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Spock And Kirk's First Meeting Teased By Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Co-Showrunner

As two of the most central characters in "Star Trek: The Original Series," James. T. Kirk (most famously played by William Shatner) and Spock (whose best-known actor was Leonard Nimoy) have appeared all over the franchise in numerous roles, played by multiple different actors. Though best of friends, the two Starfleet officers couldn't be more different. While tactically gifted and a natural leader, Kirk can be impulsive and hot-headed, while his long-serving first officer is the epitome of logic and emotionless cool — at least, on the surface. After all, Spock's entire backstory is a complex one that involves surprisingly many shock twists for a half-Vulcan of his restrained nature. 

Still, despite the many, many adventures that the two have had together, their "Star Trek" appearances tend to take place at a time when they've already known each other for a good while, and have long established their peculiar dynamic — that is, except on the J.J. Abrams-helmed "Star Trek" Kelvin timeline, where Kirk and Spock decidedly don't get along when they first meet. However, another version of the iconic moment might be in the cards very soon. According to "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds'" co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers, the show's take on Spock and Kirk's first meeting could indeed be near.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is building toward a pivotal meeting between Kirk and Spock

Since "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" takes place some ten years before "Star Trek: The Original Series," and has shown us both Spock (Ethan Peck) and an alternate-timeline Kirk (Paul Wesley), the possibility of the show building toward its take on the monumental first meeting of the two iconic characters in Season 2 has loomed on the background for quite some time.

As Henry Alonso Myers told TV Line, the meeting is indeed on the cards, but because everyone involved is well aware of the moment's importance, the people behind the show want to make sure just how they want to approach it. As such, they're putting in the work to get it absolutely right.

"We think about it every day," said Myers. "In the moment, when they finally meet, we absolutely make a big moment of it and hope people will enjoy what we come up with."

It's good to know that the critically-acclaimed (via Rotten Tomatoes) show is using every bit of its signature attention to detail in order to give Kirk and Spock the inaugural meeting that the characters deserve.