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Why Some The Walking Dead Fans Are Super Confused About The Feral People From Season 11

The final season of "The Walking Dead," which consists of 24 episodes broken up into three sets of eight, has been slowly unraveling ever since its initial release in August 2021. It's been quite a long road for "The Walking Dead" (no pun intended) — the show began over a decade ago on Halloween 2010 and became an instant hit, forever breaching the dichotomy between a horror franchise and a series the whole family can enjoy.

With the end drawing closer and closer, several new projects have come into play, regardless of how "The Walking Dead" fans really feel about more spin-offs, including "Tales of the Walking Dead" and a series that will follow longtime characters Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), titled "Isle of the Dead." In the meantime, viewers are still raising eyebrows at some of the events that take place in Season 11 of the show that started it all.

How did the feral people survive this long?

Some Redditors have expressed confusion over how the feral people in Season 11, Episode 6, "On the Inside," have survived up till now. If you've blocked this terrifying episode from your memory, it's the one where Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Virgil (Kevin Carroll) seek shelter in a house full of cannibals hiding in the walls, which is arguably even scarier than walkers as they threaten to add the two to the long list of "The Walking Dead" characters that fans think were unjustly axed from the show

"They seemingly have 6 IQ combined, they have no weapons, they walk like dogs, i know that it is meant to be scary but it is more confusing to me, how do they hunt?" u/Paschestee questioned. A few Redditors, like u/AaronF2005, agreed with the seemingly flawed logic, while others, like, u/Alexandrasmith_, pointed out that the episode was just too frightening to care about the finer details.

In an interview with Decider, Lauren Ridloff and Kevin Carroll discussed the episode's unique spin on the typical scares for which "The Walking Dead" is so well known. Ridloff went into detail on the subject, expressing, "With the regular episodes on '[T]he Walking Dead,' the main horror element really [is] the [w]alkers, and they're moving so slowly that we see it coming from a mile away. Whereas in this episode, it's more focused on the jump scare elements." These feral people move on all fours, hunt like predators in the wild, and pop out of the walls at any given moment, making them all the more frightening, logistics aside.