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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode That Had Fans Shaking In Fear

2022 has proved to be a landmark year for AMC, and not necessarily for the happiest of reasons. First and foremost, it marked the end of the widely-beloved "Breaking Bad" prequel-turned-sequel series, "Better Call Saul," which wrapped up after six seasons. Shortly after, it will say goodbye to another of its most popular and enduring titles, "The Walking Dead." Season 11 will be the last, concluding the program's over a decade-long run on the small screen. Still, "TWD" has no intention of going quietly, as evidenced by how the final season has panned out.

As the final chunk of the season prepares to hit the airwaves, things are still heating up on "The Walking Dead." The vile Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) continues his crusade to take over all of the Commonwealth's allied settlements, including the likes of Alexandria and the Hilltop. In response, heroes such as Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) do whatever they can to keep the fight alive. Meanwhile, the ever-present threat of the undead continues to lurk in the shadows, ready to make a meal of whoever's unfortunate enough to not see them coming.

Even though the drama is high this season, fans were still caught off-guard by the horror of "The Walking Dead" in this Season 11 episode.

On the Inside had TWD fans on the edge of their seats

Season 11's "On the Inside" follows Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Virgil (Kevin Carroll) as they seek refuge in a seemingly abandoned mansion. Come to find out, a group of feral humans who've resorted to cannibalism to survive calls the structure home. The episode is tense and quite creepy as Connie and Virgil fight off their attackers inside a dingy, run-down old house. According to Redditor u/humankindtopics, it's easily the scariest episode of "The Walking Dead" and, therefore, the entirety of Season 11. Few in the comment section dropped by to argue, instead agreeing wholeheartedly.

As some in the replies pointed out, one of the most unsettling aspects of this episode is that it tells some parts of the story from Connie's perspective. Seeing as she's deaf, that means the audience doesn't hear a thing and is, therefore, woefully unprepared for the frightening imagery. Lauren Ridloff herself highlighted this stylistic choice in "On the Inside" as well during an interview with Decider, adding, "In this episode, it's more focused on the jump scare elements. You jumped out of your seat, and the monsters that you have in this episode move quickly, and they're unpredictable."

The ferals were a frightening new addition to the "Walking Dead" television canon and among the most memorable elements of this season. Kudos to the minds behind Season 11's "On the Inside" for their reminder of how scary the series can be without taking things too far.