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Why Deadliest Catch: Bloodline Fans Are Gushing Over Josh Harris' Voice

The popular reality television show "Deadliest Catch" typically is about the rough and unforgiving waters of the Bering Straight. This means that the fishing boats have to deal with frigid arctic weather, choppy water, and absolutely behemoth fish. "Deadliest Catch" has proved to be such a hit with viewers that it has created several specials and spin-off shows. One such spin-off show, "Deadliest Catch: Bloodline," swaps the biting winds and water of the arctic for the sunny shores and calmer seas around Hawaii.

"Deadliest Catch: Bloodline" follow Josh Harris and Casey McManus who co-captain the fishing vessel Cornelia Marie. This particular boat made its first appearance in "Deadliest Catch," and the premise of this one is that Harris uncovers a map from his father that charts potent fishing grounds around Hawaii. As both Harris and McManus are used to braving the waters of the Bering Strait, the two tap local fishers and guides in order to find where Harris' father was able to effectively catch ahi tuna. Having premiered in April 2020, "Deadliest Catch: Bloodline" earned several more seasons, and it seems like fans have taken a shine to Harris' voice, but why?

Fans love the deep tone of Harris' voice

Fans congregated on the subreddit r/DeadliestCatch around a post which said, "I started Deadliest Catch: Bloodline today. Josh Harris' voice blew me away, especially in the voice over segments. He has an incredible bass quality to his voice that rivals Sam Elliott. He should definitely do voiceovers for some more programs." However, this statement caused an immediate deluge of comments that referenced the hard living lifestyle of Harris, with u/saskwatch93 saying that is the voice of a heavy smoker.

u/MsBlondeViking agreed that Harris has a good voice, but they added that they think how silly it is about how easily Harris gags. Others also felt the same way, with u/KittenofBalnain saying, "The guy has one of the more soothing voices on TV. And Bloodline is just such a fun little show." u/triple20twenty stated that they think Harris will be able to take over Mike Rowe's roles for voice overs, that is when Rowe retires from that profession.

As reported by the Cleveland Clinic, the concept known as Smoker's Voice is very much real, and caused by the chemicals within tobacco products. As smoke is inhaled, it is drawn past the vocal chords on the way to the lungs, which can have the effect of making a voice deeper or more raspy. People who sing usually notice this outcome first because the act of smoking changes the way vocal chords can stretch. Sapiens notes that deep male voices usually carry an aura of authority and strength, which makes them generally pleasing to hear. This preference crosses both cultural and sexual lines, which makes perfect sense as to why somebody who sounds like Harris or Barry White gets a lot of fans simply by speaking.