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Predator Basically Explained

The "Predator" movies have been going strong since the late 1980s, and they show absolutely no signs of stopping... no matter how thin their plots might be. Kicking off in 1987 with the original film, "Predator," the franchise has released plenty of confusingly-named sequels beyond "Predators 2," including "Predators" in 2010 and "The Predator" in 2018. Now, with the new prequel "Prey," the story continues — or does it?

Between video games and several movies, the "Predator" franchise's continued existence can feel a bit confusing, because, well, the movies seem to decide on their plots and villains by playing elementary school games, rolling dice, or something similar. Luckily, Okay, So Basically is here on both SnapChat and YouTube to answer any questions you might have about this franchise that pits the Predator against everyone from Archie Andrews to Batman to, probably, some dork from your eighth grade social studies class.

Okay, So Basically is available on YouTube and SnapChat and covers all sorts of topics, from monsters like Predator and Morbius the Living Vampire to heroes like Batman and Thor. As for the latest "Predator" movie, "Prey," that's streaming on Hulu now.