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Better Call Saul Co-Creator Reveals The Perfect Reason Why Kim's Finale Look Never Changed

Spoilers for the finale episode of "Better Call Saul" ahead

Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) is the perfect counterbalance to Jimmy McGill, AKA Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). Although both are intelligent, resourceful, and at least at one point shared a common ruthlessness, the two could be considered two different sides of the same coin. This is highlighted across the breadth of "Better Call Saul" as viewers get a chance to see both the origin of Saul from "Breaking Bad" and his ultimate fate.

As "Better Call Saul" starts to draw to a close in the final season, Jimmy (Saul) invokes a new alias in his attempts to stay one step ahead of law enforcement agents and other antagonists, though truth be told, he is usually the one doing the antagonizing of "marks." While Jimmy is hiding and adapting a new persona to help him run a Cinnabon and engage in new theft, Kim's life shows all signs of having moved on from her past. She appears to be working a normal job, engaging in mundane conversation with her co-workers, and even in a normal, if not boring, relationship. Keen-eyed fans of "Better Call Saul" may have noticed that while Jimmy's look changes, Kim's does not. It does seem, though, that there is a perfect explanation for this provided by one of the co-creators of the show.

Kim's look doesn't change because she has

While Jimmy took a new moniker and grew a mustache to help obfuscate his looks, Kim's new life sees her dye and cut her hair. Though some may think that both have turned over a new leaf, Jimmy is still very much the same person up until the very end. Kim, on the other hand, appears to have mostly moved on, even though she still has some flashes of emotion towards her former husband, especially when Jimmy finally comes to terms with his actions and accepts responsibility — unfortunately, though, he never does get that ice cream.

However, there is an explanation why Kim never changed her look as drastically as Jimmy. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, series co-creator Peter Gould was asked about how Jimmy and Kim changed over the last episode, and he brought up the fact that Jimmy shaved off his mustache and adopted his persona of Saul Goodman after being caught. In contrast, after Kim essentially confesses to Howard Hamlin's widow Cheryl (Sandrine Holt), she retains her looks and doesn't do anything drastic.

Gould added, "Kim is not making these big, radical changes. She's making her changes much more gently and more like a person who any of us would know. She's not gonna switch everything up constantly." He continued, "Also, I think she's not the Kim Wexler that we met. She's not the Kim Wexler that she was before Howard was shot. She's a new person. I don't think she's ever going to make the same mistakes that she did." Gould then said that had they decided to have her revert to her old look. Fans may have thought that none of it really mattered and she didn't grow, but that couldn't be further from the truth.