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Two More Huge Stars Are In Talks To Join Black Mirror Season 6

"Black Mirror" Season 6 may have been a long time coming, but with the recent announcement of its stellar cast, it's becoming increasingly clear that the season will be worth the wait. Charlie Brooker's show was dealing with a rights issue for a while, but things appear to be on track again — and what a track it is. From "Breaking Bad" luminary Aaron Paul and "Pearl Harbor" star Josh Harnett to "Deadpool 2" breakout Zazie Beetz and "American Horror Story: Murder House" star Kate Mara, it's clear that the upcoming season's cast will easily measure up to "Black Mirror's" usual all-star standards.

It seems that the hits just keep on coming, too. Deadline recently reported that "Under the Banner of Heaven" and "Castle Rock" star Rory Culkin is also attached to the project — and now, it looks like two other familiar faces are also in talks to join "Black Mirror" Season 6.

Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy may be joining Black Mirror Season 6

"Black Mirror" Season 6 is looking to expand its already massive cast with Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy, according to Variety. Should the negotiations reach a positive end result, perennial A-lister Hayek and "Schitt's Creek" star Murphy will further enforce what looks to be a particularly star-stacked season of the dystopic sci-fi show. 

Hayek is a well-established dramatic and comedic actor who has been known to work in genre fiction before. In 1996, she appeared as Santanico Pandemonium in Robert Rodriguez's horror action film "From Dusk till Dawn," and more recently, she played the titular group's leader, Ajak, in Chloe Zhao's 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe movie "Eternals." Murphy has also dipped her toe in the genre pool in shows like the sci-fi procedural "Beauty & the Beast" and Netflix's acclaimed "Russian Doll." Combined with the major stars who are already attached to "Black Mirror" Season 6, the two would certainly elevate the show to yet another level.