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Fans Are Calling South Park's Parody Of Another Adult Cartoon Frighteningly Accurate

For years "South Park" has entertained home audiences with its hilarious take on real-life events and topics. While some critics may feel the series has declined in the modern era, most fans believe the show is as strong as ever. The Emmy-winning animated series continues to churn out clever episodes that are so on the mark some fans think it's downright scary.

The signature style of crude humor and irony have earned "South Park" impressive scores on Rotten Tomatoes. While it has done well throughout its successful run, not every entry is going to be a winner, and certain episodes are so bad the writers have to apologize for them years later. After more than 20 seasons and over 300 episodes, the following has grown so large that whenever the show makes mistakes, the fans tend to notice. While some of their efforts are most assuredly better than others, there is no denying that they have a knack for pulling off some pretty excellent parodies. It's not like this is a new practice in the world of mature animation, as "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" have embarked on such things many times.

But the way "South Park" does it sometimes stands out from the competition, and their notorious reputation for not holding back gives them the edge over everyone else in this department. Out of all their wickedly funny attempts of satire, one truly memorable moment was alarmingly authentic for some fans.

South Park fans think the Family Guy parody is so right it's scary

Fans think the two-part "South Park" event "Cartoon Wars" in Season 10 that parodied "Family Guy" was freakishly on point. A video with highlights from the entry had fans stating their approval of the imitation, and some users indicated that it was eerily accurate. YouTube user Heisenberg wrote, "The way they portray family guy is terrifyingly accurate" Another user, Flitch, agreed, writing, "Family Guy's made fun of many adult cartoons, and South Park ripped on their biggest flaw. Good on them." Just Some Robots acknowledged the accuracy of "South Park," saying, "The funniest part is all of the family guy fans getting offended by a completely accurate description of the show."

The spoof hasn't just caused a stir with fans as it also brought on some controversy among the show's creators. In an interview (via Comedies 'R' Go on YouTube), Trey Parker and Matt Stone revealed they aren't fans of "Family Guy." Parker specifically stated, "We just don't respect it in terms of writing." Meanwhile, "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane didn't like the jab taken at his writing staff but acknowledged the parody was funny. Speaking to Howard Stern, MacFarlane said, "You know the two-parter they did on us was very funny." While he didn't enjoy their opinions, MacFarlane did get a kick out of their well-crafted spoof. 

All told, it seems pretty clear that the creators of "South Park" and certain fans don't like "Family Guy," but they did enjoy the creepily precise portrayal witnessed in the parody.