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Here's Where You Can Stream Whoopi Goldberg's Jumpin' Jack Flash

Whoopi Goldberg is in the elite class of performers who have secured themselves an EGOT, the term for winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. She is the second-longest tenured host of "The View," for which she earned one of her Emmys, but the New York native is probably best known for her film work.

Her Oscar came for her performance in "Ghost," but she has starred in films from "The Color Purple" to "Toy Story 3" over a four-decade-long career. One of her more widely known — if not necessarily critically acclaimed — films is the 1986 Penny Marshall-directed comedy "Jumpin' Jack Flash." Goldberg stars as tech worker Terry Doolittle, who gets herself involved in international espionage that sends her back and forth across the Atlantic.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" wasn't exactly a hit with critics, but it's widely available for streaming more than 35 years after its release. But where can you watch "Jumpin' Jack Flash" online?

Jumpin' Jack Flash is available to stream, rent, or purchase

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" is widely available for streaming online, and is mainly distributed through Starz network subscriptions. It's, of course, available directly through Starz' own website or smart TV app, as well as through the network's premium additions to Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, SlingTV, Philo, and The Roku Channel. Adding Starz to any of those services will cost an additional $8.99 per month, although the network sometimes offers a $1.99 discount for the first three months if you sign up directly through their website.

A Starz subscription isn't the only way to watch "Jumpin' Jack Flash" online. It's available in high definition via YouTube and the Google Play store as well, where it costs $3.99 to rent and $14.99 to purchase. The Starz stranglehold on distribution does mean some competitors have been cut out of the loop. "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is not available to stream on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube TV, Paramount+, Apple TV, Peacock, or Showtime as of the time of writing. But even with those limitations, there are plenty of options if you want to see Whoopi Goldberg wrangle some truly classic computer technology.