the two will do battle at some point.

But that's not all. According to The Direct, the actress teased when we should anticipate seeing more. "Think I'm around Episode 5 and 6 is when I really come in and 'fork shirt up,' is the way that we would say it at 'The Good Place,'" said Jamil. "And I bring mess and chaos and trouble to She-Hulk and I really test her limits ... She talks a lot in the show about a woman's patience and I think I know all of her buttons to press. And I do, with perfectly manicured fingernails."