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The Wes Anderson Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There aren't many directors whose style is as instantly identifiable as that of Wes Anderson. The minute you switch on any one of his critically acclaimed films, you know from the very beginning you're watching a Wes Anderson film. From the symmetrical shots to the vibrant color schemes to the delivery of the dialogue to the characters themselves, Anderson has carefully cultivated a recognizable style over the years that is unlike that of his contemporaries.

While many may highlight Anderson's visual style, it's actually his characters that drive his movies and provide them with some of their most memorable moments. As distinctly Wes Andersonian as many of these characters are, each of them remains unique in their own right, possessing their own eccentric personalities, interests, and ways of expressing themselves. They are rarely if ever boring and provide many of Anderson's movies a vital backbone that make his films so effortlessly enjoyable to watch.

With how strong and fully formed each of Anderson's characters are, one can easily compare certain characters' personalities to specific astrological signs. If you're curious which Wes Anderson character best sums up your personality based on your zodiac sign, read on below to find out!

Aries: Steve Zissou

In "The Life Aquatic of with Steve Zissou," Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) is the ill-tempered, sensitive, somewhat narcissistic captain of the research vessel the Belafonte. Really, he is a famed deep sea explorer, oceanographer, and documentary filmmaker whose best days seem to be behind him. In spite of this, Zissou still clings to what little fame he has left, constantly attempting to rebuild his career and once again captivate audiences with accounts of his adventures. Ambitious and confident to an extreme, he's the picture perfect example of an Aries, illustrating both the negative and positive qualities attached to this zodiac sign.

Due to their passion and charisma, Aries (like Zissou) are born leaders, using their determination and ambition to win over and lead cliques of followers. They are consistently straightforward when it comes to their decision-making: They see an end goal in mind and hurtle towards it, not stopping to think about the major or minor complications that might arise along the way.

Thrill-seekers by nature, Aries are forever looking for the next adventure in life and embark on it as quickly as possible without stopping to relax or take a breath. As a result of this tendency to launch headlong into things, they can be a bit reckless and fail to grasp the dangers associated with their actions. However, their optimism almost always wins out over good sense. Like Steve Zissou, Aries never give in for a moment to defeatist attitudes and instead push on to the next challenge that awaits them.

Taurus: Suzy Bishop

In "Moonrise Kingdom," 12-year-old Suzy (Kara Haywood) is the oldest daughter of the Bishop family. She is a withdrawn, intelligent, emotionally mature young woman, who feels out of place both at school and amongst her family. Struggling to keep her feelings in check, she has a tendency to launch into an emotional rage if a situation gets too heated. However, she has also a very tender, more sincere side that few people gain access to or are even aware of — including her family members, who spend more time dwelling on her personal problems than acknowledging her more positive attributes.

In both her temperament and personality, Suzy's attitude directly aligns with that of a Taurus. Homebodies at heart, Tauruses are comfortable living peaceful, uneventful lives, so long as they are guaranteed their long-lasting happiness (a.k.a. the literal plot line of "Moonrise Kingdom"). Interestingly, although she wants a stable existence, Suzy is aware that the home she shares with her family isn't her ideal home. Instead, she spends her time searching for an alternative place to live, which ultimately leads her to run away with Sam at the offset of the film.

Symbolized by the bull, Taureans can be stubborn in their actions, preferring to stick to their decisions and not let anyone else tell them what to do. Like the bull, a Taurus' temperament can fluctuate between relative calmness and timidity to terrifying bouts of uncontrollable anger, as seen with Suzy. Despite this, it's clear that Suzy has a kind heart and only wants acceptance and support from someone who loves her for who she is — a characteristic shared by almost all Taureans.

Gemini: Max Fischer

A precocious 15-year-old student at Rushmore Academy, Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) of "Rushmore" is — like the zodiac sign he is most closely associated with — a bit of a conundrum. Intelligent, ambitious, and enterprising — having joined or been placed in charge of practically every Rushmore extracurricular activity there is — he is also the academy's worst student. From the get-go, this characteristic is very much keeping in line with Geminis, a sign symbolized by the twins. Geminis are known for their contradictory split appearances and their penchant for inhabiting dual roles in life. In Max's case, this means struggling academically while also being one of the school's hardest working students.

Geminis are typically seen as one of the more intelligent zodiac signs, which can easily describe Max. Motivated almost entirely by their intellectual curiosity, Geminis take an interest in a variety of subjects, and can speak at length about seemingly any topic. With Max, his desire to take part in Rushmore's clubs can be interpreted as coming from his fear of social isolation (a Gemini's worst fear). To feel connected with others, he needs to be surrounded by his peers.

Along with this fear of loneliness, Max also personifies out some of the worst qualities of a Gemini as well — namely, his impulsivity. Following his fall-out with Herman, he goes to extreme lengths to prank his former mentor, even gutting Herman's brake lines at one point. It's this recklessness and rash anger that stays true to a Gemini's combative nature.

Cancer: Klaus Daimler

The loyal first mate aboard the Belafonte, Klaus Daimler (Willem Dafoe) is one of the most undyingly loyal crew members Steve Zissou has on his ship. Entirely devoted to Steve, Klaus views his captain more as a father figure than as a simple employer or higher-ranking officer. His fondness for Zissou even puts him in direct conflict with Steve's actual son, Ned Plimpton (Owen Wilson), who Klaus becomes increasingly jealous of throughout the first half of "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou."

It's Klaus' relationship with Steve that really defines his character. Displaying many of the foremost qualities of a Cancer, Klaus is completely dedicated to Steve and fulfilling his captain's end goals, regularly putting Steve's needs before his own. As Cancers tend to be loving and devoted in their personalities and relationships, Klaus's dedication to Steve can be seen as an expression of this key Cancer characteristic.

Like Cancers, Klaus can also be extremely temperamental and overly sensitive at times. Deeply in touch with their emotions, Cancers can take it incredibly hard when they feel slighted in some way — as seen how hurt Klaus is when Steve seems to be spending more time with Ned. Attached to their loved ones to almost unhealthy ends, Klaus also shows the at-times petty nature of Cancers when it comes to holding a grudge, with Klaus openly spiteful towards Ned for most of the film.

Leo: Royal Tenenbaum

The patriarch of the prodigious Tenenbaum family, Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman) is a larger-than-life figure in his children's eyes, yet is every bit as flawed and dysfunctional as his kids in "The Royal Tenenbaums." An aimless eccentric with a colorful personal life, Royal gets enjoyment out of a variety of equally luxurious and odd hobbies, from living in expensive hotel rooms to attending illegal dogfighting rings. With a personality that's impossible to accurately pinpoint or sum up in a simple, straightforward way, Royal is perhaps one of Anderson's most nuanced and layered characters — unsympathetic on the surface, but charmingly likable in his own unique way.

With his free-flowing speech and generally friendly demeanor, Royal's personality most closely resembles that of a Leo. Natural leaders, Leos are emboldened by an outgoing, pleasant attitude that constantly exhumes warmth and positivity. Leos are also known for their endlessly giving nature and theatrical appearances, possessing the ability to charm seemingly everyone they come into contact with — a trait one can spot with Royal.

Despite his abundance of personal issues (his habitual lying, his predilection for shoplifting, his estranged relationship with his kids), Royal never directly addresses his own issues or gives into self-pity. Resolving to improve his relationship with his children, Royal sets out to do so, helping them to overcome their individual problems in their own way. It's this can-do determination that most closely aligns Royal to a Leo, a sign that's well-known for their persistence, confidence, and never-say-die attitude.

Virgo: Gustave H.

The legendary concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel, M. Gustave H. (Ralph Fiennes) is perhaps the most definitively eccentric characters in all of Anderson's films. Taking his duties as concierge with the utmost seriousness, he runs the Grand Budapest as effectively as a sea captain in charge of a vessel. Overseeing many of the hotel's most minute details personally, nothing slips by Gustave's notice and no problem is too small for him to handle. If it's related to the Grand Budapest or happens under his roof, then it has his full attention.

It's this attentiveness and attention to detail that places Gustave in Virgo territory. Infamously characterized as workaholics and perfectionists, Virgos have a specific image in their mind when it comes to work assignments, pressuring everyone to live up to that incredibly high standard. Never one to comprise, anything less than perfect is inadequate for a Virgo. Even when a job is completed to satisfactory results, a Virgo will still point out the imperfections that could be improved upon in the future.

Gustave can be a bit forward, blunt, and unforgiving when it comes to his near-tyrannical rule of the Grand Budapest, but it's only to ensure the hotel remains as respected and acclaimed as it's always been. In Gustave's mind, if he were any more slack in his duties, the overall quality of the hotel would decline (which turns out to be the case under M. Jean). Always one to find a quick solution to a problem, Gustave  may be unrealistically demanding like a Virgo, but it's all for the greater good.

Libra: Roebuck Wright

An acclaimed food critic for the prestigious French Dispatch magazine, Roebuck Wright (Jeffrey Wright) embodies many of the foremost traits associated with Libras in "The French Dispatch." Libra personalities are often made up of various contradictions. They can be either extroverted or introverted, brimming with happiness one moment and launching into deep, sobering meditation in the next. They are an intelligent, kindhearted people with one foot in the past and an eye permanently fixed on the future, as can be said with the weighty journalist, Roebuck Wright.

Few of Anderson's characters fit the mold of a Libra quite as well as Wright does. Known for being in touch with their feelings, Libras are able to view intricate situations from others' perspectives rather than being strictly limited to their own point of view, which fits in nicely with Wright's position as a professional journalist and ardent observer. Possessing their own theatrical flair, they have a style unique in both their outward appearance and even their vernacular — as seen with Wright's ornate wardrobe or his esoteric writing style.

Like Wright as well, Libras can be incredibly emotional individuals, giving in easily to their feelings and pondering various issues that plague their minds. Like Wright, they absolutely abhor being alone. They seek solace and community wherever they can find it, even if it's in the form of a hearty meal. Because of this, they're forever searching for a place to call home, as Wright sagely comments to Lt. Nescaffier near the end of "The French Dispatch."

Scorpio: Chief

Direct, brooding, and almost always serious, Chief (Bryan Cranston) is a lifelong stray, who has a firm distrust of people in "Isle of Dogs." Maintaining a grim disposition at all times, Chief very much embraces the Darwinian idea of "strongest of the fittest." In his eyes, the only sure way to survive is to remain as hardened and merciless as possible and not let your emotions get the best of you. As a result, he leads his pack with an unwavering sense of seriousness, realizing that every decision he makes has a huge impact on the safety of the group.

Even with his sour demeanor and prickly personality, Chief does a have softer side. Like most dogs, he does feel a natural connection to humans, even if he's not always in tune with that connection. It's for this reason that Chief seems most akin to a Scorpio. Commonly seen as the most emotionally withdrawn of the zodiac signs, Scorpios can be afraid of letting their feelings get out of hand. To them, the best way to take charge of a situation is to let rational logic dictate their actions, rather than letting sentimentality getting in the way.

Because of this, both Chief and Scorpios can come across as cold and unfeeling. However, this is only due to them being afraid of opening up and letting others see what they perceive as their weakness. If Chief were to open up and share his emotions, he'd lose that hard edge so pivotal to his survival, forever tarnishing the image he's worked so hard to build up over the years.

Sagittarius: Mr. Fox

Like the zodiac sign that he is most closely associated with, Mr. Fox (George Clooney) is torn in two by his wants in life in "Fantastic Mr. Fox." A cunning and devious thief by profession, Fox chooses to settle down upon the news that his wife is pregnant. Giving up his job as a thief for a safer, more menial job as a newspaper columnist for the sake of his family, Fox is uncertain about his personal position and frequently questions his goals in life. Embedded with a deep loyalty, fondness, and love for his family, he wants to maintain his safety for the sake of his loved ones, yet he also craves the excitement and adventure that came with his previous career as a thief.

Sagittarians are known for wanting to experience everything they possibly can in their lives, free from any kind of responsibility. To them, a home, family, and stable career can be seen as things that hold them back because they prevent them from setting out on the next adventure that awaits around every corner. Like Mr. Fox, they want to be free to do what makes them happy.

Aside from their views on work and family life, Mr. Fox's boisterous personality is very much akin to a Sagittarian's as well. Optimistic, outgoing, and friendly to almost everyone he meets (including prospective enemies like the villainous Rat), he does his best to make everyone feel comfortable and open when he's around and never turns a cold shoulder to anyone in true Sagittarius fashion.

Capricorn: Herman Blume

A depressed business tycoon and mentor/romantic rival to Max Fischer in "Rushmore," Herman Blume (Bill Murray) is one of the more layered characters Murray has played in an Anderson movie. Incredibly wealthy and with an abundance of resources at his disposal, Herman's material success in life is outweighed by his personal issues — including his marriage to an unfaithful wife and his estranged relationship with his sons. By the end of the film, he gains a renewed, more enthusiastic view on life after meeting and falling in love with Rosemary Cross, a school teacher whom Max was originally infatuated with.

Herman's industrious work ethic and responsible mindsets most directly fits the mold of a Capricorn. Unbelievably hard workers, Capricorns are driven individuals, who believe they can only improve their situation in life based on giving it their all. To Capricorns, good things must be earned, and are almost never gained by blind luck alone. With such determination, Capricorns are used to accruing numerous material possessions in their life and rising to high positions of power based on their tireless work habits (something best reflected by Herman's own vast wealth).

Capricorns are happiest when they are occupied. If they sit too long without working on an activity, they stagnate and their attention turns inwards towards themselves, which forces them to address their own personal flaws and failures. As a result, they try to keep their mind occupied and their hands busy — whether that means taking a teenager under their wing or courting a school teacher, as happens to be the case for Herman.

Aquarius: Eli Cash

The most famously quirky sign of the zodiac, Aquarians thrive on their out-there appearances and abstract personalities. They want to defy classifications, as they believe that their odd nature makes them interesting. They are fearful of being seen as just another regular person because such an identification would make them boring and plain. They'd rather stand out in a room than fade into the background, so they make their physical appearances and personalities as bold and distinct as possible. With all that in mind, what better character sums up these Aquarian traits than Eli Cash (Owen Wilson) in "The Royal Tenenbaums?"

The childhood best friend of Richie Tenenbaum, Eli grows up an outsider in the Tenenbaum household. Having seen the inherent talent of Richie and his siblings, Eli is plagued by feelings of inadequacy and the belief that he can never measure up to the success of the Tenenbaum children. Despite spending a good deal of time in Richie's household and trying to fit into the family, it's clear Eli is never as accepted as Royal's actual children, which makes him feel seriously insecure and jealous of his best friend's early successes.

By the time he's older, Eli has achieved some marginal success as a best-selling novelist. Capitalizing on his newfound fame, Eli does his best to finally bask in the limelight previously enjoyed by the Tenenbaums in their youth. Dressing up in elaborate Western-themed outfits, he tries to eclipse Richie's fame in an effort to satisfy his own ego but like an Aquarius, he wants to do it in his own way.

Pisces: Margot Tenenbaum

One of the most enigmatic characters ever featured in a Wes Anderson film, Margot Tenenbaum (Gwyneth Paltrow) is the angsty adopted daughter of Royal and Ethel Tenenbaum and the surrogate sister to Chas and Richie in "The Royal Tenenbaums." Pined after by numerous characters in the film — from stepbrother Richie to his best friend Eli Cash — few characters truly know Margot on a deep level. Her past and personal life a complete mystery and her emotions are rarely elaborated on in the film, save for a few heart to heart exchanges with Richie that offer fleeting glimpses into her inner psyche.

Like the Pisces sign, Margot is an impossible person to narrow down or get in touch with. While she may be physically present, her mind seems a million miles away with her attention focused on some other fixed point of concern known only to herself. Divided between the waking world and the landscape of her imagination, she seems more a transcendental figure living on a higher plain of existence than everyone else — a key trait associated with Pisces.

Commonly seen as being the wisest of the zodiac signs, Pisces signs are mysterious in nature, and can be very difficult to get to know. Guarding their emotions at all times, they can be focused a bit too much on their own individual feelings. As a result, they can let their emotions get the best of them, wallowing in sadness or depression for prolonged periods of time.