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Murder On The Orient Express Sequel In Development

Detective Hercule Poirot is back on the case. 

The Hollywood Reporter announces that 20th Century Fox is working on a sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, the Kenneth Branagh-directed mystery drama that opened earlier this month. The follow-up flick will adapt another of Agatha Christie's famed novels: Death on the Nile.

Published in 1937, Death on the Nile follows six works after Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, with books and short stories like Three Act Tragedy, Death in the Clouds, and The A.B.C. Murders coming between the two. The novel sees Poirot vacation to Egypt, where he quickly becomes entangled in a "love triangle gone murderously bad." Much like Murder on the Orient ExpressDeath on the Nile features men and women of high status, luxurious lifestyles, and trappings of high society, making the crime at the center of the story all the more scandalous in comparison. 

The possibility of a Murder on the Orient Express sequel, particularly one set in Egypt and dealing with the Death on the Nile plot, was teased in the film's final scene. When Branagh's Poirot disembarks the Orient Express after telling its 12 justice-seeking passengers that he cannot charge them with any true crimes, he encounters a messenger who tells him of a death on the Nile. Poirot is initially hesitant to agree to investigating the murder, but ends up taking on the case.

Branagh, who helmed Murder on the Orient Express and starred as the eccentric genius detective, is expected to reprise his role and return to his directorial duties for the sequel. Murder on the Orient Express screenwriter Michael Green is attached to pen the script for Death on the Nile. Steve Asbell will oversee the project for Fox.

We'll update you with more details on Death on the Nile as they become available.