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Where Is David Nelson From My 600-Lb Life Now?

In February 2022, "My 600-lb Life" fans were introduced to David Nelson, a 30-year-old from Idaho who embarked on a difficult wellness journey. Growing up, Nelson experienced much neglect and abuse in the foster care system. In fact, the constant worry of not knowing when his next meal would come led him to overeat when he had the chance. By middle school, Nelson weighed 250 pounds.

At the age of 17, Nelson met Robin, a loving foster mom who tried to help him get healthy. However, as he battled suicidal thoughts, Nelson ate to distract himself, with his weight climbing to almost 800 pounds. Though Nelson maintained his mobility, he and Robin knew the situation would only worsen without Dr. Younan Nowzaradan's help.

Nelson drove himself and Robin to Texas, where the bariatric surgeon tasked him with losing a certain amount of weight over the next month — a common strategy for Dr. Now. He failed to meet these marks and even gained 38 pounds at one point. Nelson agreed to go to psychotherapy and that Robin should head home to instill a sense of independence. By the end of the episode, Nelson weighed 608 pounds, a total loss of 155. He had yet to be approved for surgery, but he was making positive changes in his life. Even without Robin by his side, Nelson was in a better state, both mentally and physically. The final scene showed him giving his all in a personal training session.

But what happened after? Did Nelson ever get his surgery? Let's take a look at Nelson's post-TLC life.

David Nelson is living a healthy, active lifestyle in Texas

According to updates on social media, David Nelson is not only mobile, he's seeing the country. In March 2022, he created a GoFundMe to fix his van, which he was using to travel to California and then Texas to receive the weight loss surgery. An update in July stated that he made it to Texas and needed financial assistance to move into a house. The campaign has so far raised $2,225 of the $2,500 goal.

Recently, Nelson has been posting on Instagram scenic photos of his travels, including a breathtaking shot from Galveston Beach. He's also highlighting his healthy meals that Dr. Now would approve of and a newly-received Fitbit, which he said he'll use to "get those steps in." Nelson said in a March 2022 interview with East Idaho News, "For the first time in a long time, I feel good."

On each social media post, Nelson is flooded with messages of support and excitement as he continues his wellness journey. @weezietarajohnson commented, "I have never rooted for anyone so much." Many noted that it looks like Nelson lost more weight and sent words of encouragement. @gailportlockwales said, "You young man are looking awesome. Keep it up and enjoy life. It has so much to offer you."

While Nelson didn't explicitly state that he's been approved for bariatric surgery, the fact that he's still in Texas is a promising sign. Fans will have to wait for a social media update, or a follow-up on "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?"