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Where Is Lucas Higdon From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Few patients on TLC's "My 600-lb Life" manage to incite a smile in bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. However, 33-year-old Lucas Higdon did just that by putting in the work to lose over 218 pounds by the end of his Season 10 episode.

When audiences were introduced to Higdon, he weighed 619 pounds, could barely get out of bed, and experienced constant pain. He explained how his overeating began in childhood as a way to cope with his unorthodox home life, including the multiple marriages and divorces of his parents. Though he tried to help around the house by homeschooling his niece and nephew, Higdon wanted more out of life. He wanted to travel, go back to school, and land a job in IT.

During the first three months of following Dr. Now's regime, Higdon lost over 80 pounds. He stuck to the 1,200-calorie diet as best he could and even started working out with a personal trainer. Unlike many patients, Higdon was approved for weight loss surgery.

Though life was still far from easy, especially on a post-op liquid diet, Higdon began taking steps to achieve his goals. He spoke with an advisor at a community college, got hired to work on computers, and expressed excitement about future adventures, such as traveling abroad and starting a family of his own. He was still going to the gym and had lost a total of 218 pounds.

It's been a number of months since Higdon's journey aired. So is he still working toward his goals?

Lucas Higdon is still working toward his health and professional goals

Those who followed Higdon's journey on "My 600-lb Life" will be thrilled to know that he's not only continuing his wellness journey but also taking steps toward his dream career. On his personal Facebook page, Higdon posts regular updates on his progress.

In December 2021, he shared how he was previously unable to walk for 5 minutes. "Now I can go half a mile (.8km) before needing a small break," he said. A month later, Higdon revealed that he achieved IT certification from Google Coursera and would soon advance to learning more about cybersecurity. Though he admitted to battling bouts of depression, Higdon said he's attending therapy, as well as his personal training sessions.

The most recent update came in March 2022. "Sorry about being MIA," he wrote. "Things are going great! Just been very busy and progressing with life. Been the most active I've ever been."

It also seems that he learned a lot from Dr. Now and is continuing to implement his guidance. On Reddit, in response to a fan inquiry in summer 2022 about Dr. Now's controversial 1,200-calorie diet and cutting out certain foods, Higdon said, writing under the username u/Sum0s4mur4i, "Mostly I believe is because he wants us to make it a habit to eat right, eat less, and eat less often. We have to train ourselves to do that and quite honestly...it's the hardest godd*** thing anyone can ever do, especially if you suffer from food addiction."

Despite the difficulties of Higdon's undertaking, it seems that he's still successfully moving toward a brighter future.