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Jason Momoa Returns In The Trailer For Frontier Season 2

Contains spoilers for Frontier season 1

Jason Momoa doesn't spend all of his time underwater these days. He also does a lot of trudging through snow.

Netflix released a trailer for the second season of Frontier, and the DCEU's Aquaman is back as Declan Harp. Set in 18th century Canada, the series centers on Harp, a fur trader trying to end the monopoly of Hudson's Bay Company. 

At the end of the first season, Harp slipped away from the hangman's noose and now nobody knows if he's still alive. But Lord Benton (Alun Armstrong) doesn't want to take any chances, and he offers a dead-or-alive bounty for Harp. Meanwhile in Montreal, the fur trade is in chaos while tension grows between Elizabeth Carruthers (Katie McGrath) and Samuel Grant (Shawn Doyle).

Here's the synopsis: "In this epic second season, the frontier expands with spectacular new views of the northern wilderness, and new players entering the ruthless game in the quest for power and wealth–pushing everyone to either embrace unknown alliances or arm themselves against them."

The second season of Frontier premieres Nov. 24 on Netflix.