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Fans Question How Laurie's Character Will Play Out In That '90s Show

Fans of "That '70s Show," which aired from 1998-2006, are definitely excited for the upcoming Netflix spinoff/sequel "That '90s Show." However, because it has been almost two decades since the original series ended, there are also several questions about how "That '90s Show" will work, which old characters will be featured, what types of new characters may appear, and how the altered setting might affect the show. Any time a sequel to a TV series or film is created many years later, there are bound to be certain unique challenges that the creators will face. It is no easy feat to create another show that is similar enough to the original for continuity's sake, yet different enough to stand on its own and attract new viewers.

Because the cast of "That '70s Show" was so winning, fans are of course hoping to see all of their favorite characters from the original series return in full force on "That '90s Show." However, some actors may be unable or unwilling to return. In fact, there are a few "That '70s Show" actors you may not know passed away. Additionally, because the show takes place two decades later, there will likely be some new characters, as well as a few old characters missing. For example, some of the high schoolers from "That '70s Show" should have their own children by now, and they may not all realistically still constantly hang out with each other or even live in the same town.

Will Laurie be on That '90s Show?

Because Lisa Robin Kelly (who played Laurie Forman on "That '70s Show") died in 2013, Redditor u/marie_g10 raised the question of how "That '90s Show" might address Laurie's absence. Other fans had plenty of ideas about this.

u/Diseman81 pointed out that the creators could hire the other actress who also played Laurie on "That '70s Show." While Lisa Robin Kelly played Laurie in Seasons 1-5, here is the real reason "That '70s Show" recast Laurie Forman in Season 6: Kelly's personal problems interfered with her ability to stick with the show. During Season 6, Christina Moore played Laurie, but after Season 6, the character was mentioned but did not appear on-screen.

u/MrsShawnHunter suggested a solution that is consistent with how "That '70s Show" dealt with Laurie's temporary absence during Season 3 when she was off at beauty school. In "That '90s Show," Laurie could have moved to Paris to realize her dream of becoming a hairstylist. Additionally, u/MrsShawnHunter pointed out that Laurie's character could have simply died. There are certainly plenty of reasonable explanations for her absence, but some fans would rather see Laurie's character continued, even if her presence on "That '70s Show" was unstable.

u/berrybunniez added that Lisa Robin Kelly was a talented actress who "brought life to the show," and that hopefully, "That '90s Show" will at least give a small nod to her and Laurie, even if they do not bring Laurie's character back through a different actress.